A River In My Parents Yard | The British Royal Family | A Girl With Superpowers

I lost some of my dreams last night including one that I remembered clearly enough to record, but I failed to record it before going back to sleep so now I can only barely remember part of several dreams.

Dream 1

This dream is super unclear but it possibly involved a woman who was possibly my girlfriend or wife, I was in the dream too, and the two of us were together.

I vaguely remember something positive involving my possible girlfriend or wife trying to take care of me, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

The end of this dream took place during the day in my parent’s yard on the side where the basketball goals use to be, and in this area was what looked like a very tall hollowed out old house that was cut to be shaped more like a carport or large covered area that is open at the bottom.

There was a court-like area under it and a river that crossed through our yard and it went across the field outside the yard, and my brother GC and I walked over to this part of the yard.

I remember talking about how nice this area was with the covered area and river, and I remember looking at fish in the river as we talked.

The fish were probably larger than normal, and one of them probably jumped on land trying to get some food and maybe I pushed it back in the water.

But that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 3

This dream involved something to do with The British Royal Family, but I can not remember what.

Some of the royal family were in the dream like Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Harry, I believe I remember the two of them talking, but I can not remember the rest of the dream or who else was in the dream or what was going on.

Dream 4

This dream involved a girl with light-color skin with long medium-to-dark color hair who was at school or was on a school bus with other students, and she had superpowers.

She would try to help people sometimes like stopping bullies et cetera, and on this day there was a bully who was a boy with light-color skin who was bullying one or more students so she stopped him.

The bully pretended to be hurt so that he could get the girl in trouble, and either the next day or another day the girl heard that the boy had died and some people were blaming her for his death.

Some people believed that she had injured him and that injury help lead to however he had died, and so the boy’s sister was angry at her and yelled at her about being the cause of the boy’s death.

The girl started to believe that it was her fault even though it was not because the boy had done such a good job pretending to be hurt and lying to people about it.

But that is all that I can remember of this dream before waking up.

The end,

-John Jr

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Hey John Jr,

Normally I don’t like to be a grammar Nazi, but I’ve noticed you using the words “use to” a lot – “basketball goals use to be” and I thought I’d let you know it should always be written as “used to”, with an ed, because you’re talking about something in the past. Also when saying “suppose to” do something, it should be “supposed to” (just tacking that on). I only learned this myself a couple years ago and was surprised I’d been writing it wrong for years. Just thought I’d pass it along.

Thanks for sharing your dream

p.s. Are you still wearing the orgonite pendant?

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Hello Moment,

Thanks for pointing that I out, recently I stopped using used to because I read that was possibly wrong, and so recently I started using use to; maybe I misread or misunderstood what I read about that, honestly I am still confused about that and some other things like parent’s vs. parents vs parents'(?) et cetera.

Now I do not know when to use Use in some cases, English can be illogical and confusing and irregular et cetera; maybe on confusing grammar parts I could use another language in place of English. 😀

I will have to remember to switch back to using Used To instead of Use To like I used to, thank you for helping me improve my writing and English, and feel free to give feedback in the future. 😉

You are welcome.

Yep, I am wearing my oldest one right now (the Uboslav one which is the medium-size pendant that I have) after my largest one (the no-frills one from Orgonise Yourself) started breaking where the cord attaches to the pendant; the third one that I have is the smallest which is the Muti pendant from Orgonise Africa and is probably my least worn one even though it looks the best probably (when I wear one I wear it under my shirt hidden).

I have been wearing it since March 14th when I had my last lucid dream according to a note that I made at the beginning of that post; I need to remember to do that when starting and ending wearing a pendant from now on. 😉

Thank you for commenting,
-John Jr

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I’m fairly certain used is correct. But yea, the English language (really all languages) are pretty tricky and confusing and I know I make unknown mistakes all the time. I’ve noticed you always write “affect/effect” and I laugh every time because I assume you don’t know which to use so you put both. I laugh in understanding, because I often google the 2 words each time before choosing which one to type. Google says those 2 words are so confusing people often use the word “impact” instead.

As far as parents, parent’s, parents’ – I think that one’s a bit more straight forward. You can have 1 parent or more than one parents. If something belongs to only one parent, than it is parent’s. But I think normally if it is only one parent than you would specify and write mother’s or father’s instead. If something belongs to both parents, you would write parents’.

I find a lot of grammar things confusing because how things are done in England (and wherever else) is different than in the US. So depending where something is written it will follow different rules.

Thanks for answering the question about the pendant. Whether the pendant had an actual affect or not, or if it was just coincidental, it seemed to wear off rather quickly. I thought to buy one and was waiting for them to come back in stock at our local metaphysical shop, but now I’m thinking I may experiment with some trials with drinking mugwort tea instead.

Do you sleep with the pendant on?

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Hello Moment,

You are an author so I trust your judgement on this one. 😉

Yeah, I agree, each language has its own quirks with some being worse than others; even Esperanto has some things that annoy me, but it has less quirks than most languages that I have tried so far.

