My Coworker TR Moving Into A House And Weighing Myself?

I had more dreams but I did not record them, and so now I can only remember part of the end of my last dream.

The dream possibly took place during the day and I was inside a house that my female coworker TR seemed to be moving into, and it seemed that me and my dad and someone else (possibly her husband Mr. R) were helping her move in.

I think that my dad had hooked up the natural gas line for the kitchen stove, and so maybe we were testing it out, and they had a pot on top of the stove that had some epsom salt-looking stuff in it that they were heating to test out the stove and check for possible gas leaks (which I did not think was a good idea, so I said so, and I probably turned it off after it was clearly heating and there was only a slight gas smell that was possibly caused by it turning on for the first time).

We were in the kitchen that also had a dining room inside it, we were talking, and I remember weighing myself on a digital bathroom scale that looked like the one that I bought years ago that my brothers KDC and TDC use now.

For some reason my weight would often so up in the 150-something pounds range which did not make sense, I have not been that lightweight in years, and so I kept weighing myself with slightly different results sometimes (maybe it showed a more believable results a few times).

I even checked my body fat reading but I did not take my socks off like you are supposed to, and it showed my body fat at 60-something % which makes no sense because I have never even been obese or ever close to having that much body fat, so I kept checking the readings several times.

While I was doing this my coworker TR started complaining to someone about how my uncle WC had messed up a small pop-out driver’s side window on her automobile that he was supposed to be fixing for her, she said that he sprayed something on it or something, and then he never finished working on it, and so it makes noise now and maybe something else was wrong with it and my uncle WC had not finished the job or contacted her since then.

I told TR that was messed up, and I wondered if there was anything that we could do to help or to get my uncle WC to finish the job.

I either saw what she was talking about in my mind or her vehicle was in the house or her vehicle was in a garage across from the bathroom where I could see it, my dad had possibly hooked up a natural gas line to a heater in the bathroom, and so I went to test it and check it for leaks.

My brother GC entered the kitchen complaining about smelling natural gas, I told him that it was probably the stove from when we tested it, and that I did not think that there were any leaks but that we should do some more tests to be sure.

But I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

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