An Israeli (Jewish) Ritual Versus An Indian (Hindu) Ritual?

This dream started inside a one-story house where an Israeli (possibly Jewish) family (grandmother, mother, young daughter, and maybe a few others) with light-color skin lived, I am not sure if I was in the dream or not, either way no one was acknowledging my existence at this point if I was in the dream at this point.

The family seemed to be preparing something and were walking to a room, they had at least two Indian (India) servants (a grandmother or elderly mother and maybe her adult granddaughter or daughter) with medium-color skin, and the servants were in a room on a break it seemed so maybe the older servant was sleeping while the younger one seemed to be sitting on the floor in a cross-legged position like she was meditating or praying or something.

The family went into a room and closed the door and sat down, they seemed angry about something, and they started what seemed to be a Israeli (Jewish) ritual or something that was being made to attack or trap or kill or whatever the servants.

The young daughter was angry at the servants for some unknown reason, and so they were going to use this ritual or whatever against the servants.

They waited for the servants to take a break so that they could use the ritual on them while they were sleeping and / or while they had their guards down, and so this was a stealth attack.

I am not sure if they were invoking a god or deity or deities and / or ancestors in this ritual.

I or my view moved to the room that the servants were in, the older servant was on a bed, and the younger servant was still sitting motionless and cross-legged on the ground.

I then realized that the younger servant somehow knew about the ritual that was being set up against them, and so she was doing her own Indian (possibly Hindu) ritual to probably defend against the Israeli (Jewish) ritual so she was probably praying and / or meditating and / or something like that.

I am not sure if she was invoking a deity or deities and / or ancestors.

So now both sides were setting up a ritual.

I or my view moved outside the house, it looked like it was maybe mid-sunset, and this was an island and the house was near a street that was near a sidewalk or boardwalk near the water and maybe barely part of a beach; and it looked nice.

I saw some people on bicycles, people walking, people driving, parked automobiles, shops, et cetera.

I walked across the street to the sidewalk or boardwalk for a better view of the water, and then I saw a man who looked like Bill Murray who started a conversation with me.

Mr. Murray told me that this island used to belong to India, he pointed to India in the distance and you could actually see it, but Israel had invaded the island with its military and occupied the island.

They did this without warning or reason, and it seemed that they did it so that they could have an island to escape to if their country was ever defeated or lost control of the land that they conquered.

I guess India did not try to fight back and maybe chose to try to get the land back diplomatically, but that had failed so far because the international community did not seem to care that much so Israel still controlled the island and many of the Israelis who lives there now had Indian servants.

This situation sounded messed up, the view was nice though, and I looked around enjoying the view but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

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