Did I Dream?

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I am not even sure if I dreamed or slept really last.

I have done much better than expected so far on the work trip, good even, but oddly the aniexty hit me when it was time to sleep because I could not sleep really.

I felt just an anxiety boost of energy that seems to run on pure anxiety, and so I just laid in bed with my eye closed tossing and turning sometimes wondering if I had went to sleep or not.

If I did dream my female coworker DT was possibly in the dream because this morning I remembered her, but I am not sure why other than the fact that she is here on the work trip too.

Today is going well so far too other than feeling a bit tired because of the sleep issues.

The end,

-John Jr

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I see. I guess your work trip is NOT the same as home, because at home you’d be in the comfort of your bed and resting well, instead of tossing and turning and NOT getting a good night’s sleep. Good luck with your work trip. I never did travel for job-related activities as my employment were mostly desk jobs. I’m sure that work trips would be fun as you get to see different places and strange humanz. Keep us updated.

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Hello Flynn,

This was my first work trip ever, and my first time even going on vacation in a while so it was a new experience.

I walked in the largest building that I ever been in (it was probably bigger than most malls in my dreams, it seemed never-ending), I saw the largest number of people in one building that I have probably ever seen, I got to attend my first screening for a movie by an Emilio Estevez who was there and answered the audiences questions after the movie, I got to see and hear Michelle Obama give an interview, I got to see some United States Secret Service agents for the second time in my life, I accidentally walked in front of an author (Allen Say) who was getting his photograph taken by the press and I did not realize it until he stopped me and jokingly asked me if I wanted to take a photograph with him, I got a free book (Mindful Me: Mindfulness and Meditation for Kids) from an author (Whitney Stewart) and she autographed it for everyone, I possibly saw a dead man who(m) emergency services seemed to be trying to revive near the convention center, on the first night I was swimming laps in the undersized swimming pool and accidentally scratched my knees in the super shallow side so I was not able to swim the rest of the trip unfortunately, I got to use an elliptical machine for the first time, I got to eat at a Café Du Monde for the first time, I got to see the final episode of season 2 of Westworld on HBO on television, by accident I found a CIA booth, I did not have a computer during the work trip so I possibly made my first posts from someone’s tablet computer which is partly why it took me so long to reply, and that is about it on the highlights other than the fact that I survived and my anxiety was lower than I had expected (still not where I want it to be yet).

Thank you for commenting,
-John Jr

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traveling isn’t bad all you need to do is relax a little. Do some deep breathing, stretching or do a progressive relaxation technique of tensing a part if the body, hold it for perhaps 30 or 6 seconds release and move on to another part of the body. You’ll find the body will become relaxed which will help resolve the sleep problem…..

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Hello True George,

Thank you for the advice.

That night I briefly tried a bit of combat breathing, a few burpees, a few jumping jacks, but not much so that did not work; but the next night I did sleep so I did not get to try your progressive relaxation technique yet.

-John Jr

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