A Psychic Attack & Sleep Paralysis?

Dream 1

I stayed up too late and I was so tired that I had no choice but to get in bed, and at some point after going to sleep this was probably my first dream.

In the dream someone is telling me a story about something that happened in the past (I am not sure how far back) involving me, and I would often see the memory being played out like a flashback as it was told to me by the person.

The story of the memory that was being told to me took place during the day somewhere in Asia (maybe China or somewhere else similar or the Middle East), and I seemed to be on a trip with this person and some other people and we were part of a team that had taken a trip here to take part in a sports competition or school competition of some kind and I was younger (public school aged, maybe late elementary or junior high school, but I am not sure) in this story of a memory.

Something happened before our competition (I am not sure when) that I can not remember that had me so distracted that I was so mentally out of it that I could not remember what happened so I had no memory of this memory that was being told to me, and so this person telling me what happened helped fill in the blanks in my memory.

We walked past a lot of small one-story buildings / houses with alleyways and small courtyards until we reached the competition area that as in a small courtyard between buildings.

I was still super distracted and was mentally out of it still from whatever had happened earlier as our team arrived to compete, most or all of the officials and helpers seemed to be from China (Chinese), and there were other teams there.

Our match started but I was literally mentally out of it and I could not even see properly and I had no idea what was happening so I was not even helping during the competition so my team kicked me out of the game, but I was so out of it that I did not notice so the officials had to literally drag me out along with injured and unconscious people from other teams.

The officials did not seem to have much regard for us injured competitors, they dragged and laid injured people along a fence on the ground, and they dragged and laid me next to an unconscious obese probably Chinese boy or young man but as soon as they did this someone started pulling me away.

The officials started saying something to this person in another language probably, but the person kept pulling me away like they were trying to take me to get medical attention quickly and so they ignored the warnings of the officials who eventually gave up.

I was still out of it as I was being pulled away, I sensed that it was my mom who was pulling me, and out of the corner of my eye I could somewhat make out that it was indeed my mom.

I started being able to walk on my own so my mom walked away trying to get me to a doctor I assume, as we crossed the various alleys and buildings and courtyards, and we possibly crossed a Middle Eastern-looking area and / or the few people we saw in this area seemed to be from the Middle East like maybe a woman and some children wearing traditional Middle Eastern clothing who walked by us.

One of the little girls with them who was wearing traditional clothing with a head-cover stopped in front of me as they passed by, and she started physically stopping me from moving forward oddly.

I tried to walk around her thinking that she was just trying to get by me but she kept trying to stop me, and so I resisted but she kept trying to push me back.

Something did not seem right about the little girl and I started to sense and feel that something was wrong, I felt like the girl was not what she appeared to be, and I felt that this was possibly a psychic / paranormal / supernatural attack of some kind that was taking place in the real world on my body and what I was seeing in the dream was just a distraction from what was happening to my body in the real world.

I had no idea why this was my first assumption because I do not even believe in that kind of stuff anymore really, I do keep an open mind though and am more neutral and curious on the subject, it was just something about this did not seem completely normal and physical and it felt or seemed to be paranormal and / or supernatural like I was dealing with something that is currently beyond current science; and I assumed that my body or whatever was under attack of some kind by an outside entity: was it trying to feed off my energy, was it trying to feed off my dreams, was it trying to possess me, was it trying to attach to me, was it trying to warn me about something, was it tampering with my mind / memories, what was it doing to my body / mind / to me?

The girl was not going to be able to stop me, she knew this, and she seemed to realize that I was sensing what was going on so she smiled and her eyes turned maybe all black as she looked at me directly still trying to stop me; I could feel something as she made physical contact with me, it was a strange feeling that I can not completely remember or describe, but I possibly felt that something was attaching to my body from the real world trying to gain access but I was resisting it.

I kept resisting and pushing her back to show her that I was not going to let her do whatever she was trying to do to me in the real world I assume, and then I woke up or I woke myself up to resist her in the real world as well.

I assumed that she was an entity (I was assuming something possibly paranormal and / or supernatural instead of natural) of some kind and that her real form was probably not that of a little girl, and that maybe it was not even female so I expected to see it in a different form as I woke up.

As I was waking up I possibly briefly saw her in my face still smiling with her probably all black eyes, this was possibly carrying over from the dream and it was only for a brief second or two as I was opening my eyes, and maybe I briefly saw her real form that possibly looked more paranormal and / or super natural and ghost / spirit-like and smaller and less human or not human at all and I was still resisting as I was waking up and opening my eyes and in my mind I was communicating to it / her that I was resisting and was not afraid to fight back.

