Ryan Higa (Nigahiga) Crashes An Automobile Into A House

I had more dreams but I did not voice record them, and so they are forgotten now.

Dream 1

This dream was inspired by this ScreenPrism video called Black Panther: Symbolism Explained that I watched recently:

Black Panther: Symbolism Explained

All that I can remember of this dream is that it involved the character Black Panther and the movie Black Panther (2018).

Dream 2

This dream took place during the day and I remember being outside of a house where my aunt JE’s house should be, and there was another house there that was raised high off the ground with a front porch.

This house either belonged to Ryan Higa’s (Nigahiga’s) parents and / or Ryan Higa, his parents were there but I am not sure if they left or not, and Ryan and some of his friends and some of his family were there.

I am not sure if I went inside the house or not, my automobile was parked outside, and Ryan and the others were goofing around having fun.

My parents drove up and I briefly talked with them, as they were leaving Ryan and the others got in an automobile and Ryan was driving back and forth toward the house for fun, and so my parents and I told him that was dangerous and that he should not do that but he did not listen.

As my parents were driving away or after they drove away, Ryan crashed the automobile into the house on the left side, and I remember him looking very worried about this as him and the others got out of the automobile.

No one was hurt but they knocked in part of the wall et cetera, Ryan was probably going to be in big trouble, especially if his parents were still inside.

I made sure that they were okay and then I was going to leave before his parents found out, but I guess Ryan and the others had parked my automobile on the porch for fun so I had to figure out how to get it down without damaging my automobile and / or the porch because it was so high up and there was no ramp or anything except for the stairs.

I walked up on the porch trying to decide what to do, but I woke up.

Oddly when I woke up I noticed a bit of blood on my pillow case, I am not sure what happened or where it came from or when this happened, I am not sure if it happened today or the previous day.

My only guess is that maybe a mosquito bite on back or side of my head started to bleed because I cut my hair Saturday which probably cut the mosquito bite and maybe it started to bleed when moving my head against the pillow case as I slept or changed positions.

The end,

  • John Jr

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