Making A Decision?

I got in bed too late and I woke up to use the bathroom one or two times without recording my dreams, and so I can only remember barely part of one dream that was probably inspired by my female coworker MA asking us what our favorite song was.

I do not really have a favorite song at this time so I was trying to think about this over the weekend and before I went to sleep, and so maybe I dreamed about this and / or I had a dream where a woman possibly wanted us to make a decision and pick something and then maybe she or we would pick one of the things chosen by the others or something.

I remember a woman, thinking, maybe trying to make a decision, making a decision, and then maybe walking around looking at other people choices.

Maybe I was choosing between the songs Mise À Nu and Jeunesse Affamée and Larmes and / or the album Pauline Croze by Pauline Croze and / or something else, but I can not remember.

Mise À Nu

Jeunesse Affamée


Pauline Croze Album

But that is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

-John Jr

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