Barack Obama Faints

I am not sure if I heard this in my mind a dream or after a dream after waking up, either way, I remember the song Raise Your Weapon by Deadmau5 being on my mind at some point:

I had more dreams and there was more to this dream that I can not remember but I can not remember now, but I do remember part of the very end of this dream.

I am not sure if I was seeing this on a video or if I was there, I just remember that what I was seeing took place inside a somewhat crowed gym or auditorium, and what seemed to be a press conference was taking place.

A retired professional (probably NBA) male basketball player with light-color skin with yellow / maybe graying hair who possibly worked as a sports journalist now seemed to be the person who was the focus of the press conference, and he was sitting in a chair on set or small stage in front of the audience.

There were some news announcers there who were coworkers of the retired basketball player, and they were talking about what they thought this press conference might be about and their thoughts and confusion about it.

The retired basketball player started the press conference, on a set or small stage to the left of the man was Charles Barkley who was sitting down, and the retired basketball player said that he was challenging Mr. Barkley to a basketball match I assume because of an indiscretion that Mr. Barkley had committed in the past.

Members of the press asked him what indiscretion by Mr. Barkley was he referring to, the man did not say, but he said that Mr. Barkley had committed a number of indiscretions.

Standing or sitting in the crowd was Barack Obama with probably a few United States Secret Service agents in the crowd with him, and the press asked Mr. Obama a question but instead of answering the question Mr. Obama either pulled out a piece of paper with a prepared statement or he started responding with a prepared statement that had nothing to do with the question that he was asked.

Something about Mr. Obama was off as he started reading his assumed prepared statement, he seemed to be struggling and messing up, and it sounded like he even skipped ahead in his assumed prepared statement by mistake.

I wondered if he was just tired or sick or dehydrated or hot or something, and then he paused for a second not looking so good and he fainted falling backward and his head tilted to the maybe right side when he collapsed as the crowd gasped in shock and confusion and concern and the news announcers responded with concern and confusion.

The United States Secret Service agents ran to his aid and created some space around him by backing up the crowd, they straightened his neck, and a male doctor with dark-color skin with short black hair ran over with some kind of unknown medical device / tool that was partly clear that he unfolded on Mr. Obama’s head to probably check some vitals.

Mr. Obama was breathing in a way that some people breathe when they get knocked unconscious et cetera (at first at least), and other than that he was not moving like he was either still unconscious or he was being still for the doctor.

The unknown medical device / tool must have had a touch screen because the doctor would tap it and swipe it sometimes like he was going through readings and tests and options, and it was compact and looked like it was probably an advanced multi-purpose portable medical device of some kind that looked very useful and portable.

Everyone watched as the doctor quickly checked Mr. Obama trying to figure out what was going on, he moved the medical device over Mr. Obama’s eyes, and he started looking through it for a better view of Mr. Obama’s eyes.

I wondered if Mr. Obama was going to be okay or not, was this the result of something natural or was he poisoned or something like that, but I woke up as the doctor was still rushing to figure out what was going on with Mr. Obama.

The end,

-John Jr

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