Ghost In The Shell: Stand Alone Complex 2nd GIG Kazundo Gouda Tribute Anime Music Video Project (Preview) By John Jr

What is it?

Years ago before I gave up on making or uploading videos to YouTube and right before YouTube deleted my channel without warning, I started working on my biggest video project ever, but I stopped at the very early stages.

Here is the only video from that never completed project that I barely got to start, so it is super incomplete and lacks 90-something % of the content and editing:

GITS S.A.C 2ND GIG Kazundo Gouda Tribute Video Project (Preview)

What is it about?

The idea was to make a tribute anime music video (AMV) for the character Kazundo Gouda from the anime (animated) television show Ghost In The Shell: Stand Alone Complex 2nd GIG (GITS S.A.C 2ND GIG) to the song The Beginning Is The End Is The Beginning by The Smashing Pumpkins using Windows Movie Maker (which is what I made my videos with).

The Beginning Is The End Is The Beginning (Batman & Robin Soundtrack Version)
Smashing Pumpkins -The Beginning Is the End Is the Beginning

I was going to use video clips from every scene that Kazundo Gouda was in, and I was going to keep it in chronological order.

I was going to edit it to fit the length of the song and to hopefully go with the song well enough while still giving you an overview of his role in the show.

My Thoughts

But I never did get to get far into the project because YouTube deleted my YouTube account without warning.

Possibly because of two strikes that I suddenly got without warning on one video of a live performance on Taratata by Pauline Croze.

It was one of her songs that I had uploaded, even though I clearly credited the source, I was not monetizing my channel or videos.

I was simply creating a Pauline Croze video archive to help promote and preserve her music.

Because her record label and official website et cetera were not, and they never did respond to my messages asking for permission to do this or to volunteer to do this for them.

When YouTube deleted my channel without warning or official reason, I lost almost everything, and they never responded to my appeal or messages.

This discouraged and angered me so much that I stopped trying to make videos, and that creative endeavor was squashed until this day.

The end,

  • John Jr

5 replies on “Ghost In The Shell: Stand Alone Complex 2nd GIG Kazundo Gouda Tribute Anime Music Video Project (Preview) By John Jr”

Sucks that your channel got deleted. It’s very easy for channels to get taken down on bogus claims and the worst thing is that YouTube is impossible to contact unless you are someone with tons of subscribers.

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Hello The Otaku Judge,

Yeah, and this happened to me years ago so things are even more different now.

Back then I even tried to do what I could to reduce this risk by always citing my sources, removing any video that got content IDed, et cetera but none of that was enough to save my channel so I lost everything (messages, followers, videos, subscriptions, favorites, playlists, watch later, et cetera).

Thank you for commenting,
-John Jr

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