Super John Jr & Super GC | A Fire At The Library?

I fell asleep on a living room couch for about three hours and then I got in bed, I did not voice record any of my dreams until the end, and so now I can only remember part of two dreams.

Dream 1

This dream took place during the day, somehow me and my brother GC had superpowers, and at the end of the dream someone possibly told me that a man was at my parents house either trying to attack and / or rob and / or harass my family or something like that so I flew to my parents house to deal with the man who dared to mess with my family.

In this dream I could fly, levitate, I was probably stronger, I was probably faster, I was probably more durable / tough, and maybe I had some Dragon Ball inspired abilities like maybe I could shoot energy blasts and power up et cetera but I am not sure what other superpowers I had.

My memory is too unclear but I assume that the man was still at a fictional version of my parents house when I arrived, he probably had superpowers too or better than average abilities, and he looked stronger and tougher and taller and more muscular than me and he had dark-color skin with long black dreadlocks or braids and he looked like a professional American football player like a running back or something like Ricky Williams and he had maybe a Jamaican accent or a similar accent but I am not sure.

I assume that I confronted him and that maybe we fought and that I defeated him so easily that I did not even try and I possibly had my arms crossed as I levitated during some of the brief and easy fight, and he ran or flew and sneaked away in defeat.

Me and maybe my brother GC flew and levitated around outside looking for him, and I remember flying and levitating to where our real yard is but it looked slightly different and there were people in the neighborhood playing sports and doing other things on the far right side of the yard where the automobiles are and The BV was there and The G House was still on the right side and my male cousin DE was probably still living there.

I asked around asking the people there if they had seen the man, they all seemed afraid to answer truthfully, and so they said no; but I did not believe them.

I was super confident in this dream, I am not sure if it is because of the superpowers and because I probably easily defeated the man or why, and so I was not worried about a second fight with the man at all.

At some point I quietly told a young man with dark-color skin with black hair to at least look in the direction of where the man was instead of telling me out-loud because he was afraid, and so he looked in the direction of The BV so I thanked him and I flew to The BV to look inside.

The inside was clear but when I stepped outside I barely noticed the man hiding under The BV so I told him that I saw him and I told him to come out, he did not, and so I dragged him out by the leg with one arm and he seemed too afraid to try to attack me so I grabbed him by one leg with one arm and I held him upside down and I flew him back to my parents house.

I told my family to call the police to come arrest the man, I was not sure if the police would be able to deal with him because he probably had superpowers too, and so I had my brother GC (who also had superpowers) stay with him until the police leave with him and for some unknown reason I flew away somewhere else instead of staying until the man was arrested and taken away.

At some point I probably called my family by mobile phone to see if the police had arrested the man and left yet, they probably said yes, but I can not remember.

That is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

The end of this dream took place inside a building that reminded me of the inside of a slightly fictional version of the Tractor Supply in the city of D, and I was working there with many of my coworkers from The BP Library like this was the library but it also seemed to be a store because we were selling items and we had items on shelves that were for sale.

I was at the far right side of the store near where some of the livestock supplies should be but there were different products here instead including some special compression socks or something that I wanted to buy, and so I put the socks in a shopping cart that my coworker Mrs. M was also using as she worked on the same aisle to my left.

I was straightening and / or stocking shelves or something, Mrs. M was probably doing the same until a young man with light-color skin with dark hair needed some help, and so she was helping him and I talked to them a bit while she helped him.

One thing that I remembered mentioning to them was something about the Greek language, they did not know what I was talking about though, and at some point Mrs. M and the young man left and then I realized that Mrs. M had taken the shopping cart with her that had the special compression socks or whatever in them.

My female coworker K started working on the same aisle as me and we started talking, but we got interrupted by the voice of an overweight somewhat older male patron or customer with light-color skin yelling Fire! as we heard a noise in the background that sounded like a very weak school bell or a weak ringing door buzzer / doorbell-like sound.

We then started to realize that the noise was possibly the fire alarm and that maybe the man was really yelling about a real fire, neither of us and neither of my other coworkers that we saw seemed to know the fire procedures for this building, I knew the fire procedures for our old library building but not this new one so we quickly looked around for our supervisors.

I did not see my supervisor or any of my high-level coworkers so me and K started to walk to the back where the bathrooms and the employee areas should be, she was going to check the women’s bathroom and I was going to check the men’s bathroom, and then we would check the employee areas before evacuating the building and warning patrons to evacuate too.

I am not sure if this was me daydreaming or thinking but I remember walking into the men’s bathroom and there was possibly a fire and smoke in there, and I tried to find a fire extinguisher to put out the fire and maybe I started fighting the fire with it but I woke up from this daydream or thought in the dream or this was really happening in the dream before I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

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