Playing Basketball With JB | A Brandon Rogers Adoption Agency Skit? | A Nintendo-Like Beat ‘Em Up | A Terrorist Attack?

I’mma Be Sneaky! (Stuff & Sam! ep 16/20)

I had a variety of dreams, and I managed to barely save a few dreams through some quick text notes that I made because I did not get out of bed to record any of them.

Dream 1

This dream took place during the day, and it involved me being at a W Park-like park, and somehow I managed to get my female coworker JB to play basketball (you know this was a dream 😀 ).

JB’s family (husband and children) were there as well, and they played basketball with us as well; and I remember us having fun.

There was also something else that happened in the dream that involved glasses (eyeglasses) like the Rectangle Glasses 2018921 pair that I bought from Zenni Optical for my male cousin DE that has not arrived yet and maybe one or more other pairs of glasses, but my text note of this dream does not mention what the glasses part of the dream involved; and so that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

This dream was inspired by a Brandon Rogers video that I watched before going to sleep called I’mma Be Sneaky! (Stuff & Sam! ep 16/20):

I’mma Be Sneaky! (Stuff & Sam! ep 16/20)

All that I can remember of this dream is that it was like or was a Brandon Rogers skit that involved an adoption agency or something like that; but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 3

This dream was probably inspired by me watching an episode of Sword Art Online (Season 1) yesterday.

This dream involved me playing and / or being in a Nintendo or Nintendo-like Super Smash Bros.-like beat ’em up-like video game that was possibly a virtual reality video game dream world where I was playing with some other players as we worked together to fight our way through each stage; but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 4

This dream was my longest and most detailed and probably interesting dream of the night.

The end of the dream involved me going inside a large multipurpose building with several different entrances / exits, the left front side of the building had an entrance / exit that went through a nice house-like area with various rooms with separate doors for each room, so you had to walk through a variety of rooms and doors until you reached a stadium part of the building which seemed to be the largest part of the building, and I also entered the building from behind the stadium area once to reach the stadium area.

When I arrived in the stadium area an event was about to take place, so many people were arriving, I sat in the stadium seating, and during the event some people entered the stadium from the entrance / exit behind it.

The people seemed to be somewhat older assumed politicians who wore some white / gray slightly futuristic uniforms with a maybe blue circular symbol on each shoulder that somewhat reminded me of the Synth Uniform from the video game Fallout 4, and something about them reminded me of maybe politicians from a country in Central American or South America or Spain et cetera.

These assumed politicians walked in looking around like maybe they were looking for threats (political and more), maybe leftists were their target, but I have no idea, and a few maybe security people walked in behind them.

At some point they turn around to walk to check the entrance / exit behind the stadium like maybe they heard something and / or were about to do something, I sense danger, and so I warn a woman and man sitting near me telling them that we should leave now through the house-like area.

The man was a roguish-like man with medium-to-dark facial hair that somewhat reminded me of the actor Gael García Bernal who seemed to know the country / area that we were in pretty well, and he took off ahead of me and the woman because he knew the area.

As we are leaving the stadium area we hear the sounds of chaos starting, it sounds like an attack has started behind the stadium and moving toward the main stadium area, and I assume that it is either a politically motivated terrorist attack or a false flag type attack started by those assumed politicians who would use this as a chance to take out their political enemies et cetera.

The man I warned took off ahead of us and left us behind as he ran for his life, and me and the woman ran for our lives through the house-like area looking for the man.

We found the man hiding in a room inside another room that was close to the entrance / exit of the house-like area, we could still hear the chaos, but oddly and fortunately no one else went the same direction as us, fortunately.

I told the woman and man that we probably should not stay here long because this house area had too many doors and rooms to properly secure, and that any threats were likely to pass through here soon.

They wanted to stay longer and hide, I did not want to, but I stayed too because the man was going to be our guide because he knew the area.

At some point we hear someone entering through the entrance / exit, fortunately it was just my dad and a non-human animal (I can not remember what type of animal it was, but it was possibly a farm-type animal like a sheep or goat or something, but I am not sure), and my dad said that him and my mom had been staying here at the house-like area and that my mom was gone somewhere briefly.

I warned him about the situation and that he should leave, meet up with mom and find somewhere safe, I am not sure where my dad and the animal went, and I just do not remember seeing them after this.

I then decide to do a security check to clear the rooms and try to lock and secure them, I did my search first, and as I approached the point where the house-like area meets the stadium area I heard and saw some armed people approaching, so I quickly closed the oddly damaged door that would not close completely because the wood was warped and damaged, and I closed a small bolt to help keep it closed somewhat briefly.

The armed group of people, probably just men, seemed like villains; like a cleanup crew or something that was hired to attack during this chaos or something, or they were just some people using the chaos as a chance to group up and kill people et cetera.

I warned them that we did not want any trouble and for them to turn around, this did not work as expected, so I started running to warn the others as they tried to break down the door.

I knew the door would not last long, but I did not have time to block the door or even try to close or lock the other doors as I ran, and so I ran for my life across the house-like area until I found the others still in the same room.

The man was not fully dressed and had to throw his clothes on, and we started running as the armed people ran through the house-like area looking for us.

We ran outside, and it was evening or night, we ran for our lives toward a raised slightly futuristic clean concrete area with nice flowers and plants in concrete structures above similar areas below that were near water, this area was a nice blend of slightly futuristic city with a bit of nature, but we had no time to enjoy the view, and we jumped down to continue running for our lives not sure if the armed men had run outside after us or not.

But I woke up.

The end,

  • John Jr

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