Fighting & Healing People

This was an interesting dream that I unfortunately can not remember parts of so many details are missing, and it was probably inspired by something that I thought of as I read some of Moment’s book Blessed: A Trip Through Belize and a super random thought / daydream that crossed my mind as I was folding towels before going to bed that was about a what-if scenario about my nephew CC going missing and me learning that I have the power to sense and partly see where he is by closing my eyes and taking a deep breath while focusing on trying to find him (I have no idea why this random thought / daydream came to me while folding towels 😀 ).

Part of the dream took place late in the afternoon outside somewhere where there was a variety of people as I walked through this area I assume, there was a man with dark-color skin who was older and bigger than me who had some fighting experience and hand-to-hand combat training, and at some point he attacked me from behind when I was not looking and when I was probably walking away.

The man wanted to see if he could defeat me in a fight so his attack was not meant to hurt me but was meant to see if he could defeat me in a fight, he probably challenged me to a friendly fight several times but I refused his challenge politely each time because I did not want to hurt him, and I walked away at some point after our conversation when I thought that the issue was resolved.

I guess he attacked me by surprise to give himself an advantage since he was older than me, but he was bigger than me and had hand-to-hand combat training and some fighting experience at a sport level which gave him even more of an advantage over me.

His sneak attack was smart because he took me down by surprise from behind and he used his weight and size and positioning to keep me mostly locked up with him on top of me preventing me from striking and using my grappling skills very much other than for defense.

Fortunately for me I am more comfortable with grappling than striking even though I have no training, and so my natural grappling skills allowed me to survive in this difficult situation as I prevented him from being able to really damage me as he prevented me from really being able to damage him.

The crowds of people watched our fight as the man mostly kept me on the ground and our fight moved around the area, he had me in a bad position for most of the fight, but I managed to keep the fight at a draw for most of it because neither one of us could really get any strikes or submissions in.

Eventually I was able to turn things around and win the fight, the crowd enjoyed the fight and so did the man, and we probably shook hands and everyone was cool.

A man in the crowd who had light-color skin and who was younger and had more training than the man I fought, and who was a professional fighter  (probably mixed martial arts (MMA)) complimented me on my fighting skills and he challenged me to an official fight on a later date and I accepted his fight even though I have no training and should not stand a chance against a professional fighter like him.

The crowd and this professional fighter were excited about this future fight, I saw it as an opportunity to test my skills and to start getting hand-to-hand combat training, but I would have to find somewhere and someone to train me since I do not know of any proper training facilities in my city.

The next thing that I remember is going inside an apartment-like building or house, and I remember being in a living room or family room or lobby with several people including: my mom, my male cousin ME, and several people of various ages with probably light-color skin who were family members (not mine).

We talked and at some point several things happened that are unclear that involved the people who were family members where they got emotional and panicked and needed help with a family emergency involving maybe a young female family member with light-color skin with long maybe brown hair who was lost and needed to be found and / or one of them was having a medical emergency and needed to be healed.

I decided to try to help them by seeing if I could find the girl and / or heal the woman who needed to be healed, and I was able to possibly do both of these things successfully by closing my eyes and taking a deep breath while focusing on the task but this seemed to drain my energy and the harder the task and the more tasks done the worse this energy drain would be.

The medical emergency situation was the worse, I laid hands on the woman while controlling my breathing and closing my eyes and focusing on detecting what was wrong and then attempting to heal the problem, and this took so much energy out of me that after I healed her I had to sit on the floor and I was tired and needed food and water and sleep.

They thanked me and a woman with light-color skin with long red hair among them invited me over to her / their house for food and water and to sleep, I accepted, but my cousin ME wanted my help first.

My cousin ME wanted me to use my powers to help him and maybe his new fictional girlfriend and her or their fictional child, the girlfriend and her child probably showed up, but I told them that I was probably too tired and drained and that it would take too much out of me to use my powers now probably and it would probably hurt me.

He or they begged me so I agreed to help them, and the last thing that I remember is healing my cousin ME of some kind of strange crusty / flaky infection or something in his ear.

This drained me too much and it hurt me too because I seemed to have temporarily taken on the infection or whatever, and some crusty / flaky stuff fell out of my ear but I felt that it would go away shortly because my body and / or I would use my healing power to heal it quickly.

My uncle CE (ME’s father) called ME by mobile phone angry about something involving his girlfriend and her or their child, and he possibly talked with me briefly before I gave the mobile phone back to ME.

I was so drained that I had a hard time walking as I followed the woman with red hair and maybe some of her family to her / their house, they fed me and gave me something to drink and were nice to me, and the woman showed me to a bedroom that had two beds in it with a super large slightly tinted window with a nice view outside.

I had a bit more energy now but I still needed sleep, but first I started to exercise and do some training for my fight as I looked out of the huge window of the bedroom.

Some people walked by outside and probably waved at me, some of them had seen my fight earlier, and several of them stopped to talk to me about my upcoming fight like it was some kind of big event and like I was famous now or something.

At some point after this it was time to sleep, I went to sleep on the bed on the left side of the room, and the woman with red hair went to sleep on the bed on the right side of the room to my surprise and confusion and discomfort because I thought that she was married to a man with light-color skin with dark-color hair who was either mentioned and / or was there earlier in the dream during a forgotten part of this dream.

I asked her if she wanted me to leave and sleep on the couch or something if this was her bedroom, but she said that it was okay and I asked if she was sure and if this was okay and if this was appropriate and she said yes.

