A Wake Induced Lucid Dream Inside A False Awakening Dream Turned Nightmare With Sleep Paralysis | Getting Abducted By Aliens?

Yesterday after work I took a nap and had several dreams and I recorded some remembered ones yesterday, and yesterday while staying up late to watch anime I went to sleep a few times and probably had some more dreams that I can not remember.

Eventually I finally got in bed and I set my intention to lucid dream while in bed (repeating in my mind that I want to / will have a lucid dream et cetera many times while visualizing and believing that it will happen), I went to sleep, and I had one dream that I can not remember, and then I went back to sleep, and eventually I finally had a lucid dream.

It seems that the combination of talking about lucid dreams with my coworker Mrs. RB, looking at several videos about lucid dreaming, hoping to help other people have a lucid dream, and remembering to set my intention to lucid dream while trying to add a bit of feeling to the intention finally was enough for me to have a lucid dream again. 🙂

This is crazy, but this first dream was possibly a dream where I woke up from the dream into a false awakening dream not realizing that I was still dreaming, inside this false awakening dream I set the intention to lucid dream again, and I tried to go to sleep in this false awakening dream and I started to stay conscious as I went to sleep inside this false awakening dream, a dream within the false awakening dream started to form as I went to sleep, and then I realized that I was dreaming as I noticed the dream still forming around me, so the dream became a lucid dream, so I guess this would count as a wake induced lucid Dream (WILD) inside a false awakening dream maybe, the lucid dream within a false awaking dream became a nightmare that I eventually accidentally woke myself from back into the false awakening dream, inside the false awakening dream that I woke up into from the lucid dream I experienced sleep paralysis, so I had the usual feelings and maybe even a hallucination or two while I was paralyzed in bed in the false awakening dream not realizing that I was still dreaming, and things got even stranger from there which you will see in the first dream below.

Because of all these dream layers, my memory of the first dream is unclear because of the complexity and confusion of all of this, and so details are missing and confused.

Dream 1

I am not sure what I was dreaming about at first, but I woke up from this dream thinking that I was in the real world, but I was actually still dreaming, so I was now in a false awakening dream.

In this false awakening dream I was still in bed and my brother GC was sleeping in his bed across the room, the room was darker and slightly larger than in real life, but I did not notice this because it was so dark and things still looked similar enough.

I decided to set my intention to lucid dream, and then I started to go back to sleep inside this false awakening dream, and a dream within the false awakening dream started forming in front of me which I noticed so that is how I realized that I was dreaming, and then the dream became lucid, and so this was possibly a wake induced lucid dream (WILD) inside a false awakening dream.

My memory is unclear, but I think that the dream world that formed was a small strange storage closet-like room with shelves and some other things, it possibly felt like it was underground, and it felt like the last WILD that I had where it started with me laying in a water puddle, and in front of me by a shelf were two children or their faces at least (I was too close to them to tell really, and objects were in the way) that were mostly covered with plastic or something, so I could not see their faces really, but I assumed that one was a boy and one was a girl maybe, and they had light-color skin, and it seemed that maybe they were supposed to be my children, maybe.

Since the dream was a lucid now I decided to ask the two children to show their faces so that I could see them, I wanted to do this before I continue with my lucid dreaming goals, but they did not, and they started to act very creepy and strange and unstable like the dream became unstable once it became lucid like it was probably still not properly formed yet.

The children or their faces started to move or float toward me repeatedly saying things like: “Daddy, why did you do this to us?!” like I had done something terrible to them, I asked them what were they talking about, I asked them to stop acting strange, and I asked them to please show their faces, but they did not.

This was really freaking me out, so I apologized to them before trying to remove them from my dream, like in my previous WILD where the dream characters also behaved like this, I once again was not able to remove them from the lucid dream like I normally can.

My failed attempts to remove them from the lucid dream left them being only partial floating faces covered with maybe plastic or something that were still floating toward me possibly still accusing me of something and asking me why et cetera, so the lucid dream was a nightmare now, and I wondered why I could not remove them from the dream.

