A Talking Dog & Sacred Trees & Creatures On A Planet (Jupiter)?

I think that this was all one transitioning dream with four or more parts that I can partly remember, unfortunately there are forgotten parts as usual, and so I will try to break this up into parts even though the dream probably transitioned each time without me noticing the dream world and time period and even planet changing.

This dream seemed to be partly inspired by my dreams from the previous day, From The New World, Dredd (2012), Harry Potter, Jupiter Ascending (which I have never seen), Pauline Croze’s most recent video Elle N’ose Pas, Fallout 4, a Double Toasted video called BRANDON ROGERS INTERVIEW – Double Toasted, cetera.

Part 1

This part of the dream took place during the day maybe outside, and it involved me meeting my former male classmate AM again.

Like in one of my previous dreams we talked about our lives since we graduated from public school years ago, and maybe we hung out briefly and AM left at some point.

After he left I wondered if we had exchanged contact information or not because I wanted to hang out again sometimes, but that is all that I can remember of this part of the dream.

Part 2

The next thing that I remember is maybe being on a computer or something looking through a list a videos, I saw a video thumbnail that had Pauline Croze on it, and so I clicked on it thinking that maybe it was her new video or something.

When the video started there was a man in it who reminded me of Brandon Rogers, this was his channel and his video, I can not remember what the video was about but to my disappointment it was not about Pauline Croze and maybe only her image and / or a brief clip of one of her songs was featured in the videos or nothing at all so it was a misleading video; but that is all that I can remember of this part of the dream.

Part 3

This part of the dream involved me walking into a building and I heard a man speaking, and as I got closer to a classroom-like room I saw that a somewhat older man with light-color skin with gray and / or white hair wearing glasses who I think was an author was the guest speaker to an audience of young people (children, teenagers, and maybe young adults) who were possibly members of a religious group (in the dream I assumed Christianity).

The man reminded me of a college professor and he had a book that was probably a book that he wrote for young people that possibly was at least partly about a dog, I assumed that he was going to do a reading of the book after giving a speech first, and during his speech he started mentioning something that was probably philosophical and a lot of the audience assumed that he was questioning their religion so a lot of the audience started booing him and making noise to interrupt his speech.

He tried to let them know that he was not finished and that they were rushing to judgement before even hearing the rest of what he was going to say, I heard a few of the young people trying to quiet down the crowd, but I am not sure if it worked or not.

I just remember the man starting to read from his book at some point to the crowd, but they were booing him and making noise until some of the young people got them to be quiet after telling them to give him a chance.

At some point they started to enjoy the book that he was reading so they were laughing and smiling as the man read his book to them, and I sat at the back of the crowd on the floor behind a young woman who possibly made me think Egyptian (I think that this word came to my mind, and maybe I thought of ancient Egypt when I saw her and maybe there was something a bit magical about her) and a young man with light-color skin and to my right was a large strange maybe ancient Egyptian-like dog.

At some point the dog started talking to me to my surprise and shock and confusion, I am not sure if I could not move or if I just did not move much out of shock and / or if the dog somehow did this to me with its words, I just know that it was almost like the dog had gotten possessed by a paranormal and / or supernatural entity or something that was possibly using it as a medium to communicate a message / warning / chant / ritual / spell to or on me or the dog just suddenly changed a bit like something paranormal and / or supernatural had activated.

The dog just looked at me stiffly and kept repeating something in an unknown language with a somewhat deep paranormal and / or supernatural sounding male voice that sounded like someone doing a chant or spell or ritual and / or a message or warning from something and / or somewhere else (possibly paranormal and/  or supernatural).

I was confused by how a dog could talk, what language was that, what was it repeating, what did it mean, what was this, and it all just felt so strange and paranormal and / or supernatural.

The young woman in front of me suddenly noticed what was going on and I probably mumbled to her about what was going on and how was this possible and how crazy and weird it was, she looked concerned, and she quickly turned to the dog and said something to him in the same unknown language in a strong voice that sounded like someone using a spell or chant or doing a ritual that instantly stopped the dog from talking and he went back to normal like she quickly exorcised him or deactivated whatever paranormal and / or supernatural-like stuff had activated.

I thanked her and I either paused for a moment trying to recover and make sense of this waiting for the book reading to end so that I could talk to the young woman about this, at some point the book reading was probably over, and I went to talk to the young woman about this.

But that is all that I can remember of this part of the dream.

Part 4

The last part of the dream the classroom-like room probably transitioned without me noticing to it being outdoor / indoor, and we moved to maybe a large sacred tree or something and we were possibly in the top of it at some point as I talked to the young woman.

The dream now seemed to be in the future on a different planet, maybe the word Jupiter came to my mind, and the religion of the young people was different now and seemed to be some nature based religion with actual magical abilities and they also had futuristic technology though it was harder to tell just by looking around because the classroom-like room was possibly in the sacred tree or whatever.

The young woman and some of the others probably mentioned sacred trees and some other things, the young woman was concerned about whatever the dog had said earlier, and she felt that maybe it was an omen or message or warning about something bad that was about to happen.

Maybe she told the others and several adults who showed up besides the author, the adults who showed up were wearing futuristic armor that somewhat reminded me of heavy combat armor from Fallout 4 and the armor that Judge Cassandra Anderson wore in the movie Dredd (2012) except that it was maybe a gray metal color and more futuristic and one of the adults reminded me of Judge Cassandra Anderson (played by Olivia Thirlby) from Dredd, and at some point the armored adults like the Judge Anderson-like woman left on foot to possibly scout ahead for danger or they left to do something else and maybe I followed behind them.

Whatever planet we were on was a bit barren in the areas that we walked, the armored adults reached a ledge where you could look down in the rocks and cracks below, and the Judge Anderson-like woman possibly sensed danger and then they saw a large number of strange maybe humanoid creatures that somewhat reminded me of The Falmer from The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim or The Crawlers from the movie The Descent down below.

There were a lot of them, the creatures saw them and started running and climbing after them, and the adults started to use maybe the planet’s lighter gravity and maybe magic and maybe the technology in their suits to jump and bounce higher and run along the mountain sides but most of them had been too close.

As they ran for their lives all of them except for the Judge Anderson-like woman probably died and we ran back to where the sacred trees or whatever were to warn the others, when we returned everyone was gone fortunately, and this time I do not remember seeing the sacred tree that we had been in earlier but I saw some smaller ones.

The woman told me that the creatures would not follow us into the sacred trees, but she did not say why.

She then started to do a ritual or chant or spell or some kind of communication with the tree to maybe ask for permission or something, but I have no idea.

I kept looking back to see if the creatures were close but I did not see them, and after she finished whatever she was doing we started to climb the sacred tree or whatever.

This tree was not as tall as the previous one and there was not as many branches and leaves to hide in do I was worried, and I asked her if she was sure that this would work.

But I woke up I got awakened by my alarm.

The end,

-John Jr

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