Starring In An Emilio Estevez Detective Movie

I forgot my other dreams after getting awakened suddenly by my alarm, and so now I can only remember part of the end of my last dream.

The dream involved a movie that was being filmed, Emilio Estevez was the director and he was also starring in the movie, his father Martin Sheen was also in the movie, and I was in the movie as well.

In the movie Mr. Estevez and Mr. Sheen were detectives, and they were still father and son.

In this scene they were returning to the police station that they worked at because there had been a break-in and / or something like that there, and so their department was responding to investigate et cetera.

I was walking in front of them as they walked inside the police station, I have no idea what my role was or anything like that, and I could hear them talking to each other as they walked behind me during the scene.

We walked down some stairs to an underground part of the building or something, and inside the building was some broken glass and some other evidence.

Someone had broken in and left some things about Mr. Sheen’s character, someone was targeting him trying to ruin his reputation and his career, and so they had left some negative things about his personal and professional life that could possibly ruin him.

I am not sure if it was completely a setup with fake stuff and / or if some of it was true, either way it looked bad for him, and whoever did this was not going to stop spreading things like this to ruin him it seemed.

Mr. Sheen voiced his concerns to Mr. Estevez, Mr. Estevez told him that things were going to be okay and that most people would not believe that any of this was true, and that they would find out who was doing this.

Mr. Sheen picked up a broken sharp piece of glass looking bothered by what was going on, it cut his hand as he held it and he started bleeding, and he was holding it dangerously as we ducked carefully under the rest of the broken glass and the glass in his hand scratched against my arm.

I was worried that it was real glass and that maybe I really got cut, and so after we crossed under the glass and after the scene ended so that we could take a break I stopped to check myself for any cuts and I asked Mr. Sheen and Mr. Estevez if that was real glass.

They told me that it was polished clear particle board made to look like glass, and I was glad to hear this.

But I got awakened by my alarm.

The end,

-John Jr

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