A European Titanic Sinclair-Like Man

I am Happy and Sad

At some point in this dream I remember being on the upper floor of a building during the day that somewhat reminded me of the D High School combined with another building, and something was going on that seemed to possibly be connected with my upcoming work trip and maybe something school or college related; and I was there in a room with some of my coworkers taking group photographs and photographs.

At some point me and my supervisor Mrs. JM and my female coworker MA were taking photographs together, and at some point they had me making some poses on a bed or daybed or something and I remember my supervisor Mrs. JM talking / thinking out-loud about me and one thing that she said was something like: “Why am I looking at John or John Jr’s nipples?” and “Am I being weird? Yes, stop being weird, am I talking out-loud? Now that is weird, stop it.”.

After taking photographs me and my coworker MA walked into the hallway in a corner area that reminded me of the second floor of the D High School where Coach G’s class used to be, there were some window-like things there that we looked out of as we started to talk, and I remember MA bringing up the topic of me and dating and sex.

She probably said that we need to find someone for me to date and / or have sex with because I am one of the few people they knew who has not done either, for some reason she limited my options to only those she knew that had not dated and / or had sex either, and she possibly partly joked about my only other option being my former male classmate KW (and maybe one other person, but she possibly partly dismissed the other person for some unknown reason).

I was confused by this and I asked her if she thought that my sexual orientation was homosexual, she said yes, and so I told her that she was wrong and that my sexual orientation was heterosexual and has always been in the real world and my dreams and my daydreams and my thoughts.

I asked her if she had thought that all this time that she has known me and why did she think that, she said yes, and I think that she said that even though nothing about me seems homosexual she just considered it a possibility because she never heard of me having a girlfriend or anything since I started working at The BP Library with her.

I remember thinking about this, I was not sure if she was only partly joking or if she was completely joking, and I then assumed that maybe another reason she mentioned KW was because in her mind there were only two options of the people she knew who had not had sex and / or dated yet.

I am not sure if she completely believed me or not, and the next thing that I remember is being outside and the dream became video game-like where I was possibly controlling a male dream character with light-color skin and it reminded of a Grand Theft Auto-like video game.

I remember the video game character driving very fast in a convertible sports car in what looked a lot like M Street in the city of LC, and his car was bouncing impossibly high in the air as he drove wildly.

At some point his car flew off a bridge or something when his car jumped too high and it fell on the ground below, the impact was so hard that it sent him flying out of the car and done a slope, and he landed next to a barely clothed woman with light-color skin who was possibly working as a prostitute.

His health was almost completely gone and before he could get up the woman hit him which took away all his health so he died, he spawned inside a small mostly glass building nearby where there was someone who could help heal him, and maybe I as the player had to press button on my video game controller to speed up the healing.

After this I entered this building myself and I was no longer controlling the dream character, the building had an interesting European-like style to it and I remember wondering if the style would be considered Swiss Design.

Several people happened to be walking in the same direction as me so we walked and talked together, and one of them seemed like a maybe Swedish or Swiss version of Titanic Sinclair with an accent like PewDiePie and somewhat of a personality of an artist version of the animated character Edna Mode from the movie The Incredibles (which I watched last night).

I remember the European Titanic Sinclair-like man correcting me about the building possibly having a Swiss Design-like style (I really meant Scandinavian Design, but I did not know that is what it was called), he told me that was incorrect, and that the colors were too bright and vibrant and he went into detail about why I was wrong and what Swiss Design is and how they both compare.

He really knew what he was talking about it seemed, and at some point we reached a place that looked like The E House combined with a shopping mall and maybe something else, and I remember us going inside and possibly going up an escalator but I can not remember.

Music was playing inside the building it sounded like it was possibly the song Bleach Blonde Baby by Poppy, and so I mentioned this to them.

Poppy – Bleach Blonde Baby (Official Video)

The European Titanic Sinclair-like man told me that he met Poppy before and he said some negative things about her like: she was disappointing, hot air, vapid, et cetera; and he told me the story about when he met her.

But I woke up.

The end,

  • John Jr

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