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Daylight Saving Time and possibly switching orgonite pendants (from the small muti orgonite pendant to the large no-frills orgonite pendant, and today I switched to my old Uboslav orgonite pendant because the no-frills orgonite pendant is breaking at the point where the necklace attaches; usually when switching between orgonite pendants it seems to negatively effect / affect my dream recall for a few days-to-a-week until I adjust, but that could just be a coincidence) has negatively effected / affected my sleep and dream recall.

The last two nights I have briefly woken up one or more times remembering parts of several dreams but I have went back to sleep each time without voice recording them, so I have lost most of them the last two days, and I have woken up exactly 6 minutes later than normal the last two nights in a row and briefly not knowing the day or time or if I have to work or not.


The Brain Hack – Short Film

What is it?

The 2015 short film The Brain Hack.


The Brain Hack – Trailer

Short Film

The Brain Hack – Short Film

What is it about?

This is how Joe White on Vimeo describes this short film:

**DANGER** View with extreme caution.
Two students create a short-cut to induce hallucinogenic visions of God, and find themselves hunted by a deadly religious sect.

SUBTITLES are available in 15 languages – just click the CC button on this video.

For the full ‘Brain Hack’ experience, visit the website:
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Listen to the soundtrack:
And a Japanese dubbed version can be seen here:

WINNER – Best Short – Sci-fi London International Film Festival
WINNER – Best Short – Best Music – Best Actor – The British Horror Film Festival
WINNER – Best Director – Los Angeles Short Film Festival
WINNER – Audience Favorite – Seattle Science Fiction + Fantasy Short Film Festival
HONORABLE MENTION – Boston Science Fiction Film Festival
OFFICIAL SELECTION – BFI London Film Festival, Brussels Short Film Festival, Miami International Science Fiction Film Festival, Big Apple Film Festival, LA Indie Film Fest, London Independent Film Festival, Minneapolis Underground Film Festival, British Shorts Berlin.