They were ruining my lucid dream, and I was stuck in this small room, and I accidentally woke myself up back into the false awakening dream  because I was trying to change the entire dream or trying to remove them from the dream and I probably made the mistake of closing my eyes to power-up and build some emotion to push them from the dream.

Now that I was awake back in the false awakening dream, I once again thought that I was awake in the real world, but I was actually still dreaming.

I was back in bed but this time I was paralyzed because I was having sleep paralysis, I probably felt the usual heightened senses and fear, and maybe I experienced some hallucinations, but I am not sure.

I stayed calm though because I knew that I was having sleep paralysis, but I did not realize that I was actually still dreaming.

I saw my brother GC sleeping in his bed across the room, I noticed that he was moving in his sleep oddly, and then he started to move oddly like he was having a seizure in his sleep, but I was paralyzed from the sleep paralysis, so I could not get up, so I tried to say his name.

His arms were in the air and slightly twisted as he had his assumed seizure which was causing him to move closer to the edge of the bed like he was going to fall out of the bed, he was still sleeping, and I still could not move, so I could only yell his name, but he was not waking up.

I started to panic a bit because I could not move to help him and no one in my family has had a seizure before, especially not in their sleep, and I have only ever seen someone have a seizure once before, and it was pretty scary because I did not know what was going on.

Once he got to the edge of the bed parts of his body started to twist oddly, his legs lifted and started to twist upward, this was freaky, and I was finally able to move, so I jumped out of bed to try to stop him from falling and to try to wake him up.

He still was not responding, I was worried and freaked out, but I woke up by accident because of how crazy this situation was.

This time I finally woke up back in the real world.

Dream 2

This dream and / or experience was possibly partly inspired by episode 7 (Rm9sbG93ZXJz) of season 11 of the television show The X-Files that I saw earlier this week (which is probably the second-worst episode of the season so far, unfortunately, even though it seemed to be attempting to mimic the television show Black Mirror).

ALERT: What Do You Want To Believe? | Season 11 | THE X-FILES

All that I can remember of this dream and / or experience is that I was outside in my parent’s yard near where the basketball goals used to be, I am not sure what time of day it was, but it was not dark, and I seemed to be the only person outside.

At some point I started to hear what sounded like maybe a drone (unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV)) in the sky, and so I looked up at the sky trying to find it, but it was above the clouds, so I could not see it at first.

Then I noticed a circular shadow on the ground, and I looked back up at the sky to see a circular shadow moving above the clouds.

I still assumed that it was a drone, I have never seen or heard a drone in action in real life, and so I was amazed and confused and curious that a drone was possibly flying over our city because I never thought that I would see something like this in a small city like the city of D.

Eventually the UFO (unidentified flying object) flew below the clouds, and it possibly looked white and circular with maybe a red circle at the end of it that I assumed was a camera or something, but I can not remember, and then it seemed like it saw me, and it started to fly down like it was going to fly over our neighborhood to record video of me or something.

I had never seen a drone or aircraft like this, so I was not sure what it was, and I started to move closer to the house hoping to avoid it seeing me.

The UFO possibly started to transform, and it possibly got bigger, or it just looked bigger now that it was closer, it was way bigger than any drone (bigger than our house) and it looked too advanced and alien to be human-made, so I assumed that it was an alien spacecraft or something like that, and it was possibly shaped a bit like maybe a white globe with a thing connected to it that looks like that thing on some globes that attaches to the north and south poles or sides or around it and pokes out on one or more sides and maybe there was a red circle at the end of that which I assumed was a camera or something that moved with the thing, and it seemed to be looking at me.

I ran in the house to avoid it and to tell my family as the UFO landed possibly outside our fence in the field on the other side of the bushes of the yard of the semi-abandoned house, which is the same location that one or more UFOs have landed before in a past dream and / or experience or two with assumed aliens, and inside the house was all of my family except for maybe my dad and my brother CC and his family; and I had a fictional young sister with light-color skin with medium-to-long medium-to-dark color hair who was also in the house.

I told them, and we ran to the living room to look out of the window, and we saw at least two tall (taller than the average human) and somewhat bigger than the average human probably humanoid assumed aliens or entities standing near the UFO.