Yep, you got me, effect / affect confuses me so much that I might start using impact or another synonym instead of using both so thank you. 😀

Thanks for explaining that, sometimes I just ignore certain language rules that do not make sense to me or that I disagree with, I almost never see anyone use some of this which makes it even more confusing. 😀

Yeah, I wish that some of these splits did not happen (like some of the differences between British and American English spelling), that makes it worse; and I wish that I had an English / British accent of some kind instead of the one that I have, but that split messed that up. 😀

You are welcome, I went into this experiment skeptical and assuming that orgonite pieces are just placebo effect jewelry / items, but I am still not sure; I am sure that I have went over-budget (which is not like me, and was a mistake; and has gotten out of control and embarrassing 😀 ) and have more pieces than I should and that my most recent purchase (which was my most expensive) should be my last; and then I can just use what I have, and give away the pieces that I do not need or want (so I will probably be able to throw some pieces your way so that you will not waste any money too depending on what happens with my latest piece once it gets here, and depending if you want any of it or not 😀 ).

The latest piece and probably the last is this one which was on sale $1 under my new maximum price but the shipping cost killed me 😀 :

I somewhat liked the look of this one better but I chose the other one because it had rose quartz:

Yep, I sleep with my pendant on, at first I did not because I was afraid that I would accidentally get choked in my sleep with it or swallow it or something but so far that has not happened yet. 😀

By my bed I have a medium orgonite pyramid and since last night one other piece that I already had.

-John Jr


Yea, I agree with the differences in spelling being difficult. I read a lot of books written by people in the UK (but don’t pay attention to that fact when I’m reading it) and often see words spelled differently so much, I don’t know which one is the one I’m supposed to use in the US. Often I just choose the one I like best. Like the color (not colour) grey (opposed to gray) 🙂 Or I often find myself writing a cheque, opposed to check.

Haha, what will you have now? 4 pendants and 1 pyramid? You’re getting quite the collection. Thanks for sharing the video of your new piece. Of all the pendants I’ve seen I don’t necessarily care for the look of them and if I were to buy one I will probably do like you and wear it under my shirt. I too am always skeptical of wearing necklaces to bed, but it seems unlikely something would happen.

So you had more orgonite surrounding you this other night than normal? Was that the same night you had the recent dream with Jessica Jones and Mildred and others?

Separately – How do you like that Jessica Jones show? Is the second season better than the first? I only found the first so so.

Thank you for answering those questions.

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Hello Moment,

Cool, I agree with picking the one that you like best, and cheque looks so French. 🙂

4 pendants (actually I just realized that Uboslav gave me maybe one or two small roughly made pendants for free, and so I really have 5 or 6 but I have never worn the two free ones which lack cords and I have had them in a cabinet and forgot about them until I was responding to this comment :D), 1 pyramid, and 2 tower busters (one is a mini one that was given to me for free by Orgonise Yourself (Karin)); definitely too many.

You are welcome, and welcome to the hidden jewelry club and cautious about wearing a necklace to bed club (well I was part of that club). 😀

I think so, I forgot to make note of this in a post, oops.

I did not expect to like Jessica Jones, I knew nothing about this character going into it, but to my surprise I liked the first season better than Daredevil and Luke Cage and Iron Fist and The Punisher and The Defenders.

That is a good question, I am not finished with the second season yet and it has been a while since I saw the first season, I asked my brother GC what he thinks so far and he was not sure either but he said that he possibly is liking the first season better.

I am possibly liking the second season better but I am not sure; I just know that I am still liking Jessica Jones better than the other Netflix Marvel shows so far.

You are welcome, and thank you for commenting.

-John Jr

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Wow, you have quite the collection of orgonite 🙂

Thanks for answering about Jessica Jones. The only other show of the ones you mentioned I’ve watched is Luke Cage. I didn’t care for it and only made it to the second or third episode. I was surprised because I liked his character on Jessica Jones. I may check out the second season of JJ, but I only thought the first was so-so.

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Hello Moment,

Thanks, the plan was to have one pyramid and one tower buster and one pendant for experimentation, and so I will probably give away the rest so if you want some free orgonite eventually just let me know. 😉

You are welcome.

So you only saw two or three episodes of Luke Cage 😀 , some of these shows take a few more episodes than that for the shows to really get going, I did not like how Luke Cage felt / was more segregated which hurt it in my opinion.

Luke Cage and Jessica Jones worked better together instead of separated; I do not like how they kept Jessica out of his show if I am not mistaken.

Neither of these shows are all that, but for lower budget shows on Netflix they are okay but not great in my opinion.

Thank you for commenting,

-John Jr

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You are welcome Moment.

I can understand, especially since television shows can take so much of your time, you do not want to waste it on shows that are just okay.

I have never heard of Glitch before, thank you for the recommendation.

-John Jr

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