Waking Up From A Snakebite?

Dream 1

I am not sure if this is one or several dreams so I will type it has one dream.

This dream involved a lot of traveling by various modes of transportation (by foot, automobile, et cetera) between and around different cities with different people at different times of day, and possibly over several different days but I am not sure.

One part involved me traveling with my dad possibly to and around one or more cities, but I can not remember if we spent the night in any city or not.

A second part involved me traveling with and meeting up with my mom and / or some of my brothers.

Several things happened during this part like me and some of my brothers traveling during the day by foot in a city along the side of a street, and having to pass over an area with water and dangerous sloppy makeshift bridges and structures of wood.

There were possibly some alligators and some other dangers in this area, but we crossed this area safely.

During our walk we reached a part of the city that seemed inspired by the video game Far Cry 5 and this area was like that video game, and so there was a The Project At Eden’s Gate-like cult in this area that you had to worry about and this part of the dream was video game-like.

Our plan was to walk through this area quickly and hope to not run into any cult members.

As we were passing a church on the right side of the street in a field we heard a woman screaming for help because I assumed that maybe a man was trying to rape her, I seemed to recognize this as something that happens randomly in a video game where you can help and be rewarded or just ignore, and so even though I wanted to help I felt that we should keep going because this seemed to be a video game and if we helped then the noise would probably lead to the cult attacking us.

The third part of the dream took place during the day at a fictional larger version of The E House it seemed, and me and some of my family were there.

I remember going into a large room that was like a combination of the kitchen, a bathroom, a bedroom, and something else.

I knew that my grandfather CE had been dead for years and I knew where his fictional bed was, and I slid the bed from the wall (oddly it could slide in or out the wall).

The mattress was no good because it was collapsing and any weight would make it smash like jello or something, and I remember saying this to some of my family and maybe some others who walked into the room.

I then walked to a large old durable sink-like bathtub, and I remember going to wash something with a sink sprayer thing and I remember spraying an old dead dried up cockroach (roach) down the drain before continuing to wash something.

The next thing that I remember is going to an indoor / outdoor area where a gathering was happening, and I learned that some members of a family who owned one or more businesses were going to receive some inheritance because maybe the patriarch had died.

In the distance I saw my male cousin ME standing among the crowd, he possibly saw me too but I am not sure because a woman who was possibly my great-aunt CE walked over to talk to him.

The last part of the dream involved me and some of my brothers walking on the right side of the street until we reached the area from earlier with the water and makeshift bridges and things to cross it.

It was evening or night now and as we were slowly trying to cross this dangerous area it became a swamp in what looked like the backyard of The E House, but I did not notice this change.

This time it was harder to cross, one of my brothers fell or jumped into the water, and I was worried about him because of the alligators et cetera so I told him so.

I then finally saw an alligator again so I warned my brothers and told them to hurry and to get out of the water, and as I was near an area where the fire pit should be it felt like maybe a snake bit me on my hand when I had turned to make sure that my brothers were okay.

It hurt and my hand started to feel weird and tight, and I started to get other physical reactions as I told my brothers about this while I tried to cross to the other side before I faint or get attacked by something else.

The feelings got worse and worse quickly as I tried to do this, and it felt so real that I accidentally woke up from this.

Dream 2

This dream took place during the day and I was inside my parents house inside the living room, and my brother GC was outside in the yard near the dogs.

I looked out of the window and I saw a truck drive into the field outside the fence, and a man with light-color skin with gray hair got out and he was younger than his hair color suggested.

I can not remember what he did or who he met or what happened to him, I just remember seeing a thin man with dark-color skin wearing maybe a do-rag walking into our yard, and an obese woman with medium-color skin who looked somewhat like my former female schoolmate K entered the yard too and I assumed that they were dating.

The woman was taller and much heavier and bigger than the man, I wondered who they were and what were they doing in our yard, and my brother GC was looking at them in confusion as well.

I remember trying to figure out if the woman was my former schoolmate K but they were too far away, and then it seemed that they started to play fight by the dogs but then I realized that they were really fighting each other.

My brother GC looked ready to stop it if necessary, the woman was winning, and then she punched the man and he fell on the ground; and I hoped that this was the end of the fight and that we would not have to get involved.

One of the dogs walked between them as the man was getting up, the woman leaned down toward the dog, but then the man punched her by surprise and she fell.

My brother GC moved closer ready to stop the fight if necessary, and I prepared to go outside to do the same and as I reached the back door I tried to text my parent’s using my mobile phone to warn them about the situation and for them to probably call the police.

But I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

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