A Layered End Of The World Lucid Dream With Demonic Meat Creatures?

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I am not sure if this was a lucid dream or not at some point, when I woke up from the dream I did not record it because I did not feel like getting out of bed or risk losing some sleep by trying to add some text notes of it on my mobile phone, so I just thought about it, and I went back to sleep so this dream is unclear now unfortunately.

This dream took place during the day and I was possibly on vacation with some of my family (my parents and some of my brothers), and I remember a place that had a small shopping mall-like / hotel-like / RV (recreational vehicle)-like place with a buffet restaurant and an outdoor field that reminded me of a combination of a large fictional field combined with the area near my aunt JE’s house and maybe the land where my dad used to have cows and a horse.

I can not remember most of the details of this dream now but there was possibly some kind of storyline going on with different dream characters having different opinions about this, and there were at least 3 major hypotheses by various dream characters and if this dream ever did go lucid it was possibly because one of these opinions / hypotheses that helped me realize that there was a possibility that this was not real.

The dream took place inside and outside this area, and there was something involving occasional creature attacks.

The appearance of the creatures varied but they were usually humanoid and often reminded me of raw meat like raw ground beef-like stuff in various alien demonic creature / monster humanoid forms combined with something like the molded and fumer from the video game Resident Evil 7: Biohazard.

Resident Evil 7: biohazard – Launch Trailer

There were at least 3 major hypotheses (maybe there were more, and I am probably forgetting one of them and / or I may have one of them wrong) that I heard from some dream characters with one involving the creatures being demonic and this involving the end of the world, a second involving the creatures really being human like maybe something was tricking us (with powers and / or technology that could warp what we see and hear) into thinking that they were creatures to get humans to kill each other until we are all dead or maybe something was turning people into the creatures but even in the dream I was not sure because the dream character who told me this (who was a man with light-color skin) never did clarify, and the third possibly involved this not being real.

The attacks were small and brief at first but grew worse over time, but the dream continued normally even with these occasional attacks.

At some point we went to the buffet / shopping mall-like area to get food, and I got lost in a maze-like area where you get in line that also led to employee areas in the back.

I accidentally went in the employee areas and I tried to find my way back, but a creature attack happened that grew worse until we had a battle outside in the field.

It was humans versus creatures, either all the humans in this area or all in the world who were left alive, and we fought wave after wave of creatures.

It started easy and from one direction but we started to get worn down as we lost more and more people because of the constant attacks from even more angles, and more and more creatures kept showing up each wave.

Things got so bad that somehow I was using dream powers at some point, so maybe the dream went lucid but I am not sure, and I could fly and float and shoot energy blasts and maybe teleport et cetera.

The dream became one of those survival dreams that wear you down, never-ending waves of enemies and hopelessness, and it seemed that humanity would die if we did not win this battle.

Flying and floating was helpful because I could see the entire battlefield which helped us better plan and respond to the changing conditions, and it helped me to avoid attacks and to attack many enemies around the battlefield.

Using powerful energy blasts took either too much energy and / or time and focus so I started not being able to shoot energy blasts no more or not that often as we got worn down by the constant waves of enemies, I flew around dodging and attacking, and I could see that we were running out of humans and were surrounded so the battle seemed lost.

I forgot to mention that this dream world had three layers that seemed to be three different dream worlds stacked on top of each other, in the sky was maybe a darker or lighter blue color that was the line you had to cross to reach the next layer or dream world, and above it was another layer or dream world.

Things got so bad as I was not able to use some of my powers that I flew in the sky to escape the first layer or dream world, but I am not sure if I went to the second or third layer or dream world.

I just know that you could slightly see into each layer or dream world, and so I was able to look down below through windows to see the battle field below.

The layer or dream world that I went into was a RV-like / hotel-like building so it was narrow but large with different rooms, I thought that I was safe, but soon creatures started to attack.

I probably could not use energy blasts much or at all so I flew around dodging and fighting them, and then some tall creatures blocked my path because they were tall enough to reach the low ceilings.

I tried to avoid them but at some point I had to try to attack them without my powers probably, and I probably woke up because of this.

But that is all that I can remember now.

The end,

  • John Jr

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