Time Travel And A Doctor’s Appointment?

This is possibly more than one dream, but I am not sure, so I will type it as one dream; and part of it was possibly a semi-daydream or my thoughts possibly impacted the dream, but I am not sure, and I am not sure what order the details of this dream go in.

Part of this dream possibly took place during the day in and outside of a house-like building with probably windows that were missing glass, my dad was possibly with me, and maybe some other people joined us as well but I can not remember.

Something video game / movie-like happened where we got attacked by waves of enemies that we had to defend against so there was a shootout and battle against people who were like members of the Morningstar gang from the video game Saints Row: The Third and / or James Bond villains.

Maybe we successfully defended against the attack and won, but I can not remember.

The next thing that I remember is possibly somehow time traveling back to the past to when I was in elementary school, and I was at a fictional elementary school gym with some of my former classmates et cetera.

I recognized that I was back in the past, the look and feeling of the dream felt like it was in the past, and so it was interesting being back in a moment from the past.

I started to recognized some of the people and other things as I tried to figure out what year this was, I possibly remembered some of the things that happened on this day, and some of the students were trying to play dodgeball (I possibly played with them briefly) and some were trying to play basketball et cetera.

After that I probably talked with some of my former classmates like my former male classmate MH, and MH and I got into an argument about how some of our classmates started to play full court basketball even though some people were trying to play dodgeball.

I felt that the court should be split evenly but MH felt that the entire court should be used, this made no sense to me because having several sports going at the same time on the same court in the same places would not work well instead of having different sections for different sports, but MH continued to argue with me without giving any valid reasons to support his opinion.

I probably asked MH and some of the others some things as I tried to learn more about this moment in the past, but the next thing that I remember is us being attacked and moving to another gym.

Maybe a group like the group who attacked me and my dad and whoever attacked, this time there were probably no guns and it felt more like a roller derby-like sport (without skates et cetera), and my former female classmate AM who I saw yesterday in real life was with the people attacking us and she was very tall and large and muscular and fought like a Brute from the video game Saints Row: The Third.

This brute version of AM was charging at people and was strong enough to break walls et cetera, and so I remember dodging her attempts to run me over.

The next thing that I remember is going to a doctor’s appointment for the first time in years, in real life I had my first doctor’s appointment in years last week (I got my results yesterday and all my lab work was good), and I had to go through several stages seeing different people (paperwork, getting weighed and measured and asked some medical questions, maybe some lab work, et cetera) and the last person I saw was the doctor.

The doctor was a somewhat older woman with dark-color skin with short hair, she greeted me and looked at my chart et cetera, and then she told me that it was time for me to get some vaccinations and something else because my shot (vaccination) card was not up-to-date anymore (in the real world I need to check to see if I am up-to-date with my vaccinations because it is probably time for one or more vaccinations).

I asked the doctor what was that something else she mentioned because I did not recognize the word or words she had used, and she told me that the other thing was the hormone therapy that I was started on when I was a younger.

This confused me because I never remember getting any kind of hormone therapy before, and so I told her this.

She explained that the hormone therapy was some kind of new advanced treatment that was possibly partly experimental that I was started on the treatment briefly when I was younger, my parents had agreed to it (I guess I was a test subject or something), but then they changed their minds and I had not been back since.

I could not remember this exactly but it felt that there was something there in my mind but I could not remember it, like I had blocked it out or forgotten it or that something was stopping me from remembering, and then I asked her what this treatment did exactly.

She was very vague and just said that it did a variety of good things depending on the person, I asked for specifics, and she mentioned a few things that sounded like various enhancements to the body and mind et cetera (I am not sure if she mentioned this or if I thought it, but I remember thinking that maybe some people might develop superpower-like ability from the hormone therapy).

I did not like the idea of taking some possibly experimental hormone therapy that I had never heard of before, and I started to wonder if my taking it briefly as a kid and / or stopping it suddenly had possibly led to me getting vasculitis and problems with anxiety and several other problems.

I asked her about side effects et cetera, she said that it should be safe as long as you are taking the right treatment, and she made a comment where she referred to me as a brother (someone of African ancestry) and that I had been given the hormone therapy for people from that ethnic group.

I then told her that I also had ancestors from Europe so my ancestry was also European, she then made a sound signaling that they had made a mistake and that she did not know that, and so they had given me the wrong hormone therapy back then.

The hormone therapy seemed to have to be adjusted based on ancestry, and if it was not adjusted properly then bad things could happen.

I asked her if that and the fact that my parents stopped letting me get the treatments had possibly led to me getting vasculitis, problems with anxiety, et cetera and she said probably.

She apologized for the mistake and said that they will take some samples and do some tests to determine my exact ancestry so that they can adjust the hormone therapy, and she said that the adjusted hormone therapy could possibly reverse or heal the damage that was done to me but there was no guarantee.

I told her that I was not so sure about taking the hormone therapy again but I would let them take some samples and do some tests, I was curious what their ancestry results would show compared to my previous ancestry DNA test, and I was curious to learn more about this hormone therapy because if it really was safe when adjusted properly and if it could possibly undo the damage and improve me in various ways and maybe even allow me to unlock some special abilities then I would possibly give it a try.

But I woke up as the doctor left the room to order the samples and tests to be done.

The end,

John Jr

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