Dating Or Being Married To Alice Morgan

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Unfortunately I did not record most of my dreams and the dream that I did record is missing important pieces of it because it was pretty long and detailed et cetera, and so I can only remember mostly parts of the end of the dream unfortunately so major details are missing.

One forgotten part of the dream possibly involved me meeting my former male classmate JC and we probably hung out and went several places, I probably met his family, and then maybe he invited me on a vacation trip or something.

Later in the dream we (JC and probably some of his family and me) were in a country but I am not sure which country, we were on vacation I assume, and my parents and maybe my brother GC were with us; and Alice Morgan from the television show Luther was there with us, and me and Alice seemed to be in a serious dating relationship or we were married.

I am not sure how things led up to this (Did JC introduce me to Alice in a forgotten part of the dream?, Did I meet Alice in a forgotten part of the dream and how?, How did me and Alice start dating and / or get married?, et cetera), this assumed vacation seemed a bit like a couples trip, but I am not sure.

We were at what I will assume was a bed and breakfast that looked like a larger version of The E House, the cafeteria and a shopping area were along the hallway that leads to one of the entrances / exits, and me and Alice had the room across from the family room and the second dinning room.

During the dream I probably noticed other couples, like JC and his wife and my parents and other couples, and I noticed how their relationships were different from mine and Alice’s relationship.

Alice was often more distant and seemed to often have excuses to avoid spending much time together et cetera (she would often have excuses that she needed to do something else, that she needed to go somewhere else, that she needed to go see someone, et cetera), I assumed that maybe it was because of her being a psychopath and lacking some normal emotions and / or just being the type who liked to have more space and did not need much social interaction, but I started to feel that there was more going on than that and that our relationship was not normal and would possibly not last and maybe should not last even though I did enjoy the short moments that we did get to spend time together.

I wanted us to go out together, spend time together at the assumed bed and breakfast even it if was just watching television together, and to talk about important issues in our relationship (I remember thinking about and / or us talking about children once, and I did not think that would ever happen (not that either of us wanted that in the first place) and that it probably would not be a good idea because I did not think that Alice would want children and that she would not even be there for them much and even if she was there for them then she would probably be distant (among other issues with her being a psychopath and all) and not be a very good mother to them so I would have to raise the children mostly on my own) because I assumed that spending time together et cetera were the main reasons for this trip.

After failing to get Alice to go with me to spend time together around the city / country that we were in and after failing to even get her to keep watching some television (things that she wanted to watch) together or do anything else together (even just relaxing in bed), I tried to get her to go with me to the cafeteria and / or to shop inside the bed and breakfast, but I remember her being in bed wearing a slip and refusing to even do that saying that she just wanted to relax in bed alone (not even together) for now and have some space or something like that so she wanted me to go alone and eat and / shop.

I decided to give her some space and I walked to the cafeteria and shop thinking about Alice and our relationship because this was bothering me as I continued to notice these issues and focus on them as I watched other couples, and there was a long line at the cafeteria.

I possibly saw and briefly talked with JC and his family and my parents before continuing past the line to shop in some of the rooms along the rest of the hallway instead, I can not remember what I was shopping for but I think that I remember looking at some of the baby stuff at some point but I could be wrong, and at some point when I walked into one of the shopping rooms I saw Alice who was now dressed instead of just wearing a slip and who had either gotten there after me or before me without saying anything to me when she passed the room that I was in.

I approached her wondering what she was doing here and why did she not tell me because earlier she did not want to go and told me to go alone, as I was trying to talk to her about this and other issues something that I can not remember happened, and my coworker Mr. CF walked by doing a security patrol because he was a security guard (like he is in real life) and he stopped to say something to us that I can not remember before leaving once he saw that things were all clear.

I am not sure how much information I got out of Alice before she sent me to another room to get some stuff to buy while she continued shopping in this room, I assume not much because she probably dodged and avoided answering most of my questions, but I felt that I possibly made some progress because of how she was acting.

I went and got the stuff that she wanted me to get and I walked back to the previous room but she was gone so I walked around looking for her and asking around but I could not find her, I probably bought the stuff and took it back to our room thinking that she was there, but she was not there either so I went around looking and asking around for her without luck.

