Waking Up From A Seizure In A Dream

Dream 1

I woke up from this dream with the song Fièvre by Pauline Croze playing in my mind, I listened to the album version of Fièvre for the first time last night before going to bed, but I am not sure if it was that version or the live acoustic version (which I probably like better in some ways, but there are some things that I like about the album version better) that was playing in my mind.

I am not sure if this song was playing in the dream or not, I assume that it was, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

This dream possibly took place during a gray day and I was in a yard that looked like the yard of The E House, and there was a family with light-color skin who lived here is seemed.

I remember being there with several people including a Ben Affleck-like man, a Mekhi Phifer-like man, my former male classmate DH, my former male classmate DC, and several members of the family who lived here.

Something unexplained had happened to one of the sons in this family, maybe an adult or young adult, and it happened to him while he was sleeping on the bottom bunk of a bunk bed inside a building or house in the yard.

My memory is unclear I just remember that you could see where his body had been, maybe part of it was still there but I can not remember, and above his bed you could see maybe a burnt and maybe ash-like imprint-like thing of the shape of his body almost like something vaporized him upward or pulled him through a portal or something strange like that.

He was possibly dead and gone but we were not sure, there was hope that he was still alive somewhere, and the family was trying to figure out what happened to him so they were showing us this and I guess we were trying to help them solve this mystery and find the son.

DC was very religious in this dream and he believed that something supernatural had happened, he had some special prayers and rituals planned or something that might help, and he was going to go outside to prepare.

DC told us that if something happens while he is outside that all we had to do was to focus and think and try to call for his help with our minds and / or use our minds to summon an alert message to him and he would be able to detect it and he would come help us with prayers / rituals et cetera; and then he went outside.

The rest of us continued our investigation, at some point some of us moved to another room, and there was something about picking teams.

I am not sure if this happened before or after he was grabbed, but one of the men grabbed the other man and the man who was grabbed had a seizure.

I woke up on my side possibly hearing and feeling a bumping and shaking-like noise / feeling like either I was waking up feeling the seizure that the man was having in the dream and / or I had started having a seizure in the dream and / or I was having a seizure in my sleep during that part of the dream in the real world and / or something strange like that.

This really bothered me because I was not sure (I have never had a seizure before that I know of, and I have only seen a person have a seizure once before in real life), this bothered me so much that I probably lost an hour of sleep because every time I felt myself starting to go to sleep I would stop it because I was afraid that I might have a seizure or something or the anxiety was stopping me from sleeping and I had to stop myself from having a panic attack, but eventually I went to sleep briefly a few times and had some short dreams that I kept waking up from because the seizure dream was still bothering me.

I remembered some of the dreams clearly but I forgot some of them and parts of them after waking up suddenly and getting out of bed to get ready for work too fast.

Dream 3

This dream took place outside during the day inside and outside at some outdoor / semi-indoor areas, and an event was taking place that was possibly college related.

I was there and there were teams that were competing against each other, and there were two teams having a competition.

Each team had a woman on them who was almost like a cheerleader / mascot / something else, they would boost the morale for their team and get the crowd pumped up and would annoy the other team and would sometimes stop to compete in a quiz game against the woman from the other team, and one of these women looked like Uma Thurman combined with Anne Hathaway and the other woman looked like Salma Hayek combined with Jennifer Lopez.

At some point the two women stopped to compete against each other in the quiz game, a question was asked and the Uma Thurman / Anne Hathaway-like woman buzzed in first to answer it, she got the question wrong so the Salma Hayek / Jennifer Lopez-like woman got to try to answer it, and she answered the question correctly and so her team won that round.

Her and her team celebrated while the other woman walked away back to her team, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 4

This dream started during the night at The E House, my mom was there and she told me that my male cousin EE and my female cousin KE and some of their family and friends were at a house across the street.

She told me that EE was or had been in a college or career training program that he had possibly recently graduated from or completed part of so they were celebrating, they would sometimes go to other cities and states to celebrate, and the city of D was one of those cities.

They would probably party, eat, drink, and go watch a movie and explore parts of each city.

I wondered if they would come over to The E House at some point, but I hoped that they would not because I did not feel like visitors at the time.

The next thing that I remember is going with my dad to a presentation that was in a small windowless classroom-like room with some chairs, it seemed to be some kind of father and son thing because there only seemed to be fathers and sons there maybe, and most of the people there had medium-to-dark color skin.

I remember seeing my former male classmate AJ there with his father, I greeted him and we talked briefly as we waited for more people to arrive before the presentation starts, and at some point a thin young man with light-medium color skin who had a physical disability that made it hard for him to walk entered the room using something to help him walk and / or a wheelchair.

This young man knew some of the people there and tried to talk to them, at some point he wanted to move to another seat and he expected a man he knew would help him but he walked off without helping him, and so I had to pick him up to move him to the chair but another man he knew took it.

I sat the young man in another chair and then he started asking the man who took the seat if he could trade places, the young man was the type with a lot of energy who can be a bit annoying but friendly, but the man refused and eventually got tired of the young man annoying him so he possibly pushed him out of his seat.

But I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

8 replies on “Waking Up From A Seizure In A Dream”

Interesting. Two dreams back to back where the dream world trickled through to the waking world. I think it would be scary to not know if you actually had a seizure or not. I would guess you probably didn’t. Maybe you awoke into the mind awake/body asleep state and were feeling the crazy vibrations people talk of and I have felt.

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Hello Moment,

Thank you for pointing that out, oddly I did not think about that. 😀

Yeah, hopefully you are right, that is my assumption as well. 😉

Have you noticed any possible changes during the day since you started your orgonite experiment?

Thank you for commenting,
-John Jr

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Hello Moment,

Interesting, in my case it is hard to say with the various factors at play like: daylight saving time, the season change to spring, I was already wearing an orgonite pendant before switching to the new one, et cetera; but there is a chance that my sleep has gotten deeper and maybe it is easier to go back to sleep, my dream recall fades quicker and easier, maybe slightly less of an energy boost and / or balance compared to my oldest pendant, maybe a slight increase in anxiety and / or sensitivity and maybe a change to get angrier easier, but who knows. 😀

-John Jr

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Hmm, interesting. If it is causing more anxiety and/or irritability that wouldn’t be good. Better sleep would be a good quality though. Maybe sometime soon you should go orgonite free and check if there’s a difference. It seems rather difficult to do any kind of true study as there are always so many variables, plus the placebo affect.

I’ve been sleeping a lot better for the past 4 nights, but I also go in phases of good and bad sleep so who knows. And like with the crystals, I had a lot of lucid experiences the first week, but now haven’t had any for 2 weeks. So maybe the crystal only produced a placebo affect.

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Hello Moment,

Yeah, if it is then that would not be good, but it is or was probably not connected.

I do need to do that eventually so I agree with that idea, and I agree about the many variables and the placebo effect.

My original assumption for orgonite is that it is the placebo effect at work, but who knows; maybe we will find out. 😀

Thank you for replying,

-John Jr

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Hello Chrissylouise135,

Thank you, and that is kind and helpful of you to spread awareness.

I am not sure if that was a seizure that I had or not, but my guess is that it was not; but who knows.

Thank you for commenting,
-John Jr


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