Lucifer (Season 3) | Bonus Episodes: Boo Normal & Once Upon A Time

What is it?

Season 3 of the American fantasy police procedural comedy-drama television show Lucifer.

Season 3 Trailer

LUCIFER Season 3 TRAILER Comic Con (2017) Fox Series

Boo Normal Bonus Episode Scene

Ella Is Visited By An Old Friend | Season 3 Ep. 25 | LUCIFER

Once Upon A Time Bonus Episode Scene

Chloe & Lucifer Become Strangers | Season 3 Ep. 26 | LUCIFER

What is it about?

This is how Rotten Tomatoes describes this television show:

Season 3 of the drama series picks up right where the previous season ended: Lucifer (Tom Ellis) wakes up in the middle of the desert with his wings, and later asks Chloe (Lauren German) for help to find out what happened to him.

As the season progresses, Lucifer goes to great lengths to figure out who kidnapped him and why, while also helping the LAPD solve cases that include murdered comedians, serial killers, and death in a casino.

Meanwhile, Amenadiel (D.B. Woodside) tries to adjust to his new life; and Maze (Lesley-Ann Brandt) discovers that being a bounty hunter might not be enough for her anymore.

First Look: He’s Back And More Devilish Than Ever | Season 3 | LUCIFER

What do I like about it and what would other people like about it?

I like that this show is over and that the cast seemed comfortable in their roles and with each other, and I think that other people will like that as well.


My Thoughts

I think that this television show did need to end, and I am glad that it got cancelled, and if it returns I hope that they will get someone else to make it so that it can be done better.

I liked the television show Dominion better than Lucifer, unfortunately it got cancelled earlier than Lucifer did, and both shows would be better if a better television network and film crew were to make them instead.

It was clear to my brother GC and me that this show was not really going anywhere and was mostly a waste of time, they would try to tease something here or there to try to get you to keep watching, but it was clear that they really did not have anything and were not going to explain or expand the lore much at all and that they had a comfortable formula that they followed to barely keep the show going.

Why Lucifer Was Canceled – IGN News

The end,

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