Sneaking Into My Aunt ME’s House

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I remembered some dreams but I did not voice record them so I forgot them, and so now I can only remember part of one or two dreams.

Dream 1

This dream or this part of the dream involved me jogging and / or walking to and through a fictional countryside where there were trails, forests, dirt roads, a main road, and a few houses in some areas.

But that is all that I can remember of this dream or this part of the dream now unfortunately.

Dream 2

In a forgotten part of this dream or in the previous dream I think that I went to a fictional house where my aunt ME and some of my fictional cousins (children, teenagers, and maybe at least one young adult) lived in the countryside, and I think that I sneaked into the house while they were there to maybe play video games on an old video game console that seemed to be maybe the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES).

If I am correct about this I am not sure why I did this instead of just asking them, and doing something like that is not like me at all and is not something that I would do so I am confused and curious what led to this.

One of my fictional cousins possibly heard noise and went to investigate so I probably sneaked out of the house, this fictional cousin probably assumed that someone had sneaked in, and ran outside through the front door to look around while I sneaked out the window of the room to the back of the house.

I ran around to the front of the house and I saw my aunt ME outside looking around too, and so I walked over to her to talk to her acting like I just happened to be in the area to avoid looking suspicious since I would not be able to escape with them looking around which worked.

Later in the dream during the night I returned to the countryside to my aunt ME’s house, they were all at the house again, and I sneaked into the house again into that room to play video games on that NES or NES-like video game console.

At some point as I was playing video games I heard someone heading my way, and this time I sneaked out of the window quicker but I did not turn off the video game console this time because I did not have time.

One of my fictional cousins entered the room and saw that the video game console was on, and so they started yelling and asking who left it on.

As I was outside trying to sneak away my aunt ME walked outside the front of the house to look around like she suspected that maybe someone had sneaked inside the house again, and so I pretended to be jogging or walking through the area.

This time my approach was not as smooth and I acted a bit suspicious by telling her that as I was passing through I thought that I heard someone or something running through the bushes and I mentioned that sometimes weird things like that happen when I am out here, and my aunt ME responded like she was a bit suspicious of me for a moment until I recovered from that mistake.

I started talking about something else and my aunt ME started walking to get her trash can, and so I offered to move it for her and I asked her where she wanted me to move it and I started moving it while talking to her.

My aunt ME relaxed and so my strategy worked again, but I woke up.

I am not sure why I sneaked into her house twice and mislead her twice when she would have probably allowed me to visit normally, that is not like me at all and makes no sense, strange dream(s).

The end,

-John Jr


They Were Eleven

What is it?

The anime (animated) movie They Were Eleven.

Forgotten Junk: Gaga Communications’ They Were Eleven trailer – “Star Odyssey”

What is it about?

This is how Rotten Tomatoes describes this movie:

In this gripping futuristic anime, 10 space cadets have their survival skills put to the ultimate test when their crippled spacecraft is set adrift in the cosmos.

To add a degree of difficulty, one of the cadets just might be an impostor intent on destroying the ship before the wayward space travelers can get home.