A Meeting & Loona Luxx & A Sorcerer Tries To Summon The Devil

This dream took place during the day at a somewhat larger slightly fictional version of my parents house that had a larger dining room and kitchen, and I remember being inside the house.

My mom told me that my male cousin DE was supposed to be coming over soon to meet with one or more people from either the government or an organization that could possibly help him with something, and so it seemed that they would have the meeting at our house oddly.

I did not want to be around for this so I was going to walk around outside, but as I approached the back door window I saw two men wearing wave caps having what looked like boxing sparring match without gloves outside the back door where I normally walk every day so I did not go outside.

I saw the two men from behind and I assumed that it was my male cousins ME and DE, my dad was raking leaves but he did not see them at first, and when he saw them he told them to stop so maybe they were really fighting.

When the two men turned around I saw that I did not recognize them so they were not my cousins, one had medium-color skin and the other had dark-color skin, I locked the door and then I turned around to walk to another room when I heard them trying to open the door until they realized that it was locked so I was glad that I locked it because I did not want even more unknown people in the house.

I walked to the kitchen to do something quickly so that I could go to another room to avoid the people coming for the meeting, but before I could finish my mom walked to the front door to open it to let in some of the people for the meeting.

They all had light-color skin, two women entered first with one woman being a short somewhat older woman, and the other woman was younger and slightly taller than her and was overweight and had long yellow hair in somewhat of a ponytail and she appeared to possibly have Down Syndrome.

Two men were about to enter next and they saw me through the window through a fictional open shelf-like thing, and I heard them say: “Woah, is that Vin Diesel?” and I smiled and laughed, and then when they entered I said no and they told me that I looked like him for a second there.

There may have been a few more people but I can not remember, and then Loona Luxx entered the house with a terrible short bowl-like hairstyle and she was with a somewhat older woman wearing glasses with light-color skin with medium-length straight hair whose hairstyle and clothing et cetera reminded me of a French fashion designer / artist or something.

The woman seemed to be Loona’s manager or something, and Loona’s stomach was poking out like she was pregnant and / or bigger or something; and Loona possibly had a baby with her, but I can not remember.

Loona possibly explained this but I can not remember, it seemed that Loona was possibly there to try to get some help from the government or organization as well, but I do not think that my male cousin DE had shown up yet so Loona was talking to them about her situation.

Loona was struggling and needed financial help and possibly help with her children if she had any or if she was pregnant because the father was not helping in any way if there was one et cetera, she said that she was 4 million dollars in debt because of someone else, and she looked at her assumed manager like it was her fault.

I am not sure when this happened in the dream but there was something else that possibly was happening at the same time to the right of the meeting where some animated characters who were animated in the style of the animated television show Afro Samurai were talking.

The animated characters that I remember seeing all had dark-color skin with black hair, there were at least two men talking and one was the leader of a tribe / faction and another man was talking to him about his concerns about another tribe / faction trying to take the leader’s tribe / faction out, but the leader did not think that this was likely.

The other animated man reminded him that his tribe / faction was the largest, and that made them a target because of jealousy and others wanting to be at the top et cetera; but the leader told him not to worry, and then maybe the focus of the dream went back to the meeting.

After talking with the government or organization members Loona walked down the same hallway that I was walking down, and she went into a room on the right side where there was a man with light-color skin who seemed to be maybe an unlicensed doctor or something like she was about to have an illegal surgery (an abortion maybe, but I have no idea); and I stood outside the room looking and listening and wondering what was going on.

The man had some metal surgical tools on a metal plate in some liquid that he said was bleach water, and he told Loona that he was sterilizing them and that it would take about an hour and Loona was not happy about this but the man said that he would not do the surgery until the tools were sterilized so she would have to wait.

He then started to ask her some questions that would help him determine any medical risks et cetera, one question was about whether she had any diseases or anything, but Loona did not want to answer this at first but she then admitted that she had something (she did not say what it was, but I assumed that it was a STD / STI (sexually transmitted disease) but it is only a problem when it flars up so it should not be a problem because it was not flaring up at this time so it probably would not be contagious at this time but it would be during a flare up.

He asked what it was but Loona would not say, and she told him that it was all in some paperwork that she had laying in the room and she pointed to it.

I forgot to mention that Loona was laying on maybe an operating table during this, after his questions the man possibly left, and then Loona moved to a bed that was in the room.

Either another man entered the room or the other man’s appearance slightly changed to where he was younger and had short black hair, he possibly said something to Loona, and then he started doing something and it seemed that he was summoning something using a ritual and / or spell.

Loona stood up on the bed wearing a bikini or underwear instead of the clothes that she had on earlier and oddly her stomach was not poking out anymore, and her hair was longer again and was in a different hairstyle now oddly.

Suddenly black mirror-like barrier-like portal-like stuff started to cover pictures / paintings on the walls, and it even blocked the door so that no one could enter or leave the room and I was in the room and oddly no one acknowledged my existence in the dream after those two men thought that I was Vin Diesel.

Loona asked the man what he was doing and he said that he was summoning The Devil, I guess he wanted to make a deal with The Devil to help Loona with something, but Loona told him to stop and that this was crazy.

The man told her that it was too late at this point and he said what do you expect when you are with or in a house of sorcerers or ask for a sorcerer’s help or something like that, but it was not clear if it really was too late or if he just did not want to stop because the other sorcerers would be disappointed in him.

Loona was scared and wanted to run but the black mirror barrier portal-like stuff was blocking the door opening, and the sorcerer looked afraid at this point too now that they were trapped.

I can not remember but maybe an object or entity or something started to show in the black stuff covering certain things and maybe a male demonic-like voice started to talk, I wondered if it was The Devil and the others got even more afraid, and then we were transported or pulled into its / his dimension or whatever.

We seemed to be in a surreal place that was possibly up high like we were in a sky and that did not follow the natural laws of our universe, there were possibly some floating objects and maybe we were standing on a floating floor or nothing, but I can not remember any details but there is a possibility of me seeing purple / black / et cetera colors and the look was possibly similar to the black mirror barrier portal-like stuff but lighter and a void that was its own small world.

At first Loona looked like a painting with a surreal impressionist whatever style painting on it with maybe a background and a distorted looking person and face that was sagging like it was melting, and she had to slide at first because she was a painting without legs.

A small entity that some people would describe as demonic and that looked like a little stereotype of a devil with a male voice started talking to us, it may have had tiny wings and horns and sharp teeth and a tail but I can not remember but I think that it was a reddish color, and at first it was hiding behind something that was floating.

It was trying to scare us and we assumed that it was The Devil at first until the sorcerer realized that it was not, the entity was talking about his future plans for Loona et cetera, but then the sorcerer told him to shut up once he realized who he was and the sorcerer called the entity by his name and the sorcerer cast a spell to turn Loona back to herself.

The sorcerer asked the entity where his master was (who was The Devil I assume).

The entity said that he was not here right now so the sorcerer told him to go get him, the entity probably refused and said that he would show up eventually, and so the sorcerer told the entity to give his master the messaged and he hit the entity with a spell that splattered him in pieces.

I can not remember what happened, I just remember being back in the house, and the meeting was over so they were gone.

Then the dream jumped to a barren place with dirt that was so dry and hard that it was cracked so I guess it was a desert now, and the animated characters from earlier were waking up from unconsciousness on the ground.

They suspected that they had been betrayed and attacked by another tribe / faction, and then left in this desert or wasteland to die but I am not sure if the rest of their tribe / faction was alive or not.

I wondered if some of the people at the meeting were involved with this or not, but I woke up.

The end,

  • John Jr

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