Electric Dreams (Season 1)

What is it?

The 2018 science fiction television show Electric Dreams (Season 1).

Philip K. Dick’s Electric Dreams Season 1 – Official Trailer | Prime Video

What is it about?

This is how Rotten Tomatoes describes this television show:

“Philip K. Dick’s Electric Dreams” is a 10-episode science-fiction anthology series that journeys into unique worlds beyond the reach of the imagination.

Based on short stories written by Dick, each stand-alone episode is inspired by a different story, adapted by a team of leading British and American writers.

The all-star cast changes with each episode and includes Bryan Cranston, Steve Buscemi, Greg Kinnear, Timothy Spall and Anna Paquin.

“Electric Dreams” is a co-production between the U.K’s Channel 4 and Amazon Prime Video.

Stan Original Philip K. Dick’s Electric Dreams | Official Trailer | Now streaming, only on Stan.
Liam Cunningham Talks New Show, ‘Philip K. Dick’s Electric Dreams’

What do I like about it, and what might other people like about it?

I like that it is an anthology series, that it is science fiction, that it was more cinematic at times than I had expected, and that it gives Black Mirror some competition & it is a good companion show for it.

I like that I recognized more of the actors & actresses than I had expected, and I think that other people might like this as well.

Philip K. Dick’s Electric Dreams Season 1 – Official Trailer | Prime Video

My Thoughts

This show was better than I had expected, and I would have never known about it if it were not for me seeing it by accident when browsing a video streaming website.

Sadly no one I know in real life or that I follow online ever mentioned this show, and that is a shame because like Black Mirror it is pretty good and worth seeing.

Neither of these shows are as well-known as they should be, in my opinion, and I am shocked that no one I follow online has reviewed this or even mentioned it yet.

The episodes were ordered differently where I saw them than how they are on Amazon and Wikipedia, and so I saw the episodes in a different order.

This season has more episodes than any season of Black Mirror so far, and so that was good.

At first, my brother GC and I assumed that this would just be a lower budget Black Mirror wannabe that would not stand a chance against it, but we both liked it better than we had expected.

Overall it was of a higher quality than we had expected, and surprisingly it felt more cinematic than Black Mirror at times, with some episodes being more like movies than a television show.

Here are some of my thoughts on all the episodes in the order that I mostly watched them in (we accidentally watched a few episodes out-of-order, so this list is not completely correct by how we saw them):

1. The Hood Maker

This reminded me of Blade Runner in some ways.

I liked this episode better than my brother GC & better than some reviewers, but it was not long enough & not enough was explained, so the ending was abrupt and things were unclear at the end.

Philip K. Dick’s Electric Dreams Season 1 – Behind the Scenes with Richard Madden | Prime Video

2. Impossible Planet

We were hating this episode at first until the knock on the door started, and then the episode became better and surprised us with the creepy android and the good performance by the elderly actress; but the ending was too unclear.

Breaking News | Electric dreams: impossible planet, review – a complicated snapshot of unreality

3. The Commuter

I thought that this episode was going to be boring, but it managed to keep our attention because of the mystery as we tried to figure out what was going on; but once again the ending and some details were too unclear.

Behind the Scenes of “The Commuter” From “Philip K. Dick’s Electric Dreams”

4. Crazy Diamond

This episode had some unexplained details as well, but it managed to surprise at times during some of the action (those explosive pistol rounds though!), but it also had problems with an unclear ending and unexplained details.

Philip K. Dick’s Electric Dreams Season 1 – Behind the Scenes with Steve Buscemi | Prime Video

5. Real Life

This was one of my favorite episodes, it felt like a straight-up movie, and it felt longer in a good way, and I was amazed that it was shorter than it seemed.

Behind the Scenes of “Real Life” From “Philip K. Dick’s Electric Dreams”

6. Human Is

This was my least favorite episode, sadly, even though it possibly had the most star power.

The actors & actresses in it were mostly wasted in my opinion because their characters & performances & this episode were not very expressive & felt more robotic (one-dimensional in some ways) & too subtle most of the time.

It probably should have had a different director because this should have been better.

Behind the Scenes of “Human Is” From “Philip K. Dick’s Electric Dreams”

7. Kill All Others

This was one of my favorite episodes & was one of the episodes that clearly had some messages.

It really relates to some things that have happened, that are happening, and that may continue happening in the future if we do not do something.

This was an episode that left a bit of an impression on me right after seeing it, a bit like the episode Crocodile from Black Mirror (Season 4).

Black Mirror – Crocodile | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

I think that this left an impression on me because of how much it mirrored real life.

That can be sad, scary, disappointing et cetera when you get to see examples of real life mirrored in fictional and taken to extremes that could possibly happen in some ways if we are not careful.

They are already happening in some ways not realized by most people, sadly.

Behind the Scenes of “Kill All Others” From “Philip K. Dick’s Electric Dreams”

8. Autofac

My brother GC liked this episode more than I did, it also seemed to have a message, and it had several twists that caught us by surprise; and I feel that I have seen the main actress in this before and her character reminds me of another character from something else that I can not remember.

Philip K. Dick’s Electric Dreams Season 1 – Behind the Scenes with Janelle Monae | Prime Video

9. Safe And Sound

This episode had a message and the younger actresses and actors did a pretty good job, and the actress who played the mother of the main character gave her most energized performance that I have seen by her; but I wish that more details were given at the end.

Philip K. Dick’s Electric Dreams Recap: Safety First By Showbiz News

10. The Father Thing

This episode was like the start of its own television show and I could see it being its own show, and it reminded me of Stranger Things combined with one or more other things.

Behind the Scenes of “Father Thing” From “Philip K. Dick’s Electric Dreams”

Here are IGN’s thoughts on this television show:

Philip K. Dick’s Electric Dreams – Season 1 Reaction

The end,

  • John Jr

4 replies on “Electric Dreams (Season 1)”

Curse the show’s title. Now the song that has the same name is stuck in my head! This sounds like something I would enjoy. In the past I liked the sci-fi anthology series The Outer Limits.

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Hello The Otaku Judge,

Interesting, I am not familiar with that song, who is the song by?

I heard of The Outer Limits but I probably never saw a full episode of it sadly.

If you do get a chance one day I would recommend giving Philip K. Dick’s Electric Dreams and / or Black Mirror and / or the V/H/S movies a chance.

Thank you for commenting,
-John Jr

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