A Beach Fight Between Amarna Miller & Ashlyn Rae

I had more dreams, but I can only remember part of the end of my last dream.

The circumstances and details are unclear, though, but I think that it was morning.

Maybe I woke up and wanted to go back to sleep instead of getting ready.

I was in a fictional larger bedroom with a larger bed, for some reason I remember finding or having a light-dark blue / black pistol.

I possibly put the pistol on top of a chest of drawers in the left corner of the room, past the end of the bed.

Perhaps I got back in bed, but my mom passed by the room telling me to get up and get ready.

As I was making up my bed, possibly my male cousin ME stopped by briefly, possibly wanting me to fix his laptop or something.

So perhaps he left it with me and left, and then a younger version of my brother KDC entered the bedroom and possibly went to mess with the pistol.

So I had to get the pistol and remove the loaded magazine and put it up in the chest of drawers.

I remember someone making a joke about me that possibly involved how I sleep in longer in the mornings and leave to work later than I should.

My dad was getting ready for work, and possibly left to work.

Then I remember being outside in a large, mostly empty parking lot near our apartment house or house during the morning still.

I was at the back of a truck with a closed in truck camper or whatever it is called on the back of the truck with a clear door at the back like my dad’s automobile.

This truck looked different from his and was not his.

I had the laptop on the back of this camper and I started working on it.

The laptop was probably infected with malware or something because ads and pop-up ads kept popping up annoying me sometimes.

The internet browser had a beta browser extension that was possibly Malwarebytes Browser Guard or something similar to it.

So some ads were getting through because the browser extension was still beta and maybe the ad-blocking protection was turned off.

I remember there being a variety of annoying ad types for sports, pornography, products, et cetera.

At some point, some pop-up ads locked the browser and a pornographic movie started playing that involved maybe an investigation taking place near a beach.

Ashlyn Rae was either an investigator or a journalist, and she started walking to the beach to investigate.

Amarna Miller started walking to the beach to stop Ashlyn because Amarna was the boss of an illegal drug business whose illegal drug operations were run from the beach.

Amarna walked past the others and toward the beach like a boss, and this was filmed dramatically.

They got naked somehow and for no clear reason, since this was a pornographic movie, and they continued their staged fight nude.

Amarna reached the beach and her and Ashlyn had a stare-down with Amarna looking and acting confident, and then Amarna charged at Ashlyn.

They started a slow but nicely filmed and acted staged fight scene that involved almost dance-like movements and some acrobatics and blocking and striking and grappling.

Eventually, I finally either got the browser / computer unlocked by the malicious pop-up ads.

So I was able to at least minimize the browser, or I just closed the laptop.

Then my mom walked over to tell me that maybe my dad found out that they were going to end work early today.

But I woke up.

The end,

  • John Jr

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Completed unrelated comment—–
I’ve been wanting to mention that I think my orgonite pendant has been helping to make me feel more grounded. I took it off one day because it didn’t hide well under the shirt I was wearing. Then I forgot about it. After a couple days my mind was crazier than it had been and I was kind of spinning out. Then I saw the orgonite on the counter. I put it back on and my brain settled back down before too long. I haven’t taken it off since. On the other side, it has definitely not helped with my dreams at all. I wear it night and day, I may try not wearing it at night and see if there’s a difference.

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Hello Moment,

Once again you have described something better than I could, and so thank you for sharing that.

Feeling more grounded would probably describe something that I have possibly also felt with one or more of my older orgonite pieces (but I am not sure about the new one yet though, which I am still not wearing as we see if there are any noticeable differences with my dreams et cetera) at times.

I am glad that you shared some of your experiences so far, that is definitely helpful for the experiment, and it is good to hear about a possible positive difference noticed.

My wild thoughts on this possible feeling is that maybe the possible slight piezoelectric effect of the crystals being under pressure from the resin while close enough to the body possibly slightly impacts our bodies (magnetic field / electric field / whatever), and can possibly produce this feeling and maybe one or more minor effects; but who knows.

A more minor effect like this makes more sense to me than some of the wild claims about the benefits of orgonite, but those are just my wild thoughts.

If true, then having any effect at all even this minor would be cool to me, and then at least the experiment would not be a total waste. 😉

Thank you,

-John Jr

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I think your take on why the orgonite might help with grounding makes a lot of sense. And I also agree with you that a minor adjustment like this is more believable than some of the other more outlandish claims. It’s possible the more sensitive a person is, the more they would notice changes from the orgonite. So it may impact highly sensitive people all the more.

I’d be curious, when you do start wearing an orgonite pendant again, if you wore one of the older ones instead of the new one, to take note of any changes. Since the current hypothesis is that the new one may have caused a bit more anxiety and irritability, to see if the older one does that or not.

Your dreams seem to be more scarce recently. Mine have too. I assume the reason I’ve been remembering a lot less dreams is because I have been going through some mental/emotional stuff and doing a lot of processing. My guess is that my subconscious is in overload and is really trying to sort stuff out and maybe it is too much to remember. What about you? Can you relate? Or do you think it’s just a lull in dreamtime?

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Hello Moment,

Thanks, I am glad that we agree, and I agree that some people may be more sensitive.

That sounds like a good plan to me, thank you.

Thank you for sharing that, I think that you are probably right about that, and in my case it is possibly the combination of not getting enough sleep (getting in bed too late when I have to wake up early for work) and that I am currently sleeping on 3 12-inch Spa Sensations (Zinus) green tea memory foam mattresses because some remodeling is being done in a room and everything had to be moved out until that is done so my bed is stacked to the sky and my bed feels softer but is a bit less stable and it is harder to get in and out of bed so this has impacted my sleep somewhat and I am less likely voice record my dreams when I wake up briefly because I am less likely to get out of bed now. 😀

Thank you for responding,

-John Jr

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