On A Victory Walk With Hillary Clinton

This dream took place during the day in a LC-like city, and I was inside a shopping mall-like place where Hillary Clinton was having a victory celebration / party / parade / walk / whatever.

I can not remember what it was for (probably an election) but I do not think that she had won yet, Mrs. Clinton and her supporters and the media were confident that she would win, and so she was having a victory celebration early and her opponent was probably having a victory party somewhere else as well.

There were many people there, the media was there, and The United States Secret Service and the police were handling the security.

There was a long raised runway / walkway / platform / stage that went across the building, I am not sure if Mrs. Clinton gave a speech or not, but I remember her smiling and waving et cetera at the crowd as she walked along the runway looking happy.

At some point I joined her like maybe I was invited or something, I can not remember if anyone else walked with us at first or not (besides security at some point), and we walked along the runway that went across the building past the crowds of people.

There were symbolic things that I saw along the way, but I can not remember what those things were or what they symbolized.

Me and Mrs. Clinton possibly talked a bit as we walked, and at some point we reached the outside and we continued walking along a route on the right side of the street on the way out of the city.

Security walked with us and drove along the street and we passed various people along this route, not many people were along the outside route, and most of them were VIPs.

One of the VIPs I remember seeing was Bill Clinton.

At some point we needed to cross the highway so some United States Secret Service agents drove us across it in a black SUV until we reached the bridge near the Motel 6, and then we walked along the right side of the bridge.

Sitting at one or more tables on a hill next to the right side of the bridge were some businessmen talking about the economy and business and real estate and business tricks et cetera, and they talked about how they had recently used some business tricks / loopholes et cetera to gain profit on some previously unprofitable land when they had debt.

Something had happened recently in the economy where people who were new to real estate / business / et cetera had bought their unprofitable land, there was another change in the economy that led to those same buyers being forced to sell the land back to them, and this time the original owners made a profit on it and got their land back and they explained how this all worked.

The businessmen seemed proud and happy with themselves for knowing the system so well and being experienced in business and business tricks and cheating the system, and they explained how and why the new people had failed.

Someone asked them what if Mrs. Clinton does not win, and they responded that it did not matter who wins because they (the business people et cetera who know the system and know how to play / game / cheat / manipulate / control / et cetera the system et cetera) would win regardless of who wins.

The next thing that I remember is arriving at my parents house, and I entered the bathroom to maybe use it but my dad was sitting on the toilet defecating so I briefly talk to him and then he finishes and leaves.

I walk to the toilet to clean off the seat before using it when I notice some feces on the toilet, which was disgusting, and so I start to clean it up but I woke up suddenly.

In the real world I woke up feeling like something was not right, and then my stomach started bubbling and bothering me like something I ate was bothering it and that I might get diarrhea so I went to use the bathroom.

The end,

-John Jr

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“Someone asked them what if Mrs. Clinton does not win, and they responded that it did not matter who wins because they (the business people et cetera who know the system and know how to play / game / cheat / manipulate / control / et cetera the system et cetera) would win regardless of who wins.”
Unfortunately this part of your dream is pretty much right on and I’m surprised to see it in your dream. Something so on point. Were you taking politics recently?

I haven’t been dreaming much and have had a lot of positive things going on in my life recently so the blog has kind of taken a back seat. I still enjoy reading your dreams though!

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Hello Moment,

I agree, I was somewhat surprised by that as well, and I am not sure why I have had politically symbolic dreams the last three nights in a row (I still have to type my dreams from last night, but the last one was that way as well).

I was wondering about that, thank you for letting me know, I am glad that a lot positive things are going on in your life at this time; and I hope that you will get back in the dream game as well again because it is not the same without you, but it does give me a chance to hopefully have a lucid dream again and get the trophy back. 😉

Thank you for continuing to read my dreams and for commenting 🙂 ,
-John Jr


Wow the nights in a row, that’s interesting.

Thank you. I’ve still been recording my dreams, but they are scarce. I do have a couple things I would like to post if I ever find the find to write them.

Yes, you never had your pyramid attempt with a lucid dream. I think the study is over now, but I would still be curious as to what you woukd would experience.

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Hello Moment,

The politically symbolic dreams every day possibly ended last night when I slept on the couch and never got up to get in bed, and so I failed to record my dreams because I did not get up each time that I woke up so I only remember part of the end of my last dream.

That is good that you have been recording your dreams somewhere in case you decide to type them later.

Yeah, I missed out on the dream study, but I am also curious to see what I might experience so I hope that I will remember it among my lucid dream goals.

Thank you for commenting,
-John Jr

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