Mindful Me: Mindfulness And Meditation For Kids

What is it?

The 2018 book Mindful Me: Mindfulness And Meditation For Kids by Whitney Stewart.

What is it about?

This is how Goodreads describes this books:

Sometimes kids’ lives can get busy and out of control, and worries can take over.

When that happens, knowing how to pause and regain composure with mindfulness can help!

This easily digestible guide introduces kids to mindfulness as a way to find clarity, manage stress, handle difficult emotions, and navigate personal challenges.

With step-by-step instructions to over thirty breathing, relaxation, and guided meditation exercises, readers will have an entire toolkit at their disposal and writing prompts will help them process their discoveries.

Clearly written and incredibly relatable, this invaluable resource provides a positive introduction to the world of self-care and mindfulness.

What do I like about it and what might other people like about it?

I like the design of the book and the diverse artwork, and some of the advice that is helpful for children and adults.

Final Thoughts

I would like to thank Whitney Stewart for her presentation, for giving us a free copy of this book, and for autographing our books at the library conference / convention in the city of NO that I went to on a work trip not long ago.

I like the design of this book from its feel, colors, and diverse artwork.

I like how some practical advice is given on various topics, and how this book can be used as an introduction to mindfulness / meditation.

Unfortunately for me I still need some video and / or real life examples and practice of many of these skills taught in this book to help me better understand them and apply them in my life because of my learning style and my lack of knowledge on the subject and because I did not re-read and try to practice most of the skills each day like you are supposed to.

For those who can pick up the skills just by reading them and for those who can use this book to teach others, then this book is a great resource, and can be used to introduce people to the topic and get them learning and using the skills in their lives now.

I think that things like this should be taught in school and at work et cetera, because these techniques could really help people, and I would like to see a program based around this book at our library to help teach the skills to people like myself in an environment where we can practice and learn together.

This is now the second book that I have read this year, and now I am back to reading my third book and I hope to finish it soon as well.

The end,

  • John Jr

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