This all happened in a few seconds but I guess my resistance was strong enough to push it / her off of me with my mind / aura / whatever or it / she decided to give up for now, it / she smiled, and then was pushed back or flew back and disappeared; like I said this all happened in the seconds that I was opening my eyes so it was fast.

I went to try to get up to find or fight the entity off if it reappeared but I was paralyzed and vulnerable, I realized that I was experiencing sleep paralysis, and so I expected to see hallucinations or more hallucinations if what I had just seen in those few quick seconds was a brief hallucination or just the image of the dream still in my mind which it possibly was even if it did not feel like it completely in comparison to how things like this normally go.

I decided to be defiant and I looked around the room with my eyes while paralyzed still resisting internally trying to project my resistance out like an aura / energy shield or something, and I was ready to face the entity again and / or another hallucination.

To my surprise I did not see or hear any hallucinations so I started to think positively trying to summon a positive hallucination instead, but nothing happened and then I was able to move so I made text notes of this dream / experience on my mobile phone and I went back to sleep.

Dream 2

The end of this dream took place inside a larger and fictional version of The BP Library, I found a Queen’s Guard Uniform (which also had the hat) and a thin fake lever action rifle or a thin BB gun lever action rifle, and I decided to put the uniform on and pick up the fake lever action rifle or BB gun so that I could play a practical joke (prank) on my coworker Mr. CF who is the security guard.

I walked on a row between two book shelves, I ducked down to hide at the beginning of the row holding the rifle while facing the row that passes most of the shelves, and several of my coworkers walked by without noticing me including Mr. CF who was doing his security patrols.

After Mr. CF failed to see me after several security patrols I decided to move up further and stand up taller and to point the rifle in a more noticeable way so that he would see me this time, and it worked and this scared him causing him to jump back while reaching for his belt for a gun I assume and I accidentally dropped my rifle when I tried to raise it quickly but it hit part of my body causing it to get knocked out of my hands.

I let Mr. CF know that it was a prank, he told me that was dangerous and to not do that, I agreed and apologized and laughed.

I woke up as we talked about this.

Dream 3

I will assume that this is a separate dream and not part of the previous dream, but I am not sure.

The end of this dream took place during the day, I can not remember what led up to this, but I remember a man with light-color skin whose sexual orientation was possibly homosexual (I mention this because this stood out) possibly inviting me somewhere and he wanted me to follow him there on foot.

I was not so sure about the idea but I guess that I did not want to seem rude so I accepted the invite, and we walked outside from where ever we were and we walked up the street until we reached a building whose front was like the entrance lobby of a museum of some kind.

This was possibly what the man wanted to show me, as he showed me his collection or whatever of objects (that included some autographed items, statues, et cetera) in the museum-like place, and while doing this I was standing on a table or platform-like area at some point when I heard a cracking sound and under my feet were several autographed items behind glass that you were not supposed to stand on but it looked like flooring at first so when he told me I got down and fortunately nothing was broken.

The man walked me down a hallway that seemed to be leading into a house, I needed to urinate at this point so I glanced around looking for bathrooms as we walked to a family room-like area, and I saw an older man with light-color skin sitting down watching television who was probably a family member of his and I said hello.

I noticed a door that was cracked opened that seemed to be a bathroom so I walked over to it, I knocked and then I went to walk in, but an old man with light-color skin was walking out so I apologized and greeted him.

Before I could go into the bathroom the man’s mother, brothers, and sisters walked in and the mother saw me and she started yelling and ranting at me telling me to leave and saying racist and negative things to me for no reason other than her being racist I assume.

The man told me to stay and told his mother to stop but she did not, I said that it was okay and that I would leave, and I apologized and thanked them and I smiled and said some positive things as I walked away as the mother and his siblings followed me still harassing me.

They were enjoying this, especially the siblings who were cheering their mother on and joining in as they ranted and taunted and said racist and negative things at me even as I stayed positive and friendly as I walked away not arguing, and the man followed behind them still trying to get them to stop and to get me to ignore them and stay.

Oddly when I walked outside it was the yard of The E House so I was able to start walking to my parent’s house, they stopped following me when I left the yard, but they were still yelling negative things at me and laughing and taunting but I woke up.

The end,

  • John Jr

By John Jr

Hello, I am John Jr, welcome.

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