I can not remember how they looked exactly because my memory was compromised later in this dream it seems, but I vaguely remember an unclear image of them possibly looking a bit distorted or odd (maybe from compromised memory, maybe they wore protective suits or armor, maybe there was protective field around them, maybe they had uneven skin, but who knows) like thinner versions of Clayface and / or Swamp Thing maybe, but that could possibly be because my memory was distorted and suppressed and mostly deleted by them later in the dream and I did not get a good look at them because I tried to get my family to hide as soon as we saw them; I just know that they did not look like any aliens that I can think of just like their spacecraft did not look like any that I can think of.

As soon as I saw them I felt that we had to hide, so I yelled for my family to hide quickly, and I remember us running to hide, and I went to hide in my dad’s closet under some stuff, but the two assumed aliens were already inside the house somehow before I could cover myself well enough.

I think that my mom and my fictional sister were in the bedroom with me trying to hide somewhere else in the room, I remember the two assumed aliens entering the bedroom as I hid, and somehow they found my mom and my fictional sister, and it seemed that they were able to control them so that they would follow their commands somehow like they somehow had mind control powers or technology, or they had already implanted them in the past and could control them that way or something.

I tried to tell them to stop following the assumed aliens commands, but it was like they could not hear me, so they did not even look at me (maybe my sister did briefly, but my memory is too compromised for me to remember), they just looked straight ahead and went where the assumed aliens told them, and I assumed that the aliens told them to go to their spacecraft like they were abducting them.

I did not jump out of hiding to help them because I assumed that the aliens would mind control me as soon as they saw me, and so I waited, hoping to maybe have a chance to attack them by surprise or at least see where they were taking them and get some evidence of this or at least avoid getting abducted so that I could tell people and my family what I saw later.

The two aliens then stood outside my dad’s closet where I was hiding, I heard them talking to each other, but I am not sure if they were talking out-loud or not, and their voices sounded like unknown male voices (it is possible that their voices were distorted a bit, but I can not remember).

The alien on the left asked the alien on the right: “What about John Jr?” (he possibly used my last name too, maybe even my full name, but I can not remember) like he was worried about leaving any witnesses.

When I heard this I was shocked, how did they know that I was hiding here, how did they know my name, and what was I going to do because I was trapped now.

The alien on the right calmly replied: “Do not worry….” I can not remember the rest of what he said because they must have used their mind control ability or whatever on me, my memory stopped there like I went unconscious, and the next thing that I remember is being back inside the house with my family the next day.

We all had amnesia (memory loss) and missing time, we knew that something happened to us, but we could not remember what happened exactly, so we started talking to each other in the living room about this and various other things and about some dreams and other things.

As I was talking about my dream or dreams, I still knew that something happened to us, and then I started to remember the UFO from the previous day and that something had happened to us yesterday that was not a dream (I felt that it was real, I knew that the dreams that we were talking about were not real, but I felt that the UFO experience was real, and I did not realize that I was still dreaming I assume, so I thought that I was in the real world), and I started to tell my family what I remembered from the previous day and how we had missing time from yesterday until today.

This helped them to start remembering bits and pieces of what happened to us, and so they started to share what they could remember, except for my fictional sister who went to her room like she had the worst experience out of all of us, or she was just able to remember some of the stuff that the aliens did not want us to remember.

It was obvious to us that the aliens had messed with our memories, probably suppressed them and deleted some and probably added some, and they possibly did something to us physically et cetera, but we could not remember like they completely deleted that from our memories.

It seemed that most of us had probably been abducted and taken to their spacecraft we assumed (I am not sure if they took me too or not), we could not remember anything else really except the feeling that they possibly shared some things with us involving maybe humanity and us not be ready for something, so maybe they did something to us and were doing things to humanity or some of humanity to get us ready, so maybe they were abducting people to adjust them mentally / physically / whatever in various ways to prepare them for something but who knows.

If so, what are we not ready for, and what are they doing to us to get us ready.

