A River In My Parents Yard | The British Royal Family | A Girl With Superpowers

I lost some of my dreams last night including one that I remembered clearly enough to record, but I failed to record it before going back to sleep so now I can only barely remember part of several dreams.

Dream 1

This dream is super unclear but it possibly involved a woman who was possibly my girlfriend or wife, I was in the dream too, and the two of us were together.


Ben Mazué – Pauline Croze – C’est Léger (Clip Officiel)

Ben Mazué – Pauline Croze – C’est Léger (Clip Officiel)

What is it?

Today’s song is the song C’est Léger by the French musicians Ben Mazué and Pauline Croze.

Here is the description for this video:

Abonne-toi à la CHAINE OFFICIELLE VEVO de BEN MAZUE pour découvrir toutes ses nouvelles vidéos :…

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SONG: C’est léger

ARTIST: Ben Mazué, Pauline Croze

LICENSES: SME (on behalf of Columbia), and 1 Music Rights Societies