A Strange Headless-Looking Camel-Like Animal

I had a variety of dreams that I woke up from and went back to sleep without recording them, and so now I can only barely remember part of several of those dreams, unfortunately.

Dream 1

This dream possibly involved something to do with some strange fish and / or something like that, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

This dream took place during the day, and it involved me traveling, and there was something that happened that involved customs and / or border control in a certain country that I was passing through.

They had a strict and annoying and strange system that forced you to stop at several points, and you had to go through various things before being able to move forward.

You had to move to the next area in different ways like driving, walking, by bridge, by train, by boat, et cetera depending on the border checkpoint.

This annoying process really slowed me down, but it was interesting getting to pass through different areas like roads, bridges, tunnels, et cetera.

But that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 3

I am not sure if this dream took place late in the afternoon or evening or night or where I was exactly, and I think that I was outside.

Maybe I was on the street where the parents of my former male classmate DH live.

I happened to see my former male classmate, DH, so I greeted him and I went to talk to him.

It seemed that he probably did not want to talk with me and had been avoiding me and hoping to not see me, but I had already seen him and greeted him.

So it seemed that he felt forced to talk with me briefly to avoid making it obvious that he was hoping to avoid me.

Our conversation was brief because DH made up an excuse to leave and probably made a lie about us talking again or hanging out soon or something.

I could clearly see from his body language and facial expressions et cetera and from past experiences that he was probably lying and just saying that to escape and maybe trick me / make me feel better.

But that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 4

This dream took place during the day, and the three abandoned houses behind my parent’s yard were now three or more connected houses that were all flat on the ground.

I saw Mr. E (who probably owns most of those properties (except maybe the semi-abandoned house, which seems to possibly be abandoned again this week) and does most of the yard work) in the yard over there, and then he left.

After Mr. E left, I saw my parents walking to those abandoned houses oddly, and so I followed them to see what they were doing.

They had entered the house in the middle from the front entrance, and so I walked inside.

Each of the houses probably had a side door that you could use to walk through each of the houses, since they were connected.

So if those doors were locked then you could not walk into each house like that, but they seemed to be unlocked.

My parents were in a bedroom, there was a bed with the bedsheets partly pulled back like maybe our now possibly former semi-neighbor T had been there recently (maybe he sneaked in during the night to sleep and left early before anyone could see him).

I asked my parents if they had permission to enter these houses like this, but my mom would not answer the question.

I told them that we probably should not be here, and I asked them what they were doing.

They probably did not answer, and they started grabbing some paintings from some of the walls that had nice frames.

I told them that they probably should not mess with those, it seemed that they were going to take 3 or 4 or them.

So I asked if Mr. E had given them permission to take them, but my mom just dismissed the question with the wave of her hand.

She made a facial expression like she did not care and that my questions annoyed her or something.

I was confused by my parent’s behavior, and my parents would not take things or enter houses like this without permission.

So I assumed and hoped that they had permission, and I helped them carry some of the paintings back home so that they would get out of these houses.

I walked off ahead with at least two of the paintings, so my parents were not even behind yet.

As I was passing the abandoned yard where the mobile home used to be by our second double gate, I noticed a tan strange long-necked camel-like (dromedary-like) animal that seemed to be headless while trying to eat grass.

I stopped and stared in confusion and surprise, I had never seen anything like this, and I wondered how was it still alive and moving and trying to eat without a head.

I assumed that maybe it would die soon and was just somehow moving around briefly without a head, like a chicken, but I still wondered what it was exactly.

As I started to walk in the yard, I noticed what looked like a snout where the head should be.

So maybe it was not headless if that was the nose, but then I wondered where were the eyes et cetera.

But I woke up as I tried to look around to find its eyes et cetera.

The end,

  • John Jr

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