Fishing & John Luther Gets Blackmailed

Luther (2010)
Idris Elba in Luther (2010)
PeopleIdris Elba
© BBC 2010
Luther (2010)
Idris Elba in Luther (2010)

This dream started during a gray dream-like maybe somewhat foggy-like day, and I talked to my parents and my brothers KDC and TDC after they return from somewhere.

I go fishing to an area that my family told me about that is in the outskirts or in a nearby city in the outskirts in a forest near a road at a lake or pond.

I probably use a small boat at some point, and I see some alligators and interesting fish and maybe some porpoises and / or dolphin-like fish that I never get a clear view of and some other non-human animals.

This part of the dream was a bit surreal and cool and scary, and it was nice being out there alone on the water in a boat et cetera, even though there were some unknown larger fish or creatures moving under the water near me sometimes which was scary.

At some point I catch a large, almost pointy nose marlin-like fish, and it was bigger than any fish that I have caught in real life.

At some point I am walking away from the lake or pond to leave by automobile, but my family arrive to fish too, and I tell them about the fish that I caught et cetera.

The next thing that I remember, which possibly took place as I was leaving by automobile, is that I saw the character John Luther from the television show Luther at a nearby camp / park-like area with nice small modern cabins I guess in a forest and near the street.

Maybe me and my family were going to stay at the camp for the night after they fish, but I can not remember.

I remember overhearing Luther maybe talking to someone on his mobile phone, and Luther was being blackmailed and forced to do things by a hacker intelligence agent-like man.

Who I later learned had light-color skin with short yellow hair and wore glasses and possibly spoke with a British (English) accent of some kind.

I stayed the night at the camp, Luther is stayed there in one of the other cabins as well with either his ex-wife or near-ex wife who looked different from his wife on the television show, but she did have the same skin color and hair color and curly hair like his wife on the show.

During the evening or night the hacker meets Luther in person finally on the roof of a cabin, he threatens Luther and gives him some new orders maybe, and then the hacker leaves.

As Luther is walking back to his cabin, several attractive women wearing red hooded cloaks like Little Red Riding Hood’s cloak approach Luther and go to his cabin because the hacker had sent them romantic messages pretending to be Luther, after probably hacking his account.

This was meant as some kind of punishment and to show off his hacking skills if Luther refused to follow his orders.

Luther has to play this off and his ex-wife or near ex-wife helps him, and they come up with a some kind of sad story involving some old ugly dirty used padded equipment that was laying in the cabin for some unknown reason.

This plan works and ends any feelings or thoughts of romance, and the women buy the old padded equipment out of mercy.

After they left, the police showed up to investigate a murder that happened at a cabin, probably set up by the hacker.

The head police officer is a British man with light-color skin who is talking on a mobile phone with someone, and he is angry at Luther because he is a possible suspect and maybe a woman he knows likes Luther.

So now he is in a difficult position and is worried about the woman being heartbroken about this situation or something.

I know that it as not Luther, and I feel that the hacker did it and is trying to set Luther up.

During this dream, I forgot to mention that I was collecting some evidence of the blackmail et cetera.

So I was going to approach the head police officer and share my evidence and story with him once I organize it and gather some more.

First I was going to warn Luther and let him know this, but I woke up.

The end,

  • John Jr

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