Convention Dreams Again

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Dream 1

In this dream I got a book at a convention at a convention center, and later in the dream I went back for a book signing.

Dream 2

In this dream there was a convention in the city of D, maybe near or at The BP Library, and after leaving the convention I helped a truck driver driving cargo from the library from outside the vehicle as I sit or stand from the outside of the cargo truck as it is driving.

Later in the dream I returned to the library, and me and my dad helped with driving cargo.

Then I leave with High Vis Harry to the convention, I see some coworkers along the way, and we stop at High Vis Harry’s motel or inn room that is along the right side of highway past the B Grocery store so he can get something.

Dream 3

In this dream there was a convention in city of D, and I was staying at an inn on the same street as the place where High Vis Harry stayed during the previous dream except it was further along the highway.

In the dream I met some people I know at and on the way to the convention center for the convention, and later in the dream I returned to the inn with someone who was at the convention too and maybe this person is my roommate.

I adjust my luggage, and I will return to convention the next day.

The end,

-John Jr