A Dream Goes Lucid Because Of A Watch

I had at least two short lucid dreams, but I accidentally went back to sleep both times after waking up before I could record them.

Dream 1

I do not know what was going on in this dream, I just know that I noticed something in the dream that caused me to start questioning things, and then I realized that I was dreaming.

Once the dream became a lucid dream I probably woke up, but I can not remember.

Dream 2

I do not know what was going on in this dream either, I just know that at some point in the dream I happened to do something that I rarely do in dreams, I probably looked at my wrist to check the time on my wristwatch.

After doing this I realized that I did not recognize the watch that I was wearing, I was wearing a circular silver metal (probably steel) watch with buttons that poked out further than usual, and so I stopped for a moment because something did not seem right.

I started to question things, my mind was pretty cloudy so it was hard to think, but I realized that I did not recognize the watch and I wondered why.

As I struggled to think I eventually realized that I normally wear a Casio A178WA-1AV which is not circular and the buttons do not poke out that far, I wondered where was it, and where did this other watch come from but I could not remember where this new watch came from.

Then I realized that I must be dreaming and that this was a dream, and so the dream became a lucid dream.

I continued struggling to think for a moment, but I quickly woke up.

Dream 3

This dream or dreams involved me maybe going on a trip somewhere, and I was staying at a hotel in a multi-purpose multi-story building in a city that was across the street from a convention center where a conference or convention was taking place.

The building that I was in had a college, hotel, restaurant, and other businesses et cetera; and so there were students, people who stayed at the hotel, customers shopping, and people going to and from the conference / convention.

This place slightly reminded me of the area in the city of NO where we had a work trip for a library conference / convention not that long ago, but in this dream along the outside of the building were more shops and stands along the sidewalk and the building that the hotel was in was bigger et cetera.

I can not remember most of this dream or these dreams, I just know that it or they involved me going around some of these areas and seeing various people along the way, and my hotel room was probably on an upper floor and I probably had to cross the college several times so I probably spent more time in the college than the other areas.

At some point in the dream I got lost as I used one or more elevators to go to several different floors trying to reach a certain location, and I ended up on the roof or something like that along with several other people.

At some point I managed to reach the first floor and the sidewalk outside the building across from the convention center, I saw the various shops and stands and people and vehicles, but I woke up at some point.

Dream 4

This was either one or two dreams, I am not sure, and so I will type it as one.

The dream or dreams took place during the day, and I was riding in a vehicle (maybe an old tan four-door car) that was being driven by a man with medium-color skin wearing glasses back from another city on our way back to the city of D.

We either passed by or briefly stopped at a fictional restaurant that was where B Cafe should be, it was owned by a mafia who I think were the Omertas from the video game Fallout: New Vegas but they looked like real people and not video game characters, and the restaurant and parking lot were bigger and nicer than in real life.

There was maybe a kid in the car with us, and then we drove past the restaurant and made right turn through a fictional neighborhood.

As we were driving past some businesses I noticed that one of the businesses (that was maybe a peach color) had the Super Smash Bros. symbol / logo on it and I think that people in the dream called businesses like this a Smash Building and people would play Super Smash Bros. video games there and have tournaments et cetera so maybe people had to pay to play there.

I am not sure if I was driven back to the restaurant for some reason or if this dream ended and what I remember next was possibly part of another dream, either way, the next thing that I remember is being back at the restaurant instead of being taken home like I wanted.

I remember being outside in the parking lot with some people and some of the mafia (probably Omertas) members of the mafia who owned the restaurant, and a Walker, Texas Ranger-like western movie-like thing was taking place in the parking lot and the character Cordell Walker was there so we were watching.

A mafia-like man with light-color skin wearing a suit and fedora walked over to me and Walker, he pulled out a gun and was going to shoot us, and so Walker and / or I shot him and killed him before he could kill us.

The Omertas mafia members checked his body and found something with a name on it that was something like: Omerosa or Omarosa or Omeposa or Omaposa or some kind of mafia family sounding name that they did not recognize so they went to take the object to some of the older and higher ranked Omertas mafia members in the employee only area of the restaurant to see if the dead man was a member of an allied mafia family or something because if he was then maybe we would have a big problem.

I am not sure where Walker went but I know that me and the other person or people with me went inside the restaurant to wait, we were worried, and we decided to leave before the Omertas return with the news because we were afraid that maybe the dead man was related to one or their higher ranking members and / or a high-ranking member of an allied mafia family to the Omertas; and if so they would probably kill us or something even though it was self-defense.

We did not have any transportation so my female coworker Mrs. C who is one of the assistant directors of our library, who was with me or us, used an app on her mobile phone to call a taxi or something.

But when it arrived it was only for her, I do not think there was enough room, and so she apologized and we said goodbye.

Me and maybe the other person (if there was one) sat at a table not to far from the entrance to hide, we pretended to be looking at a menu as I tried to figure out what to do, and then I decided to use my mobile phone to get a taxi or something.

I used a service where you picked your destination and then my mobile phone printed out a plastic card, the top of my mobile phone opened up to reveal several plastic sheets, and it printed and / or carved or imprinted something out on one of them.

I was amazed by this, I had no idea that a printer was hidden in our mobile phones, and I wondered how many plastic sheets were left and where do you get refills et cetera.

I then wondered if I had done this correctly because I did not put the rest of the information in and I was not sure how much it would cost, I assumed that the taxi or whoever was on the way, but I was not sure so I waited.

I either daydreamed what might happen and / or this really happened, I am not sure which, but I remember realizing that I could have just called my brother GC or my parents to pick me up instead of wasting money on a taxi or whoever but it was too late now because I was not sure how to cancel so I wondered how much this would cost.

I also feared that the taxi driver might give up the location to my destination later if the Omertas mafia asked and / or bribed and / or threatened them for the information, and so that was another concern.

The taxi arrived and it was being driven by a somewhat older man who seemed to be an experienced taxi driver, he probably assured me that he would protect my privacy and security by not revealing my destination to anyone, but I did not believe him and I assumed that he was probably already on the Omertas payroll or something but I hoped for the best.

I then texted my family to warn them so that they could be ready to defend themselves and / or leave if necessary, but I am not sure if this was all me daydreaming what might happen to be prepared or if this really happened in the dream.

But I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

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