I still was not comfortable with this but I did not want to be rude or anything so I accepted her kind offer to sleep in the extra bed in this bedroom that seemed to be either hers to my surprise or she just decided to sleep in here too for some reason oddly, and not being sure about this made me even more uncomfortable since it was possible that she decided to sleep in here even though this was possibly not her bedroom (it was possibly a guest bedroom) so I wondered what her intentions were.

I assumed that she was a married woman so this bothered me even more, to me this was not appropriate and would not look good if her husband found us sleeping in the same bedroom, and so I hoped for the best but expected the worst.

I laid on my right side facing the left side of the room so that I would not see her across the room in her bed, and at some point as I was trying to sleep I heard her get out of bed and walk toward mine.

I opened my eyes and I turned to her asking her if she was okay, she walked toward me slowly only wearing a nightgown or something thin like she was walking toward me like she wanted to have sex or something, and so things got even more awkward as I waited for her response.

She stood next to my bed looking at me, she responded but I can not remember what she said, but it was clear that she wanted to have sex.

She started slowly taking off her nightgown or whatever she was wearing, but I told her that this was not appropriate and that she was married and that adultery et cetera is against my beliefs and that she did not even know me really and I asked her to please keep her clothes on and to please return to her bed.

She responded by saying that she was divorced, that the man who I thought was her husband was her ex-husband, but I did not really believe her yet because maybe he was possibly in the house or I assumed that he was in the house and earlier they had possibly talked about him in a way like either they were still married or were still in the process of getting divorced or only very very recently had divorced.

I thought that the woman was attractive but I wanted no part in adultery et cetera, I told her so and I asked her if she was lying, but she claimed to be telling me the truth.

She took her nightgown or whatever off and she stood there naked looking at me still wanting to have sex, I was obviously attracted to her and my body wanted to have sex, but my mind was still fighting it trying to figure out how to handle this situation and trying to figure out if she was lying or not.

She had a more compact attractive curvy body, nice long red hair, and nice skin which I found even more attractive.

My internal fight between my mind and body and trying to figure out how to handle this situation was so strong and intense that I accidentally woke myself up as I fought to resist while trying to decide how to handle this awkward situation, I probably closed my eyes and took a deep breath while focusing on resisting my body’s sexual urges and the anxiety clouding my mind, but this accidentally woke me up.

The end,

-John Jr

13 replies on “Fighting & Healing People”

Hello Moment,

You are welcome, I am definitely enjoying it so far (so far it is the best book and non-fiction book that I read this year), and thank you for helping inspire my new possible dream powers / abilities. 🙂

Thank you for commenting,
-John Jr

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Thank you for saying that. Maybe it’s the only book you’ve read so far this year? 🙂 I’m not sure how I would have inspired your new dream powers, but they are some good ones. If you continue to be able to heal in your dreams, that would be awesome!

Separately – I just bought an orgonite pendant! I’ll let you know how it goes.

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Hello Moment,

You are welcome.

Yeah, it is the only book I am reading so far, but it is still the best so far (I am not done reading it yet). 😉

I do not want to spoil this part of the book for people who might read this comment, but the part that inspired the healing power was the part in your book where a certain condition (that you have also mentioned before on your blogs) flared up on you and caused you a lot of pain et cetera; it sounds so bad reading it and trying to visualize it that I just wished that I could step in and heal that and be able to heal people and that we could heal others / ourselves manually.

Yeah, we will see if I am able to use either of those dream powers again, that will be awesome; and it will be even better if I am able to translate that into the real world.

Cool, so you got an orgonite pendant, I hope that it did not cost you too much and I hope that it at least follows the minimum requirement of having a balance of half resin and half metal and at least one quartz crystal (usually clear quartz) that has piezoelectric properties (; because there is some fake and not properly made orgonite out there that does not at least meet those minimum requirements to be considered orgonite.

I would be curious to see what your pendant looks like and what the ingredients are one day if you ever feel like sharing that; my newest pendant has a piece of Baltic amber, clear quartz, amethyst, selenite, rose quartz, a copper motif, and pieces of golden brass flake set in clear polyester resin with a suede necklace (which will probably not last long for someone like me 😀 ).

The orgonite experiment begins, this should be interesting or disappointing, we will see. 😀

Thank you for commenting and good luck,
-John Jr

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Yea, I wish you could heal others this way as well. Maybe you could try to heal actual (waking life) ailments in the dream world. I’ve had this intention multiple times, but have never actually had a lucid dream while having the intention.

I did not know about all of those specifications with orgonite. Unfortunately the woman with all the knowledge was not at the store when I bought it. She is the owner and pretty smart about all this stuff so hopefully she knew what she was buying. I’ll ask her more about it next time I see her. It appears to have amethyst and citrine and/or clear quartz. There are probably some brass flakes like yours. Something like that. It is all encased in something clear. Maybe resin? It was only $17 and did not come with a cord, but I had some black cord at home. I’ll post a picture sometime soon.

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Hello Moment,

That is a good idea, thanks.

I hope that it was a properly made orgonite piece as well, I forgot to share a link about that (well the page that I wanted to share was removed) in the past, sorry about that.

Thank you for answering that, that sounds like a good price compared to most pendants at this time, does that store have a website and / or sell things online?

Resin is usually what they use, and so you are probably right about that.

Thank you for responding,
-John Jr

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