Glasses Frames & Stomach Pain

I forgot most of my dreams because I kept waking up and going back to sleep without recording them.

Dream 1

This dream possibly involved my former female classmate CW, but I could be wrong; if this was a dream then it was inspired by me seeing a woman yesterday who reminded me of CW and I was not sure if that was her or not.

Dream 2

This dream was inspired by me looking at glasses (eyeglasses) online at the Zenni Optical website before going to sleep.

The day before I bought three pairs of glasses from that website, my options were limited because I was trying to get a super low-budget (under $20) men’s plastic universal bridge fit glasses frame in the color brown that is wide enough for my head / face, and so I ended up getting a pair called Rectangle Glasses 2020715 that I did not want really because I do not like the faux wood-grain style but it was the best of my wide options and a medium width pair called Square Glasses 2020115 that I hope will be wide enough; and a black pair called Rectangle Glasses 2018921 for my male cousin DE:

Anyway, this was a series of dreams that I kept waking up from and going back to sleep to, and they continued the same dream.

In the dream I was on a computer browsing a website (probably Zenni Optical) looking at glasses frames, but I kept waking up in the real world briefly and I would feel a pain in my right side or the right side of my stomach (nothing too bad).

I kept getting a feeling of déjà vu like this has happened before in the past possibly when I was dreaming about the same thing and woke up, and so I wondered if the pain was just random or if a certain object in the dream was causing the pain or if a certain dream theme can cause the pain or if I had slept in a bad position or if it was something that I ate or if it was because I had apple cider vinegar too late after eating and drinking before I went to bed or if there is a medical issue or something.

This cycle kept happening where I would briefly go back to sleep to the same dream and wake up and feel the pain, I would notice this and briefly think about it, and then go back to sleep to the dream et cetera.

Eventually the cycle ended when my third alarm went off.

The end,

  • John Jr

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