I started my own investigation after probably reporting Alice missing to the bed and breakfast and something unclear happened where either I saw this on television and / or in my mind and / or the dream jumped to follow Alice as the main character of the dream, and Alice was in The United States after sneaking away from whatever country we were in on our trip (she probably took an airplane).

She felt like visiting The United States again and she decided to contact some corrupt police officers who were blackmailing her after catching her doing something earlier in the dream during a forgotten part of the dream when we were visiting The United States, the corrupt police officers who were all men with light-color skin wearing black police uniforms were offering her a clean slate (fresh start) if she agreed to do something to a dangerous biker gang (outlaw motorcycle club), and so Alice accepted their offer to end the corrupt police officers from blackmailing her and because she wanted some fun / adventure / danger / a chance to do something illegal and get away with it I assume.

Alice met the corrupt police officers in a quiet parking lot near a street outside of a small mobile home or mobile building, they told her what they wanted her to do and they made their deal, and they left so that Alice could enter the building that belonged to the dangerous biker gang to complete her mission.

I assumed that she was going to kill the biker gang, something unclear happened where a female friend of Alice with light-color skin showed up to help Alice, and Alice sneaked into the building while the female friend stood outside keeping watch I assume; and Alice seemed to really be enjoying this mission.

Alice completed the mission and called the corrupt police officers, they told Alice to wait inside the building and then maybe they came and picked up something (maybe money) and they left telling Alice and her friend to wait a bit longer before leaving, and after the corrupt police officers drove away I heard them saying that they were not sure if they could trust Alice to keep this quiet so they were going to have her killed.

After they left the dangerous biker gang showed up, the corrupt police had somehow tipped them off I guess, and they attacked the female friend outside and they attacked Alice from behind (some of them ran into the mobile building) when she was looking outside to see what was going on and they sat Alice in a chair at a table where they tied her up in front of a trap with a gun on it that would shoot her in the face once the trap was triggered.

The corrupt police had betrayed them and gotten what they wanted, and I assume that the biker gang thought that Alice was the thief and had stole it for herself and still had whatever was taken from them (I assume illegally earned money) so they were trying to torture her for answers but they probably did not believe Alice or Alice did not think that they would believe her.

Her friend was possibly dead but I am not sure, I just know that when one of the biker gang members (a woman with light-color skin, there were men and women in the biker gang) walked off for a moment Alice managed to untie herself and run to a window to scream for help and she screamed rape, and groups of people with dark-color skin with black hair who were across the street heard her and turned to look and come over to see what was going on.

The biker gang started to panic and Alice fought her way outside, to the approaching people, and so the biker gang fled on their motorcycles et cetera to avoid being identified because someone had called the police at this point; but I am not sure where Alice’s friend was at this point.

Alice knew that the corrupt police would try to arrest and / or kill her if they were to find out that she was still alive, and so she fled to avoid the police.

In my part of the dream I had guessed where Alice might have sneaked away to so I took an airplane to The United States to find Alice, and I happened to learn about all of this either from somehow seeing it on television and / or in my mind and / or somehow also still being aware of Alice’s part of the dream so I was driving to the meeting spot when I happened to see Alice fleeing and I told her to get inside my automobile and lay down in the back seat to avoid being seen.

I continued driving as Alice laid down in the back seat and I asked her why did she trick me and leave the country without telling me and put her life in danger et cetera, and I asked how many other times had she down things like this and it seemed that maybe she was often doing things like this which is why she often gave me so many excuses and was distant and away so much.

I asked what did she plan on doing about the corrupt police officers who would likely put her on the wanted list if they found out that she was alive, but we were not sure what to do about them for now (killing them before they could do this was one possibility).

I wondered why was she even in a relationship with me, did she want to be or was this just temporary for her or what, was she only with me because I slightly somehow reminded her of John Luther, and I wondered if this is what life would be like if we continued to stay together and would I be able to handle this and would I want this so should I end our relationship now or give it a chance.

She almost got herself killed and still could be killed and / or arrested by the corrupt police officers, if she became wanted then even leaving the country might not be enough and if I helped anymore then I could be caught up in it, but I woke up as I drove and thought about this and talked to her as we tried to figure out what to do while trying to avoid the police.

The end,

-John Jr

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