Luther Held At Knife-Point – The Enigma Of Alice Morgan – Luther – BBC

What is it?

The third YouTube video from my Alice Morgan YouTube playlist by BBCWorldwide called Luther Held At Knife-Point – The Enigma Of Alice Morgan – Luther – BBC:

Luther Held At Knife-Point – The Enigma Of Alice Morgan – Luther – BBC

Here is the description for this video:

Convinced of her guilt, Luther returns to Alice Morgan’s apartment. Alice, though, is less concerned about what is in the urn, and Luther has banked on that also.

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My Thoughts

For some reason, I thought that I had already made a post for this video, and several other Alice Morgan videos.

Probably because I have used the videos in posts before, never in posts of their own, except for maybe one or two, and because this character has been in some of my dreams.

I did not make those posts, it seems.

So I will be slowly posting the few official videos that the BBC YouTube channels have released over the years for the television show Luther that have the character Alice Morgan in them.

Who is probably my favorite character from that show, but she was not in the show that much, unfortunately.

Unfortunately, they removed the video of when John Luther and Alice Morgan first met when he interrogated her, they never uploaded some of the other scenes that she was in yet, unfortunately.

The end,

  • John Jr

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