I know that I could not remember, and unfortunately I can not remember the details that most of my family members shared, I just know that they had obviously compromised our memory, but why would they stop us from remembering almost everything if they were trying to prepare us for something (how would that help us if we can not remember?).

It was frustrating trying to remember because almost everything was blocked, suppressed, deleted, and compromised in some way, so we could not make sense of most of what happened to us even after almost all of us sharing what we remembered.

One thing that we had in common, except for probably my fictional sister who was hiding in her room and did not want to talk about it, is that we did not feel negative about whatever happened to us really; and so I assumed that they had messed with our emotional memory of the experience as well or that whatever they did to us was not that negative.

I wanted to talk to my fictional sister last because whatever happened to her really effected / affected her negatively it seemed, and so I assumed that she probably remembered more than any of us did and / or that she had been more resistant to their attempts to compromise our emotions / memories et cetera.

She possibly even tried to resist them when they were abducting us, maybe I heard her screaming, and maybe I saw her kicking and swinging trying to get free, but I can not remember because they compromised our memory.

I tried to make sense of all of this, were they really aliens like we assumed, what did they do to us, how much of our memory was compromised by them, did they implant us, how does their mind control ability work, what is their end goal, are they trying to help humanity, who or what are they and where did they come from, have they abducted us before, how do you defend against them, why my family, and more, but I woke up.

Dream 3

I kept going back to sleep, so I can not remember most of this dream that took place during the night.

My brother GC was possibly in the dream with me at times, but I can not remember.

The dream took place during the night in a fictional city in a shady part of the city with many alleys, some clubs, et cetera.

Corrupt politicians, business people, mafias, et cetera would come here or send people here to drop off and pick up things (bribes, illegal drugs, illegal items, people, disguises, et cetera), to hire hitmen, to kill people, to share information, to party, and more.

There seemed to be no cameras or police or many people around this area and there were many quiet back alleys to hide in, and so this area was great for illegal activities.

My brother GC and I seemed to be investigating this corruption maybe, and so we were sneaking around trying to gather evidence et cetera.

There was an electric sign with lights that said something like Accounts and maybe an abbreviation which I assumed to stand for accounts receivable or something like that, and in an area below this sign is where some illegal things would be dropped off and picked up it seemed.

In one alley near a club we found an area where a security guard disguise was located that hitmen seemed to use to disguise themselves during kill missions here, this reminded me of the Hitman franchise, and I possibly put on the disguise so that I could walk around without having to sneak around to search various areas.

I was keeping in contact with my brother GC I think during our search, many high level people seemed to be involved in corruption here, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

  • John Jr

6 replies on “A Wake Induced Lucid Dream Inside A False Awakening Dream Turned Nightmare With Sleep Paralysis | Getting Abducted By Aliens?”

Interesting experience. In dream #2 it is obvious the ET’s did a good job of erasing your memories. You remembered the abduction. May you should ask your fictional sister what happened. She may know, after all she is frictional and may hold the messing memories.

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Wow, that’s some crazy confusing dreaming. It’s pretty kool to me that you had a lucid dream inside a dream. Who’d have thought you could perform the WILD technique while dreaming. It’s interesting that your lucid dream seemed to develop in the same way your previous WILD dream developed. Have you had any other WILD lucid dreams besides these two? The dream also sounds pretty creepy, like you carried the sleep paralysis creepiness over into the dream. Especially the part with the floating heads saying stuff like “why did you do this to us?” Maybe they are your inner child?

Your alien dream was also very bizarre with the lost time and talking about dreams after you lost the time. This lost time thing happens to me often in dreams, but usually due to waking up and falling back to sleep into the same, yet slightly altered, dream. Having it connected with alien abduction makes it more fascinating. Maybe the aliens reprogrammed your subconscious and so you didn’t need to remember the experience in order to benefit from it.

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Hello Moment,

Yeah, tell me about it! It almost sounds like I just made it all up or something, but that is really what I remember. 😀

And it is even more amazing that it was a lucid dream inside a false awakening dream.

Yeah, but I wonder is it really considered a WILD if it happens inside a dream, maybe we should call it a DILD (Dream Induced Lucid Dream)? 😀

Yeah, and in both cases there was a dream involving a UFO (, which is even more interesting and makes me wonder.

