A Detective Puppet’s Booby Trap?

I remembered several dreams and even thought about how to record them, but I went back to sleep without recording them, so now I can only remember part of the end of my last dream.

This dream was possibly inspired by the trailer for The Happytime Murders movie.

THE HAPPYTIME MURDERS Official Trailer (2018)

All that I can remember of the end of this dream is that I was inside a dimly lit building / house-like place that was probably one-story with various hallways and rooms and a garage.

In this dream there were humans and puppets who could walk and talk et cetera like they were alive or something, and a short male detective-like puppet wearing a trench coat and fedora was probably trying to stop a human and puppet gang / group led by a human woman with dark-color skin with black hair who somewhat reminded me of my former female dentist Dr. VB.

Maybe the detective-like puppet was investigating them, maybe they murdered some of his friends, but I am not sure, and I guess they found out that he was inside their building / house, so the leader told her group / gang to kill him.

The detective-like puppet sneaked around the building avoiding them and possibly escaped, but I am not sure, I just remember walking down a hallway when the leader and a male puppet and a male human walked down the same hallway, but they ignored me, and I was not with them, and they found clues that the detective-like puppet had intentionally left it seemed.

It seemed to be a message and a booby trap, so I stayed back and the male puppet and the man cautiously looked around for traps et cetera, but the leader walked forward to examine the clues that were outside the door to the garage past the opening to a hallway on the left side that had a bathroom on the right side at the entrance of that hallway.

The leader seemed to really want the detective-like puppet killed, she did not seem to like that he was challenging her authority / property and evading them, and maybe she was afraid that he would gather enough evidence to bring her and her human and puppet gang / group to justice, and the message / assumed booby trap seemed to be designed in a way that would attract the leader and make her overconfident that she could avoid triggering the trap.

I remember telling the male puppet and male human that it was not a good idea for the leader or anyone to be messing around the assumed booby trap, and they agreed, and so we told the leader this several times, but she was confident that she would figure out the booby trap so that she could avoid triggering it and so that she could disable it.

The leader walked completely through the assumed booby trap / message, nothing happened, and so the leader became even more overconfident after telling us that she told us so, and she continued examining the assumed booby trap / message as we stood back.

I had nothing to do with this and wanted nothing to do with this, so I walked past the leader and into the garage to try to find a way out the building before she triggers the trap, inside the garage was an automobile and various tools on the shelves et cetera, and I heard the leader and the others talking and them once again recommending that she leave the booby trap alone, but she would not listen.

Before I could find a way out I heard a sound like she had triggered the trap, I heard the male puppet and the male human say that they should take cover in a room nearby, and I took cover behind the automobile.

I think that I heard the leader say that nothing happened and that maybe there was not a booby trap at all or maybe there was another booby trap somewhere, and she probably made fun of the others for taking cover.

Then I heard and felt a loud and deep and powerful explosion that sounded like it should have destroyed the walls and possibly killed me too, but to my surprise it did not.

I assumed that the leader was dead and that maybe the others had survived, but I woke up before I could check.

The end,

  • John Jr

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