Roger Federer Will Be Banned From Wimbledon?

Dream 1

I can not remember most of this dream now, it involved a dream character, probably male, being involved in various repeating dream scenes and / or themes and / or something like that.

Dream 2

This dream possibly involved me watching television and I remember seeing a parody skit involving several actresses playing various characters played by the actress Rachael Harris and Mrs. Harris was there too.

One of the characters was named Felicity, but I can not remember the other characters.

Ruth Wilson played one character, and she was wearing a medium-length black wig.

Tricia Helfer was playing a character, and one or more other actresses were playing the other characters.

The parody skit was so popular that they got their own television show or episode or movie or something, and it was more like a musical where they went partying together and were singing and dancing.

I remember Mrs. Harris getting drunk and was getting a bit wild and was having fun, and this all reminded me of something from an episode of Lucifer (Season 3).

I changed the channel and on another channel I saw Roger Federer and his male opponent and a male umpire (official) standing on a tennis court at what was probably Wimbledon.

Mr. Federer was wearing a headband, he had patches of hair that were mostly missing, like someone had cut random parts of his hair with hair clippers and left the rest.

The official was telling Mr. Federer that he had won the championship at Wimbledon too many times.

So if he were to try to play in this championship again in the future, that his application to enter the tournament would probably be declined automatically.

Mr. Federer was shocked and surprised and confused and annoyed, and he tried to say something, but the official told him to let him finish.

The official told Mr. Federer that he was lucky that they were letting him play in the tournament this time.

Then the official started to walk away without finishing what he was going to say and without letting Mr. Federer talk.

But I woke up and there was a Pauline Croze song playing in my mind that possibly played in this dream at some point.

It was either the song Tu Es Partout or Tu M’balades, but I can not remember which one of those it was now.

Pauline Croze – Tu es partout – Clip officiel
Pauline Croze – Tu me ballades

The end,

  • John Jr

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