Language Learning And A Monster Rat (Queerat) / Ewok?

The end of this dream took place inside a room that was almost like a nice small school library / classroom / study room, and me and my mom were in this room doing some language learning with some children.

We were trying to promote and encourage learning in general and lifetime learning, learning to learning, to promote and encourage language learning and foreign language learning and applying and using those languages in everyday life, promoting and encouraging education, promoting and encouraging them to mentor others, promoting and encouraging working together, trying to be a positive influence to them and hoping to encourage them to be a positive influence to others, et cetera.

We were going over words (how to say them, write them, read them, understand them, et cetera), their definitions, example sentences with those words, using those words with each other in speaking exercises / role-playing / whatever, maybe some grammar, et cetera in mostly English and Spanish with a bit of French and maybe some Portuguese and / or Esperanto and / or German and / or another language.

At some point I walked away while my mom continued teaching the children, and the next thing that I remember is being in the living room at my parents house.

At some point I noticed a shadow at the back door on the outside of the stained plastic window on the door (our front and back doors came from a church building), and the shadow looked like maybe a monster rat (queerat) from the anime television show From The New World.

The assumed monster rat knocked on the door and made some hand signals, it had a ball as well, and then my brother GC walked into the room and I told him and then he walked away.

When I looked back at the door the shadow had changed to what looked like the shape of an Ewok from Star Wars, it signaled and even maybe spoke a bit like it could somehow see me, and then it somehow threw the ball to me even though the door was closed because there was an opening at the top of the door.

My brother GC walked back into the room and I told him about this, he was about to walk outside, and so I asked if he could see what the assumed monster rat / Ewok wanted or if it was even still there (it was possibly gone now).

But I woke up because I got hot because somehow the air conditioner was not on.

The end,

-John Jr

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