Nachos For Andre Johnson

I got in bed after 5:00 AM after staying up trying to finish professional development for work, my dreams got interrupted twice by mobile phone calls without me recording them, and when I woke up after 1:00 PM with my last dream on my mind still I realized how late it was, so I jumped out of bed and so did my memory of that dream and my others dreams mostly except for one fragment of the last dream and part of another dream.

Dream 1

The end of this dream possibly took place in another city and I was inside a maybe Mexican restaurant that had different parts to the building like: several restaurant areas, bars, game rooms, a club, maybe a casino, a basketball court, and who knows what else that were connected by a series of hallways.

My parent’s were possibly in the forgotten parts of the dream but I can not remember, and I possibly got a job suddenly while I was visiting the building so I started working immediately I assume but I can not remember what my job was or what I did.

I just remember walking through the various hallways looking at the different parts of the building during maybe my break, when I crossed into one of the restaurant areas a man at a table asked me to bring him an alcoholic drink so I did, and then I grabbed a bottle of an alcoholic drink that was for employees and I poured some in maybe a shot glass for myself but I can not remember if I drank it or not.

After this I continued my journey around the building before my break was over, I almost went into the gaming room to play games (air hockey, pool, arcade machines, et cetera), but I decided to keep exploring.

At some point I found the largest restaurant area that had a basketball court in the middle of it, and it looked like maybe a NBA or another professional league basketball game was going on.

There were tables around the room with people eating and drinking and talking and watching the basketball game, and I walked to the cash register and kitchen area where a man with light-color skin with yellow / brown medium length hair was working.

I walked over to say hello but he mistakenly thought that I was a waiter and he asked me to take what seemed to be a specialty order of nachos to a customer named Andre Johnson, I had no idea who Andre was or where to find this person, but I decided to help out thinking that it would not take long.

My break time was almost over, I walked around trying to guess who Andre Johnson might be, and so I walked over to a table where a man with light-color skin with medium-to-long yellow hair was and I asked him if he was Andre Johnson and he said yes.

I was surprised that I had guessed correctly, but then the man told me that he was joking and that he was not Andre and he asked if he could taste the nachos but I said that was against the rules and he laughed and I continued looking for Andre.

After looking around for too long I decided to ask some of the basketball players who were on the sidelines, they said that Andre Johnson was among them further to the left side, and so I walked over there calling out for them.

A female basketball player with dark-color skin with black hair walked over from the sidelines saying that she was Andre Johnson, and I was surprised by this because I had expected Andre to be a man and I was surprised that a woman was playing basketball there because I did not see any women playing earlier.

Andre Johnson told me that she did not want the nachos now, I asked her if she wanted me to take them back to the cash register / kitchen and she said yes, and so I walked away.

I was going to ask the man behind the counter what we were going to do with the nachos now, could we eat them, could we give them away, or did we have to waste them by throwing them away.

But I woke up.

Dream 2

The memory of this dream jumped out of my mind when I jumped out of bed, it was possibly similar to the previous dream, and maybe someone gave me some advice in the dream but that is all that I can remember of it now.

The end,

-John Jr

By John Jr

Hello, I am John Jr, welcome.

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