An Illegal Deal & Moment?

I had more dreams and there were more details to these dreams, but I forgot them after waking up and going back to sleep without recording them and because I woke up needing to use the bathroom real bad and my dreams faded as I was doing that and as I was voice recording my dreams.

Dream 1

This dream was probably inspired by a video that I watched before going to sleep.

I woke up from one of my dreams with maybe the song Tellement Bien or the song Fallait Pas (I can not remember which song it was now because when I went to listen to some of the songs to see which one it was, my mind forgot the bit of music that I remembered, but I think that it was one of those two songs but I could be wrong) from the album Ne Rien Faire by Pauline Croze on my mind, and so maybe this song was in one of my dreams:

Tellement Bien

Fallait Pas

Dream 2

Part of this dream was possibly inspired by a video that I watched / listened to before going to sleep by Lost Truth Press called Kids Book Read Aloud – From Ute to Utah:

The dream took place during the day, my memory of it is very unclear, I was possibly inside a one-story building.

There were two little girls playing together, one possibly had light-color skin and one may have had dark-color skin but I can not remember, but I am not sure if they we related or not; but maybe they were sisters.

There was a man with light-color skin who was babysitting them I assume, I am not sure if he was related to them or not, and at some point he met another man with light-color skin in a garage-like area near some automobiles not far from where I was but they could not see me.

I overheard them making an illegal deal of some kind, probably illegal drugs, and the babysitter offered several things including several items that belonged to the two girls and maybe even the two girls themselves but I was not sure.

They completed the terms of the deal and the man left until it was time to return to complete the deal itself, and the babysitter gathered the items for the deal including several items that belonged to the two girls and he put them in his car outside in the parking lot of this building.

After he returned I decided that I would go outside and try to recover the items that belonged to the two girls, and then I was going to make sure that he did not give the two girls to the man as part of their deal if I was correct about what I thought that I possibly heard.

I possibly got the two girls out of there somehow but I can not remember, I just know that my automobile was parked outside in the parking lot as well, and I remember sneaking into the man’s car to take the two items that belonged to the two girls back.

While I was doing that the man the babysitter made the deal with had returned with a gang of men, I guess he was the leader of the gang, and they caught me digging through items in the babysitter’s car so they assumed that I was stealing all the items meant for them.

The leader pulled out a silver pistol and pointed it at me, several other gang members pulled out their pistols and pointed them at me as well, and then the leader interrogated me and threatened to kill me and I explained the situation to him and I managed to talk my way out of the situation and he allowed me to take the two items that belonged to the girls and maybe he agreed to not take the two girls if that had been part of the deal (it possibly was not, but maybe the babysitter had offered it and maybe the gang leader had refused, but I can not remember).

I am not sure if they made their deal or not, I just know that the gang and the babysitter were gone, and I needed to get the two items back to the girls.

I could be wrong but I think that Moment showed up and I explained the situation to her in the garage-like area, she was angry about the situation, and she wanted to find the babysitter et cetera and have him / them brought to justice.

She also wanted to make sure that the girls were okay and for them to get their items back, she was ready to hunt down the babysitter and maybe the gang down so she could rant at them and maybe more, and so I had to calm her down and let her know how dangerous the situation and that we should let law enforcement handle it to avoid us getting killed since the gang was armed and ready to kill.

Unfortunately I can not remember what Moment looked like in this dream other than having light-color skin, I also can not remember what she sounded like or what she was wearing, I just remember her moving around and being angry and ready to deal with the babysitter et cetera.

She definitely did not have any kind things to say about the babysitter, but I can not remember what she said exactly during her rant about this and what she wanted to do to him. 😀

The next thing that I remember was possibly part of another dream, but I am not sure so I will type it with this dream.

I was in my parents house during the day in the living room when I looked out the back window to see if I could see our semi-neighbor T because he is possibly wanted by the police now for possible armed robbery and breaking and entering and trespassing et cetera.

When I looked out the window I saw T walking along the street in front of the semi-abandoned house that he is now kicked out of, but I did not see him pass it.

I could not see him so he was probably at the front of the house, and so I waited to see if he would pass by.

If not I would have to decide whether to call Mr. E and / or the police since T is possibly considered armed and dangerous and wanted by the police now.

But that is all that I can remember of this dream because I probably woke up needing to urinate real bad.

The end,

-John Jr

4 replies on “An Illegal Deal & Moment?”

Hello Moment,

Yeah! My current super fading dream recall is annoying.

I get the feeling that trying to summon you or a dream character my mind thinks looks / sounds / acts like you will be easier now, and I think that your video probably triggered my mind finally being able to make a dream version of you now that it had a possible voice to associate with you (even though I do not know if that was your voice or not, I will assume that it is not).

Thank you for sharing that, I was wondering if that was at least somewhat accurate, my description of how dream you acted probably seems stronger than it actually was. 😀

You are welcome, and thank you for indirectly inspiring that part of the dream. 😉

Before I forget this again (maybe I already did because maybe I asked before), I was wondering if I should refer to you as Moment or also include your last name regardless of the username / service you are using when I comment or should I use what ever username you are using, or does it depend on the situation like maybe not wanting your dream blog to be associated with your name?

Thank you for commenting 🙂 ,
-John Jr

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Yea, that actually is my voice on the recording. I wonder if it will make it easier as well.

Yea, I think I get railed up pretty easily and become all self righteous and stuff – haha.

Thanks for asking. Don’t use my last name. Then I guess it’s circumstantial. You seem to do a fine job of choosing which to use. When talking about my blog it makes since to me for you to use Lost Truth. But when talking about me to use Moment is fine. A lot of time you use both, which is also fine.

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Hello Moment,

Cool, thank you for letting me know, I am still surprised how similar your voice is to someone I heard the other day.


You are welcome and thank you for answering that; that will help me in the future.

-John Jr

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