Impostor Anissa Kate(s)?

I had more dreams and there was more to this dream, but I only barely remember part of the confusing end to this dream.

I think that the end of the dream took place during the day and I seemed to be inside a grocery store-like place on my way to the cash registers which had conveyor belt counters / whatever.

I walked toward one of the lines that had a somewhat older female employee with light-color skin with short or medium brown hair standing behind the cash register / counter, but I got interrupted by something very strange, and the dream got weird.

My memory is too unclear, but I was possibly approached by one or more naked impostors of Anissa Kate and maybe another woman or female entity, maybe one or more entities pretending to be her, or maybe she was possessed or unstable.

Either way this assumed impostor or impostors walked, acted, spoke, moved, looked, body language, facial expressions, et cetera were strange & inhuman & unstable & maybe zombie-like.

Like an entity that is not familiar with humans doing a terrible job pretending to be human, but it is hard to describe and remember.

The assumed impostor Anissa possibly had nasty looking stuff on her, maybe nasty body fluids and / or something, and it, or she approached me saying something that possibly involved it or her wanting or trying to have sex with me and / or something (it, or she kept trying to make physical contact with me, it seemed).

I remember backing away slowly while greeting it or her uncomfortably, trying to ask it or her questions and trying to get it to stop walking toward me.

I possibly saw a nasty toilet with body fluids, like urine et cetera, and feces near the cash register as I did this; and I had to climb up on the conveyor belts / counters to avoid it or her.

I remember the cashier saying something and the assumed impostor Anissa possibly grew super tall trying to block my path, and some other weird things happened.

Saying no was not working, and I kept avoiding it or her and the nasty body fluids and / or whatever that were on her.

At some point when I possibly managed to avoid it or her enough to either have enough space or it, or she stopped or got distracted briefly, I woke up or got awakened by my alarm clock which probably woke me up abruptly causing me to forget most of my dream.

The end,

  • John Jr

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