New Neighbors Moving Into The Abandoned House & Messing With Stuff

This dream took place during the day and I was at my parents house, and some of my family was there like my mom and my brother GC.

The house was possibly slightly fictional, and I remember looking outside a window and I noticed that some new neighbors seemed to be moving into the abandoned house.

I saw a woman, man, and several children (probably mostly or all boys) with light-color skin.

At some point my brother GC and I were in a room, GC was doing something in one part of the room, and I was listening to the Pauline Croze song Fièvre while doing something else (maybe playing a video game or working on something while waiting for a cartoon television block to start playing on a fictional television channel while maybe talking to GC).

Outside the window there is a television on a cart or something in the yard next to the formerly abandoned house, and the new children moving into the house next door went into this yard with at least one dog.

They started messing with stuff in the yard, they brought stuff into the yard, and they turned the television on in the yard and maybe some kind of maybe demonic-looking cartoon was playing or something.

The children seemed like the type who were going to be a bit annoying and would probably enter your yard and mess with stuff without permission like they were already doing in the abandoned property next door to them.

They seemed to be the type of children that liked to play in the outdoors, which is good, but they were probably going to be a bit of a problem and it seemed that their parents or whoever would probably never be watching them.

At some point they possibly started trying to mess with stuff in our alleyway, and so I probably had to walk outside and say something or signal something to them.

At some point they left and they left the television on in the other abandoned yard.

I returned inside to start watching cartoons while talking to GC, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

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