An Unstable Lucid Dream During A Work Trip

Source: Wikimedia Commons

I went to sleep on the couch for maybe two hours, I woke up without recording any dreams and I stayed up another two hours or so, and I went to sleep in bed.

I woke up from some dreams and a lucid dream, I somehow went back to sleep without voice recording them, I had a variety of dreams and woke up and went back to sleep several times after that, and at some point I woke up from a dream remembering part of the lucid dream from earlier and I started trying to remember it while sacrificing my memory of my other dreams except for part of my last dream.

Dream 1

This was possibly a dream within a dream that became lucid or I possibly woke up from it into another dream or I woke up and then had another dream right after it where one or more of the previous dreams were referenced.

At some point during this dream I was inside a maybe windowless room in a line with some of my coworkers, and we seemed to be maybe just arriving at a hotel for our library work trip in the city of NO that we will be taking very very soon for 5 days (so I may not be able to type my dreams et cetera during most of that week) .

We were all excited and I guess we were about to check into the hotel, then I started to realize that it was not really time for our work trip yet, there was a cloudiness blocking my ability to think but I was slowly starting to lift it a bit.

Then out-loud I said: “How are we on our work trip already, it is not time for it yet, wait a minute… This is a dream!”.

I was excited and I immediately wanted to tell my new female coworker J and maybe the others that this was a dream, but as I rushed to do this the dream was clearly unstable and I felt that I was losing it fast so I started to spin around with my eyes open and while rubbing my hands together.

This helped but my dream was still not completely stable, but it was stable enough to keep going.

The first dream goal that came to my mind was to ask the dream world / my subconscious a question, and maybe I asked it: if there was anything that it wanted to teach me or show me or help me with or improve?

I am not sure if it responded or not, it is possible that some dream characters started to respond but I am not sure, and then I asked a more defined question by asking it: if there was anything that it could do to help me with my problems with anxiety, is it possible to fix this from the dream world or something?

A male dream character with light-color skin, I am not sure if he appeared or if he was already there or if a dream character shapeshifted into him, started to respond to my question in a way that seemed that it would be profound.

I can not remember what he said but it was starting well and I even responded to him trying to clarify the profound but unclear / cryptic responses that he was giving to me, but I could feel the instability of the dream world still and maybe it was increasing which then seemed to make the dream character start to act crazy and his responses became unstable and he started attacking me for no reason.

I probably should have tried to stabilize the dream again before things got crazy but I did not, the man would not obey my verbal commands so I had to fight him off, but I can not remember if I killed him or not.

I just know that all the dream characters started attacking me, and so I fought them and I started using some dream powers like flying and levitating and dodging with my mind and other dream powers like various attacks that I can not remember.

The dream was so unstable that using my attack powers was getting too hard and this was wasting too much time, and so I started to fly away and I tried to do some other things.

I can not remember what else I did or if I got to try any other lucid dreaming goals or not, I just know that this unstable lucid dream lasted longer than I had expected, and it probably collapsed either when I could not fly high enough to avoid fighting or when maybe one or more of the dream characters possibly started to fly and attack me but I can not remember.

I just know that the dream collapsed and I woke up.

Dream 2

This dream is unclear and I possibly woke up and went back into the dream several times or dreams within dreams were involved or several back-to-back dreams that referenced previous dreams and / or each other happened.

I am not sure where or when this happened or any other details, I just remember Uma Thurman or a woman like her and maybe we talked, and maybe one or more previous dreams were mentioned.

Next I remember being at a slightly fictional version of my parents house during maybe the night, and my female coworker MA and her son showed up and possibly ended up spending the night.

The next morning I remember laying on a portable bed in the living room, and MA and her son entered the room.

I let them know that I was not sleep anymore and I started talking to them, maybe about one or more of my previous dreams, and then I got up and I went to a fictional bedroom that was connected to maybe a screened porch and I had a view to the outside of the yard near the automobiles and I could see the front yard and house of our neighbor Mr. RD.

I was maybe making up the bed and / or something when I noticed a large delivery truck in the yard of Mr. RD, and I saw two men wearing hard hats near it.

Then my dad drove up in our yard in his work truck, and then I noticed a long line of horseback riders wearing matching blue and white upper class-like and / or sport-like horse riding clothes and horse riding helmets who were lined up in Mr. RD’s yard all the way back along the street going back near the dead-end sign.

I wondered what was going on, I did not have privacy because of the windows, and so I tried to duck down while I finished cleaning or whatever.

Then I heard my dad talking to one or more people on the fictional screened porch connected to my room by a door, and then a Fred Rogers-like man with light-color skin (it was not him) entered the room that I was in.

Magically a small library was connected to this room now, we started talking as we looked at some short bookshelves, and I noticed some library receipts / printouts from when patrons checkout items that were either in a book or were on a shelf so I picked them up.

The printed text was clear and there were some initials written at the top of several of them, one was from the year 2013 and one from 2015 and one from 2016 and I am not sure about the others but at least one may have been from 2018, and I remember telling the man these printouts should have been noticed by whoever checked in the items and / or shelved them.

I started to state my hypotheses about what may have happened and I told him that I worked at a library as a shelver, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr