My New Coworker Gets Arrested At Work

My new SQUARE ORGONE PENDANT – AMETHYST, SELENITE, ROSE QUARTZ by OrgoneVibes arrived today (it is bigger than I thought, and it is the best looking orgonite piece that I have bought so far), and so I am wearing it now so I wanted to make a note of this in this post so that I will remember when I first wore it so tonight will be my first time wearing it as I sleep so we will see how tomorrows dreams turn out.

I had more dreams but I did not record them, and so now I can only remember part of the end of my last dream.

The dream took place at work but I am not sure if it was a new job or not or if it was a library or not, it was like a combination of a fictional version of the back employee areas at The BP Library and a school-like place, and some of my coworkers like my female coworker KE were there so maybe it was a fictional version of The BP Library but I am not sure.

My former male classmate JC was one of my coworkers as well, I can not remember what happened before this, but I remember talking with some of my coworkers like my former classmate JC and a new fictional female coworker who was a tall thin woman with light-color skin with long maybe yellow / maybe some other color hair who somewhat reminded me of my new female coworker J (it was not her).

Our new fictional female employee had a black pistol (maybe a Glock 19) and a badge, she told us that she had went to an academy / school / college / training center / wherever to get certified (I can not remember for what though) and that is how she got the pistol and badge, and she said that all new recruits got one and they would get their certification if they finished and passed the course / training / whatever.

She told us that she had a husband and at least one child (possibly more, but I can not remember), and she told us some other things about herself like how she really needed and wanted this job and was happy that she just got it (this was possibly her first day).

I remember taking a break in the break room talking with her and some other coworkers, JC was not in the break room at this point, and at some point I remember hearing and / or suspecting that she did not really have her certification yet and that she was no longer doing her training because she probably ran out of money to pay for it recently so she was probably pretending to be certified hoping to use some of the money from this new job to pay so that she could continue her training and get certified before the boss / director / government / et cetera finds out.

This meant that she probably should not even have the pistol and badge still, and that she would be fired and probably fined and arrested if the boss / director / government / et cetera found out.

She really needed and wanted this job, for herself and for her family, and that is why she was taking this risk it seemed.

At some point our new boss / director, who was a tall overweight mean strict strong independent police chief / drill instructor-like woman with light-color skin with brown hair, entered the room angrily.

Our new boss / director had somehow found out the truth about our new female coworker and she demanded that she give her the pistol and badge after accusing her of lying about her certification and then ranting at her and telling her that she was fired and that the police were on their way, our new coworker was shocked and was not ready to give up the job or the pistol or the badge, and so she somewhat froze and mumbled some things in shock without following the orders of our new boss.

Our new boss / director got even more angry and then pulled out some handcuffs and grabbed our new coworker to take her pistol and badge, and she dragged her into the hallway to handcuff and arrest and search her for more weapons as our new coworker begged for mercy while resisting.

I stayed in the break room, I felt bad for her though, and I could hear the chaos in the hallway.

Our new boss was lecturing her and being pretty mean and asking her questions as she searched her for weapons I guess, at some point I looked into the hallway, and to my surprise our new coworker was standing in the hallway handcuffed and she looked naked at first because I only saw her from the side until I realized that she had a bra and panties on.

She looked very attractive even more so now to my surprise, oddly this is the first thing that I noticed and focused on and pulled my attention as I noticed that she was thin but still had curves to my surprise, which even in the dream caused me to stop myself and rebuke myself in shame for this briefly and then I changed my focus to how messed up this was instead and how I felt that our new boss should not have done her like that in the hallway leaving her in just her underwear.

She was crying, shocked, embarrassed, ashamed, broken, and it looked like she was worried about her family and job and job future and prison and ever being able to get certified now.

Our new boss angrily told our new coworker to follow her to a room to wait for the police to pick her up (our new boss was mean and did not care about her at all, no empathy at all), our coworker KE walked over to our new coworker with a blanket or jacket and covered her since she was only in her underwear, and KE went to comfort her as they walked behind our new boss.

KE was helping her out so I decided to not get involved now, it was nice of her to help like that and she was doing a good job, and so I was not needed now.

My former classmate JC walked over wondering what was going on, I told him that I would tell him later, and we both walked to a gym-like area because we needed some exercise.

I remember playing some basketball and American football with possibly some professional athletes, this part of the dream was different from the rest of the dream, and it felt more like a daydream within a dream or a dream within a dream.

The basketball match slowly blended into an American football match until I was playing American football with a NFL team instead of basketball with maybe a NBA team, and I was the quarterback.

I did one play where I pretended to have the ball when I really had handed it off to a teammate, and he got a touchdown on that play.

I did another play where I pretended to hand the ball off to a teammate who pretended to be running the ball, and then I threw the ball to a teammate who got a touchdown on that play as well.

But I woke up as I continued playing American football waiting for a chance to tell JC about the situation of our new coworker getting arrested.

The end,

-John Jr

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Hello Flynn,

Those are good questions that I also would like to know.

I could be wrong but I think that most of the orgonite / orgone pendants that I have tried so far (except maybe my new one, which I wore for the first time last night) seemed to possibly negatively effect my dream recall the first few nights and then things return to normal once I adjust I guess, I possibly seem to need less sleep or can function better on less sleep, and at least one of my pendants (and maybe my new one) seems to increase my chances of having more interesting dreams.

But I have not properly tested this at all, and so I am not sure.

Since I have been blogging my dreams every day for several years now my dream recall is above average so I can remember more dreams and more dream details than normal, and so that makes it even harder to tell if the orgonite / orgone pendants have any impact or not.

What I am trying to do now is make note of when I first put on a pendant and when I switch pendants or wear none, and then we can look back at those dreams during that period and compare them to other periods et cetera to see if there is any noticeable difference.

Thank you for commenting,
-John Jr

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