Trying To Move A Portable Air Conditioner | Young People At My Parents House

I got in bed too late and I had to wake up early to do something before going back to sleep, so I got awakened from my dreams by my alarm clock and I recorded part of one dream, later I was able to sleep again and then I got awakened from my dreams again by a mobile phone call and then I went back to sleep, I got awakened from my dreams again by another mobile phone call and I went back to sleep, and finally later I woke up and voice recorded what I could remember from my dreams when I did not record them previously.

Dream 1

This dream took place inside a building, maybe part of the dream involved my mom, and later in the dream I walked by a small dark room that had the door open.

I noticed a portable air conditioner and something else that were turned the wrong way, and so I went into the room to turn them the correct way.

My former male classmate JB walks into the room asking me what I am doing, and he tells me that this is his room.

I told him that I did not know that anyone lived in this room and that the door was open, and I explained what I was doing and how the room was dark and how I had just entered it so I did not have time to figure out that it was a room that was used by someone.

JB tells me that he did not leave the door open, and so maybe the repair people left it open or something.

I tell him to check his stuff to make sure that nothing is stolen or broken, and I offer to help or stand outside and wait until this is done.

But I got awakened by my alarm clock or by the first mobile phone call.

Dream 2

I had one or more false awakening dreams after I got awakened by the first mobile phone call, and in it or them I told my mom and my dad about the first mobile phone call that was from the automobile repair shop because the front brakes on my automobile were being changed this morning in real life.

I got awakened from this dream by the second mobile phone call that was from my dad who was calling to see if the automobile repair shop had called me this morning, and then I realized that I had only dreamed that I had told my dad and my mom about this so I had to tell them about it in the real world now.

Dream 3

This dream took place during the day, and I was in my parents yard walking toward the back door; and sitting on the weight bench was a male teenager or preteen or a boy who looked like a younger version of Leo (The PC Security Channel [TPSC]) from YouTube.

He knew some of my brothers, maybe TDC and KDC, and maybe he was waiting on them so I briefly stopped to talk to him and let him know that they were probably not coming back for a while because they are in college before I entered the house.

Inside the living room I found an even younger person who was a boy who possibly looked like an even younger version of the Leo-like kid, and he was making and eating red snow cones (he had a snow cone machine or something).

I noticed that he was making a mess and spilling some on the ground, he had a towel, but he was accidentally spilling his red snow cones on the carpet and missing the towel sometimes so I let him know about this and I helped clean up the mess and I put some more towels down.

I told the boy to be careful and then I walked to the dining room, and the dining room looked like a combination of my parents real dining room and the dining room in the apartment house / whatever in Limbo that belonged to the characters Dom Cobb and Mal Cobb on the movie Inception.

There was a boy with dark-color skin with short black hair who had a stand set up where he was selling things, and he ran over to me and he grabbed me and he started talking non-stop trying to get me to buy something by telling me a story or something in that classic street peddler / vendor / seller-type way.

The boy spoke English with an African accent of some kind so I assume that he was from somewhere in Africa, and as he was talking my dad who was also in the dining room was talking and trying to tell me something as well.

I knew that trying to let the boy know that I was not interested in buying something, that I was trying to hear what my dad was saying first, and that I needed to go do something would not work but I tried anyway and it failed as expected so I had to try to listen to both of them talking at the same time as I was about to go do something else further inside the house.

I woke up as I was about to figure out how to get the boy to stop following and grabbing me and trying to sell something to me so that I could keep walking to do whatever I was going to do.

The end,

-John Jr

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