A Fictional Ellen Page’s Childhood Memories Of Castile?

I did not wear my square orgone pendant last night after deciding to try Moment’s idea of not wearing a pendant for a while to see how things compare to wearing one, and so I wanted to make a note of this so that we will know the day that I stopped wearing it.

I had more dreams but unfortunately I forgot all of them except for part of my last dream that was probably inspired by a news article by ET (Entertainment Tonight) that I read yesterday called: Dakota Fanning Pays Tribute To Co-Star Brittany Murphy 8 Years After Her Sudden Death.

This dream involved either the actress Ellen Page or a fictional version of her or a woman who looked like her, either she or someone else posted a photograph on social media that either reminded her of a photograph of her grandfather and her as a child smiling and standing outside during the day on a sidewalk by a street in Castile or it was that photograph, and this photograph brought back some of her memories from her childhood in Castile / Spain.

Ms. Page had a famous father who had once dated a famous Castilian woman in Castile, Ms. Page was possibly born in Castile or lived there during part of her childhood as a result of this but I am not sure if this famous woman was her mom or not, and Ms. Page also had a famous grandfather in Castile who possibly dated and / or married a famous woman in Castile as well.

Ms. Page either was interviewed about her response to this social media post of this photograph and / or she posted her response online, and her memories were mostly positive.

She had enjoyed her childhood in Castile with her father, grandfather, et cetera; and these memories made her miss her grandfather and those childhood years in Castile, but I am not sure if her grandfather was still alive or not.

But that is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

-John Jr

4 replies on “A Fictional Ellen Page’s Childhood Memories Of Castile?”

Hello Moment,

Thanks, me too, the last two days my anxiety seems a bit lower but my dream recall is still not doing so well (I remember parts of them but they leave my mind quickly, and I usually go back to sleep without recording them).

-John Jr

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Hello Moment,

Probably only slightly (barely enough to be noticed) and I have been busy at work so it may just be a temporary thing, but who knows; but I am glad too even if it is only so slight that you can barely notice. 😀

Thank you,
-John Jr

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