Jennifer Lawrence Having Psychedelic Experiences?

This dream was possibly inspired by a video called How The Big Lebowski Became A Lifestyle that I saw yesterday and a part in a video where someone showed how tall Jennifer Lawrence looked at The Academy Awards (The Oscars) compared to Jodie Foster:

How The Big Lebowski Became a Lifestyle

All that I can remember of this dream now is that I was at an indoor / outdoor convention center-like area during the day with other people, and I remember sitting and talking with the actress Jennifer Lawrence as we sat among some other people on the ledge of something that was on the ground level.

I can not remember most of what we talked about but I do remember us talking about the various places that we have been, and I was surprised to learn that Ms. Lawrence had been to Louisiana.

I remember us talking about the time or times that she went to Louisiana, about Louisiana itself, and about things that she did not understand about it and some questions that she had about things there now that she had heard about in the news.

The next thing that I remember is the two of us being at a house that I assume was one of Ms. Lawrence’s homes, maybe a vacation home or a rental home, but I am not sure if this happened before or after she learned that either someone or something (maybe a pet or object that she loved) had died or had broken.

Ms. Lawrence became sad about this, and at some point it seemed that she went to swallow what I assume was a hallucinogen, maybe a psychedelic drug or some kind of plant based substance that I assume she was taking to help her deal with her sadness, and this part is very confusing and unclear and strange and interesting and unique.

I am not sure if she was standing in front of a mirror or if she was laying down and I am not sure how I was seeing this, either way, I remember her either putting part of her hand down her throat and / or the dream followed whatever she was swallowing.

I saw the entire process from the inside her mouth, the movement down her throat, the movement through the body to the stomach, the inside of the stomach, and all of the body fluids throughout this process.

Then things got even crazier as the drug or substance kicked in and she started to have a psychedelic experience with hallucinations I assume, and Ms. Lawrence was somehow able to see a smaller version of herself inside her own body inside her stomach and somehow I was seeing this as well.

There were interesting colors and maybe colorful mist-like stuff around the smaller version of her inside her own stomach and her movement was smooth and graceful and you could probably see colorful mist-like trails and her clothing (which was different for the smaller version of her and was like a maybe white silky flowing dress-like outfit)  moved like she was underwater as she moved and danced and maybe floated around, and I remember her enjoying this experience but I stopped being able to see what she was seeing during this.

At that point she was laying on a bed in an altered state of consciousness still having this experience, and I was in another room worried about her and I probably would check in on her sometimes to make sure that she was okay.

The rest of the dream was a series of short moments in time as the dream jumped around in time, Ms. Lawrence kept using this drug or substance to keep having these experiences, and I kept trying to get her to stop and / or be careful and to do some other things because she spent most of her time in altered states of consciousness on this drug or substance but she would not stop.

She started experimenting with taking less of the drug or substance which allowed her to move around and talk et cetera while hallucinating et cetera, and she would get very philosophical during this and she would talk to me about philosophy and all of these amazing creative and unique ideas and things that were coming to her mind and her hallucinations.

I was glad that she was taking less and that she was able to function more, but I still wished that she would stop taking it or at least stop taking it so much and that she would get out sometimes and maybe get help for her depression but she kept refusing and saying how this was helping her and that she was slowly trying to take less and less until she found the right amount to still have the experiences while being able to function mostly normally.

I possibly called her agent or someone like that to update them on the situation and to ask them to help her, but I woke up.

The end,

  • John Jr

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Hmm, I think this dream is telling you to try mushrooms. There have been many studies done about the psychological benefits of mushrooms. 🙂 just kidding. Mostly.

You’ve been having some interesting dreams recently. I don’t think I’ve ever had a dream like this experience you describe with viewing inside Jennifer’s body. Sounds pretty kool.

Thanks for sharing

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Hello Moment,

I guess it depends on what type of mushrooms we are talking about, I like fried mushrooms (the kind sold at restaurants), but I never had any other kind (though I imagine they might be illegal where I live unfortunately depending on the type). 😉

Yeah, the only thing that I have changed recently that I can think of is that I started wearing the Muti Orgonite Pendant S that I bought in the past from Orgonise Africa back when they use to be cheaper (they are too expensive now, and back then I bought this one over a bigger pendant because I did not want to spend much money just for something like this that was just meant as an experiment):

I do not think that I have had a dream like this before either until now, it reminds me of a dream or experience that True George had this year I think, and I agree that it is pretty cool and strange / unique.

You are welcome and thank you for commenting. 🙂

-John Jr

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Hey, I like sautee’d mushrooms 🙂 I put them in everything. I was referring to the pyschedlic variety though. They are illegal in the entire country. I was joking about the ‘you should try them aspect,’ but not about the fact that many studies have been done in other countries involving different psychedelics and their psychological benefits.

Interesting. When did you start wearing the orgonite compared to when your dreams somewhat shifted?

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Hello Moment,

Sautéd mushrooms sounds good.

Yeah, I knew what you were talking about. 😉

I have heard about some of the benefits of some things like that for some people, and I do not doubt that is true; but I wonder would I be among those that would benefit from something like that or would I be among those who would have a negative reaction to things like that.

I should have made note of when, but what I do remember is that like the other times there seems to be several days to a week adjustment period when I start wearing one of my orgonite pendants (the length depends on the pendant).

During that adjustment period I have a harder time remembering my dreams, after several days or a week things start to return to normal, and then I am more likely to start having some interesting dreams during or after the second week.

Unfortunately I never took notes or focused much or tried to be very scientific with my experiments with the three pendants that I have (I have my second largest and flawed one from years ago where the resin does not completely cover the crystals like it is supposed to from a seller who no longer exists (Uboslav or something like that), my largest and cheapest one called the no-frills pendant large by Karin Sakwanda from Orgonise Yourself from a year or two ago (but I see that she is not currently selling it anymore at this time, and her prices have gone up a lot too so they are too expensive now), and the muti pendant s(mall) I mentioned already from Orgonise Africa that I bought shortly before the one I bought from Karin) and I pretty much gave up on the experiment mostly when no one else joined in.

At the time I was curious for someone else to join in the experiment to see if they notice any differences at all when wearing an orgonite pendant during the day and when asleep.

Is it just the placebo effect / affect or is there something to it slightly, but who knows.

Recently I decided to just start wearing one of them again.

Thank you for commenting,
-John Jr

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