THAT POPPY Hidden ARG? (Theory) – Inside A Mind

THAT POPPY Hidden ARG? (Theory) – Inside A Mind

What is it?

I was on YouTube when I accidentally stumbled across a strange video called Am I Okay? by a YouTube channel that I never heard of before called Poppy:

Am I okay?

Then I stumbled across this video by Inside A Mind called THAT POPPY Hidden ARG? (Theory) – Inside A MInd:

THAT POPPY Hidden ARG? (Theory) – Inside A Mind

What is it about?

This is how Inside A Mind describes this video:

That Poppy is a YouTube channel that revolves around a young artist called Poppy, she uploads videos to the world wide web and That Poppy’s videos are directed by a guy called Titanic Sinclair.

Whose made projects similar to That Poppy’s YouTube Channel, Such as Mars Argo.

Who used to make videos with Titanic Sinclair just like That Poppy does now.

Mars Argo went missing and Titanic has stated they broke up and is now working with Poppy.

While this has happened with Mars Argo stuff still doesn’t add up as there has been a video involving Mars Argo where she appears to throw up blood.

While Titanic Sinclair also Seems to reference this particular video in That Poppys video.

Even on That Poppy Vevo there used to be a song describing the video.

In this video I attempt to find out some of the mysteries of ThatPoppy and the channels around That Poppy.

All the best to That Poppy and Titanic Sinclair.

Hope you take the world by storm!

That Poppy better be careful, same to Titanic Sinclair as from what I found it looks like the illuminati is close.

That’s right I said the Illuminati

My Thoughts

It is amazing how some people can really get into something and start investigating and looking for deeper meanings, and even more amazing when they seem to find things.

After watching this video I started watching even more videos by Poppy and Titanic Sinclair, it is like watching performance art at times, and so I got caught up in it too because of the sound / voice work and strangeness et cetera. 😀

The end,

  • John Jr

8 replies on “THAT POPPY Hidden ARG? (Theory) – Inside A Mind”

I’m not sure about the explanation video, but that first Poppy video was one of the creepiest things I’ve ever watched. I felt like it as infecting my mind in a way and trying to brainwash me. Afterwards I felt really strange for quite awhile. When I watched the second video I skipped all the creepy parts of other youtube videos. I don’t know. Something seems seriously wrong to me about those videos.

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Hello Moment,

I am glad that you mentioned this, and I am surprised by your comment because I was expecting True George to comment or to comment first.

I felt that way too at first: the background sounds and music, the sound of her voice, the speed and rhythm of her speech, some of the words that she uses and how she uses them et cetera, the background, the lightning, the camera work, her roboticness and eye contact, the possible references and influences that seem to be playing around with things involving hypnosis and mind control and the CIA’s Project MKUltra ( and the Illuminati et cetera all combined in a way that seemed to have some kind of effect / affect on me.

Instead of doing the smart thing like you I decided to keep watching and / or listening, I think that I went through most or all of the playlists, that first video that you saw is not even her / their creepiest.

I think that they are just playing around with those things and doing performance art but who knows, either way, it seems that things like that can really effect / affect some of us so they probably should be careful.

Thank you for commenting, and that was wise of you to avoid getting caught up in it like me; now I will probably end up dreaming about Poppy now (if I did not already, I possibly did have a Poppy related or inspired dream last night, but I can not remember) and end up reading The Gospel Of Poppy ( or something. 😀

-John Jr

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Haha. I was also wondering if True George would comment and what he would say.

I didn’t know about MKUltra specifically, but have read vague things and hearsay about the government participating in these types of things. I’m not at all surprised. I just skimmed the beginning of the article for now, but it mentioned using these techniques with psychedelics. I would imagine that would have even more of an effect on a person’s psyche. I know in places in Africa like Sierra Leone where the RUF would attack villages and kidnap children, they would give the kids different drugs and make them watch Rambo and stuff like that to infect their brains and try to turn them into killing machines and force them to join in on attacking other villages. The whole thing is seriously F’ed up.

Did you find yourself feeling odd in any way after watching those Poppy videos. It seemed to disorient me in a way for an hour or 2. Or maybe it was just one of those days, hard to say, but I do seem to be sensitive to that kind of stuff.

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Hello Moment,

Yeah, he knows more about this kind of stuff, and so I am curious what he has to say as well. 😉

That is one of the things that the CIA got caught doing and is actual fact and not a conspiracy theory, it makes me wonder what else have the done and are they doing now, and what did they do with the research from that project.

What you mentioned is terrible, especially doing that to children, there are some horrible things that happen in this world sometimes.

I felt strange, I am not good with descriptions like you but it was that feeling like you said almost like someone trying to do mind control and / or hypnosis on you, and so I shook it off but felt compelled to watch more videos; and I got caught up in watching and listening the playlists on the Poppy channel as I did other things, it was my only work day off of the week so I had a bit more time but before I knew it I had went through all of the playlists surprisingly, and then things involving Poppy (especially hearing the name) started to infect some of my thoughts and daydreams for the rest of the day and the next day.

Thank you for sharing your reactions, and for commenting.

-John Jr

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Yes, I’d be curious to know more about it. I’ll have to do some research. Many things are possible in this world, but it doesn’t necessarily mean we should experiment with them.

Interesting that you seemed to feel a similar way, yet your response was different. I wonder if all people that watch those videos feel a similar way? Maybe people are intrigued by that feeling and that’s why it’s so popular?

I typically don’t like to involve myself with anything on a screen that invokes a strong emotional response – fear, crying, awkwardness, feeling uncomfortable, aroused… That’s probably why I shut it off.

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Hello Moment,

I definitely agree with this statement of yours: “Many things are possible in this world, but it doesn’t necessarily mean we should experiment with them.”.

I wonder that as well.

I assume that the strangeness and uniqueness and her music (she makes music too) and her devotion to staying in character is probably why her / their videos are so popular.

I usually can not watch things that are too cringy / awkward, and sometimes some of those other things you mentioned.

Thank you for commenting,
-John Jr

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Oh, hi! I sampled two of her videos as few minutes ago. I do NOT like the videos. This tells me that these kids have nothing better to do than to make videos, though artistically done. Although she is poking fun with her parodies, she got lots of views, meaning the ‘indoctrination’ to dehumanize, well, the humanz, into mere plants or robots EN MASSE is NOT a good trend. Yup. ~Flynn

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Hello Flynn,

Poppy supposedly has millions of subscribers, her subscriber count is hidden now I think, I am surprised that I never heard of her before until accidentally stumbling across her videos.

I do hope that Poppy and Titanic Sinclair will do something positive with their talents and content.

Thank you for commenting,
-John Jr


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