Miscellaneous Boots Sandy Hook Conspiracy Theory Sites & Bans Malicious Publication Of Unauthorized Images Of Minors

Sarah Gooding made a concerning post at the WordPress Tavern (WP Tavern) called Boots Sandy Hook Conspiracy Theory Sites, And Bans Malicious Publication Of Unauthorized Images Of Minors:

I recommend reading her post, if it were not for her, I would not have known about this, which is sad.

I am not happy with how this was handled, it is disappointing to see / Automattic’s stance silently change like this.

So now people can be banned and have their blogs deleted, along with the content that does not violate the rules, here without warning & without a chance to correct things et cetera by silently changed rules that most people do not know about?

Hopefully that is not the case.

I still recommend making backups of your blog(s) / website(s) often in case your blog(s) gets deleted / banned one day, and have some other website / blogging services in mind just in case you need to move to another service if there are any safe ones left by then.

Fewer people are safe now, is / Automattic is joining the censorship bandwagon?

Hopefully it is not.

I know that some content should probably be deleted and banned, but things are going further down the slippery slope now with how many companies / people / et cetera are starting to handle things like this.

Hopefully things do not get too bad, and hopefully they will be more transparent & consistent & fair.

Behind the Scenes of “Kill All Others” From “Philip K. Dick’s Electric Dreams”

Fortunately, it has not gotten that bad here yet, and so that is good.

The end,

  • John Jr

8 replies on “ Boots Sandy Hook Conspiracy Theory Sites & Bans Malicious Publication Of Unauthorized Images Of Minors”

I was wondering why I stopped seeing content from FOTM; I think it is messed but deep down I knew it was only a matter of time before something like this would happen to them.
I’ve seen it before and I was a victim. Yahoo Groups started doing this, they started out with deleting groups that discussed seduction, pick up artists. Then they went after political opinion groups and conspiracy groups then mind control groups. My group was called “Mind Focus” it touched on political opinion, mind control, seduction and conspiracy. It was an active group but one day out of the blue the group was deleted without explanation or warning… I lost a lot of links to UFO conspiracy, the space Zetas, Nazi proposition engine prototype material. I’ved saved some files that I’ve up loaded.
The big question is where does that leave True_George with the exception of the Dream Journal and OIF II the topics touches on similar themes of my old Yahoo Group. I have been conservative and haven’t done anything to really piss someone off or clash with their beliefs like I used to on my Yahoo group. The blog is more personalized with my image. I guess the way I put my message across in a bit more subtle manner and I wanted to focus on story telling in hopes of writing a book one day. But what if I post some conspiracy stuff like Sandy Hook? School shootings and similar events are a hot bed of conspiracy. There are other conspiracy just as hot and revealing such as mind control and UFO’s.
Looks like word press can’t take the heat now they join Facebook, You tube, Google, Yahoo, Twitter, and others in censorship.
Be careful. I’ve got back up on all postings just in case I have to leave W.P

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Thank you for sharing that True George.

I am wondering what our current risks are as well; for all we know one of our dreams could get us in trouble.

I used to use the export option after publishing every post just in case, but have been forgetting to do this lately so now I have to return to doing that because we never know what might happen; and so always having updated backups is a good idea in case we need to move to a different service that hopefully supports importing WordPress blog backups.

Let us hope for the best, but prepare for the worst.

-John Jr

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Hello True George,

Yeah, I hope so, but back when my blog was a dream blog only I was getting some negative ratings on WOT (Web Of Trust) even though my posts were clearly labeled as dreams in the tags / categories / the posts themselves / the post titles / the blog title et cetera one or more people gave me a Scam rating et cetera.

Good luck,
-John Jr


Hello True George,

I wonder that too, overall the score was not bad, but it was lower than it should have been considering that my blog was just a dream blog at the time.

I have been slowly editing all my posts here and there to my new format, and so some of those posts will be missing the original titles where I used to put the date and category along with the title and some other changes.

-John Jr

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