Unfortunately I did not know about the term WILD that long ago and I did not use to tag my own posts (I use to use the Zemanta option on that use to auto-tag my posts, but it did a bad job so I have been slowly editing old posts that get viewed) so I was only able to find a few other WILDs that I had, and thanks to you I found another one so thank you 🙂 :

Yes! Both of my recent WILDs had that creepiness and underground and claustrophobic feeling.

I do wonder what the creepy part with the two mostly covered children faces was about, now I am even more curious, could you explain what you mean by inner child in this case exactly?

That UFO-to-alien abduction dream was bizarre and felt pretty realistic, and having compromised memory and missing time just made it even more crazy and confusing and complicated.

Thank you for sharing that, that is one possibility that crossed my mind, I still do not like the idea of that though; and it is frustrating (even in the dream) when you can not remember, and you know that something is stopping you from remembering.

Thank you for taking the time to read this very long post, and for commenting. 🙂

-John Jr

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Yea, I guess it doesn’t matter what you call it, but the technique you used was the WILD technique, inside of a dream. WILD via DILD? I think it’s pretty awesome whatever you call it.

Interesting. I didn’t remember the other dream involving UFOS, I wonder if there is something to that? I was thinking as I re-read your old dream, you seem to have your eyes open a lot and I tend to keep my closed for a long time. You watch the dream form around you and I don’t look until it’s already formed. I think we should both try the other’s technique and see what happens.

I remember reading the first dream you mentioned. That was not so bizarre, no UFOS, and it seems you did not watch the dream unfold. The second one I’d never read, so thanks for sharing. In that one it seems you somewhat watched the dream being created, but you were in control of the creating. I’ve done this in many non-lucid dreams. Where I wake up in a half daze unsatisfied with how the dream left off and I put myself back in the same dream scene attempting to manifest a new outcome. I’m never lucid in the dream, but the intention I put in while awake works out in the dream.

So 2 crazy forming creepy WILD dreams with UFOS. 2 normal WILD dreams without UFOS. I’ll be curious to see if the trend continues.

Honestly, I don’t know what I mean exactly. But there is something about our inner child is warm, loving, open, playful, carefree, unscarred etc. Other childlike characteristics. But often overtime these qualities can be shut down due to different circumstances. Maybe we block our hearts from love or don’t go after our dreams. We repress that ‘inner child’ who thinks life should be fun and adventurous. You’ve talked about ideas of speaking with your subconscious, there are also ideas of speaking to your inner child. Which I’d guess is one aspect of the subconscious. I listened to this podcast awhile back where a woman decided to voice record while she slept. There’s an app that will begin recording when it hears sound. She finds out there was this little girl voice she would talk with, or giggle or something, while she was sleeping. It led her on a journey to ’embrace her inner child’. It was a really good podcast and only 30 minutes, I’d recommend it. (There are 3 parts to it, her story is the middle part, but the whole thing is interesting)

I agree. I know I panic in dreams when I can’t remember. Lost time is a scary thing. Twice in my life I drank to the point of blackout. Waking up with no memory of how I got where I was. It’s the worse feeling. Some people experience black out drunk quite often and I don’t know how they deal with it….

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Hello Moment,

You are right, it was still a WILD but a WILD within a dream, I agree that it is awesome.

I guess as I have more WILDs we can look for patterns 😉

You are correct, I usually have my eyes open, I need to try your eyes closed approach if I can remember.

Thank you for reading those dreams, and you are welcome; setting your intentions to dream about certain things seems to be much easier for you than for me.

I am curious to see what patterns my WILDs will take.

Thank you for answering that, I see what you mean and that is one thing that I do not like about adulthood in our society and how it destroys and / or corrupts and / or suppresses a lot of our inner child, and thank you for sharing that link; I listened to the story that you mentioned and the one about the professor and his cartoon personas, those were interesting, so thank you. 🙂

I do not know how people do it either, I have not experience that before in real life, but I have heard people tell their crazy drunk unconscious stories.

Thank you for commenting,
-John Jr

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